The five people you meet in heaven summary essay

People You Meet in Heaven Summary

the five people you meet in heaven summary essay

Men” and “The Five People you Meet in Heaven” literary analysis Characterization and symbolism throughout the two books Of Mice and Men and The Five. The Five People You Meet in Heaven Summary by Mitch Albom is an engaging long-tail story, about fictional characters that you'll meet in. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Here, he meets the Blue Man, an old performer from his childhood days at the pier. The Blue man is not congenial with Eddie and blames Eddie of his death.

His died in a car accident trying to avoid hitting the onrushing and youthful Eddie. Eddie is full of compunction for the tragedy. He enquires about the little girl he tried saving before his death but the Blue man has no answers for him. However, the Blue Man warns Eddie about more encounters and people he will have to meet before his soul departs into the afterlife. He meets his old platoon Captain who has been imprisoned by the enemy soldiers.

Eddie is able to rescue his Captain and other prisoners. The Captain then decides to burn the empty village where he was imprisoned. But he is shot in his knee. He later dies in an explosion while escorting injured Eddie to safety. The Captain pleads Eddie to let go of his anger and forgive his own sins and mistakes.

The Stranger and the Father Eddie is now transposed to a new location. Moving on, Eddie meets a woman named Ruby. She happens to be the wife of the man behind the opening of Ruby Pier. Eddie always thought he committed suicide after he jumped into the ocean. However, Eddie does not know that his father was trying to save his friend. After his death, Eddie had all the responsibility of the house and had to look after his mother. Ruby asks Eddie to let go of his anger and forgive his father.

It was the only way Eddie could heal his wounds. It is his wife, Marguerite. They had been in love with each other since their teens. But after his return from the war, they went through some tough trials.

Consequently, they decided to adopt, but Eddie gambled away the money that they had saved for the adoption. They had a fight over it. His wife then met with a terrible car accident. They eventually were able to mend their differences but Marguerite did not live much longer and died at the age of Ruby Pier is a fantastic attraction and amusement park for all ages and Eddie has been a ride operator and mechanic for many years. Today is the last day of his life.

After death, Eddie goes to heaven and meets 5 people. Instead of experiencing a lush garden of paradise, Eddie finds Heaven to be a place where your earthly life is explained to you by a number of people.

the five people you meet in heaven summary essay

Each person helps Eddie understand different parts and the unseen connections of his life. In addition to helping Eddie, I found that the lessons those people leave can apply in our lives.

the five people you meet in heaven summary essay

The Blue Man was part of the freakshow attractions at Ruby Pier, where people could stare at others who were not normal. The Blue Man became blue because he drank silver nitrate poison in an attempt to help him with stomach problems.

Over time, the poison changed the color of his skin! The Blue Man tells the story of his death. One day, The Blue Man borrowed a car to practice his driving.

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Eddie was a young boy and was playing baseball in the yard. Eddie missed a ball and went to chase after it in the street. The Blue Man nearly hits Eddie, but swerves and keeps driving. The Blue Man is bothered by the event and stressed out.

He has a heart attack and crashes in a nearby alley while Eddie is safe. The Blue Man goes on to tell Eddie the lesson to be learned from this event. That we are all connected. That you can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind. We may not realize it, but someone will be affected. You never quite know what the impact of a simple good deed will do for someone else! While in Vietnam, Eddie and his fellow soldiers were captured.

For months, they were held in captivity and forced to work in a coal mine.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven Summary & Study Guide

Finally one night, Eddie was able to distract the guards with his juggling skills and the rest of the men took out the guards. After the escape, the soldiers burned down the village with gas and fire. As the village was burning, Eddie thought he saw a shadow in one of the burning huts.

To get him out of there, the captain shot Eddie in the leg and they got out of their safely. The captain then shares his story. Once Eddie was discharged due to his leg injury, he returned home. The captain kept going with the team and one day, he was driving down a path and came to a gate. He went to open the gate and walked around.