You will meet a tall dark stranger shakespeare quote

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you will meet a tall dark stranger shakespeare quote

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. Wry ensemble film begins by paraphrasing Shakespeare with the quote, “Life was full of sound and fury. While not explicitly funny in every scene, Dark Stranger bears a shrewd backbone This time, an unidentified narrator reads a quote from Shakespeare. “You will meet the tall dark stranger we all eventually meet,” he says. You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger it is], who quotes Shakespeare from MacBeth saying that life is a a tale told to an idiot, signifying nothing.

Edward Copeland's Tangents: You will see Woody go through the motions — again

Through the help of a narrator, we meet a multitude of other related parties. Alfie Anthony Hopkinsher husband, is going through a late-life crisis and has left her, choosing instead to pursue romantically a call girl named Charmaine Lucy Punch.

you will meet a tall dark stranger shakespeare quote

He goes to a popular bar and as others dance and rave, he vainly attempts to read the drink menu with his reading glasses. As Charmaine dances with strange men at a club for fellow young people, he sits on the side dressed like a professor. His image is one of ruggedness and determination, not one of neurosis and longing. He does his best, however, and is too compelling to be a total train wreck. The real stars are the women though, as they often are in a Woody Allen flick.

Every year more or lesswe have a new movie from this filmmaker, and even though he disappointed me in various occasions, he deserves respect for his vision and his perseverance, even when that vision falls under the standard of what we can expect in a movie made by him. In other words, various of the "bad" films directed by Allen are not bad in the absolute sense; they just seem bad when we put them into the context of his filmography.

However, I think there are two exceptions in his filmography which are horrible movies under any standard we evaluate them: Anything Else and now, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, which lacks of any of the focus, intelligence and humor Allen uses to show in his movies, at the same time that it erratically wanders in search of a conclusion which should supposedly illustrate us about its intention and its message.

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Sure, Allen warns us from the beginning of the movie that there may not be a concrete point in here, because the narrator of the story quotes the famous Shakespeare's phrase: However, I do not think that is an excuse to tell such a poorly written story like the one from this movie.

The story from this movie may sound as a comedy, or as a drama about marital crisis and romantic disappointments. There are some vaguely humorous moments and serious scenes, but after all, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger lacks of a defined purpose or, for the case, a specific objective in order to validate so many characters and so many conflicts.

you will meet a tall dark stranger shakespeare quote

Needless to say that the classic subjects from Allen are present in this movie: The title refers to forecasts that Helena Gemma Jones, who gives the film's best performance gets from a fake fortune teller Pauline Collins to help her cope after her husband Alfie Anthony Hopkins divorces her in a few-decades-too-late midlife crisis.

Roy isn't on firm ground realitywise either.

you will meet a tall dark stranger shakespeare quote

He completed medical school but instead of becoming a doctor, decided he was meant to write. After one successful novel though, he's just spent years rewriting and struggling to re-create the feat with dense and unreadable followups. He also has become obsessed with the guitar-playing beauty Freida Pinto he spies from his apartment window.

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Tired of depending on her overbearing mother to pay their bills, Sally takes on a job as assistant to an art gallery owner Antonio Banderas whom she develops a crush on when she hears he's unhappily married. Meanwhile, her father impulsively marries a young golddigger Lucy Punchwho seems as if she's a knockoff of Mira Sorvino's Mighty Aphrodite character, only swapping ditzy charm for hateful spite and lacking any humorous appeal to make up the difference. It's all very, very familiar from movies both inside and outside the Woody universe.