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dog with a blog meet the characters

We couldn't be more excited about the upcoming Walt Disney Animation Studios film, Zootopia, which takes place in a world where. A loyal bundle of energy, Montague has been part of the Crackle family for years. He's a best friend of Emily Crackle and part of the 'Famous. A description of tropes appearing in Dog with a Blog. "Stan-ing Guard" had several female characters using a self defense move on guys who weren't Forgotten First Meeting: Bennett and Ellen first met when Tyler and Avery were toddlers.

Avery and Chloe each got an additional long-time best friend in season 2. Right for the Wrong Reasons: Chloe said that they would call her Rockstar Rabbit because of her lunchbox.

Because last year she had a red lunchbox and everybody called her the little red girl. Stan seemingly revealing an explanation for his ability to talk, like being an alien or a man under a witch's curse, and then saying, "Nah, I'm just a regular talking dog.

Avery feels this way in the episode "Dog With a Hog" when she steals the rival school's mascot when she thinks they kidnapped Stan so she can trade it for Stan, But Tyler took Stan in order to get the other school in trouble. In order to not get expelled, she proposes that sneaking the pig back in is "the right thing to do" When her mom elects to call the school, tell the truth about their pig, she replies Stan does this in some episodes.

The kids' paternal grandmother joins in later on. In "Karl Finds Out Stan's Secret", Bennet and Ellen flash back to embarrassing events from past episodes, but mentally dub over their lines with ones that paint them in a better light.

dog with a blog meet the characters

Shows up from time to time, mostly during Avery's sentimental moments, but sometimes for Stan too. Avery is this, but the only subject that is hard for her is math.

Meet the Characters in Zootopia

In "Stan-ing Guard", Tyler tells him to get off the coffee table. Stan responds by saying " You want me on this coffee table, you need me on this coffee table! In "Stan Stops Talking" the Chole party feels suspiciously like one for Bravewhich had came out the following year.

Other than the Blog mentioned in the title, Blake Michael's long hair and the fact that it's in color are the only hints you have that this show wasn't made in Stan describing what it would be like to be a celebrity: I'm gonna need an agent, sunglasses, and a political cause I don't really understand. Talking Animal Token Evil Teammate: Avery's friend Max is the closest to this. The season one finale episode "Stan's Old Owner". Stan's former owner arrives and offers to take Stan back to meet his real canine family.

He's lying, he was a scientist that was studying Stan to find out how he can talk and wanted to use him for fame and fortune. The kids find this out when they realize there's a contradiction in his story just as they're about to hand Stan over and confront him on it till he eventually reveals his true colors. The Halloween episode, where Stan takes advantage of a costume to talk directly to Ellen, and she confides in him that the reason she doesn't bond well with dogs is that her beloved dog ran away one day when she was little and never came back.

You Are the New Trend: In one episode, a group of cheerleaders come to a math competition to make fun of the "math geeks.

dog with a blog meet the characters

An episode features a Jerkass dating Avery abd her two best friends Lindsay and Max all at the sane time, leading the trio to get revenge on him in a parody of The Other Woman. Ellen hires a master dog trainer to keep Stan off the couch. Ignoring the trainer by daydreaming, Stan ends up outside until the children convince him that he's one of them, and he gives in and accepts the new dog bed Ellen bought him.

Recurring[ edit ] Lindsay Kayla Maisonet is Avery's best friend.

dog with a blog meet the characters

Lindsay's unique quality is that she always wears a hat, even when it's inappropriate. Lindsay often talks fast when she panics, often leading Avery to also talk fast. Except for her lack of intelligence, she has much in common with Avery. They love the same books and movies and often say the same things at the same time involuntarily, and she also dislikes Karl just like Avery.

However, Avery dislikes Karl more than she does. JealousWes, Avery's crush, asks Lindsay out on a date.

Dog with a Blog Real Name and Age

Lindsay promises Avery that she will call off the date, but when they get in a fight, she decides to go out with Wes. Lindsay admits that she has always had a crush on Wes. She has a dog named Evita, who Stan despises because she yaps too much. Nikki moved from El Salvador and is sweet and talented. In Wingstanshe is shown to be great at whistling and art.

In Avery's First CrushNikki accidentally reveals her confusing and mysterious secret: Nikki asks Tyler to dump Emily for her, but since he can't trust his dream girl, he chooses Emily; however, she learns about Nikki's pursuit of Tyler.

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This leads to Tyler being broken up with by Emily and, despite never being picked second for anything, Nikki accepts when Tyler chooses her. He and Avery are the smartest children in school; however, in contrast to Avery, Karl is a shameless jerk. Being very nosy, he often barges into the Jennings—James house without knocking. He also tries to find out Stan's secret in The Bone Identity.

He despises Avery because when they were much younger, she stole his graham crackers at a science camp. He often has tea and snacks with Ellen, much to the discomfort of others, though they both claim that it's not weird. He once admits that he likes to send Ellen flowers under the alias of Walter Perkins. Karl has mentioned several times that his father is up on the International Space Station and talks often about his obsessive bodybuilding mother, who he says is the strongest woman in the world, though she has never been seen on the show.

In Avery-body Dance Now, he teaches Avery how to dance for the school dance with Wes; however, he tells Wes that he is going to the school dance with Avery. Now he knows that Stan can talk, but keeps it a secret.

Wes Manning

Max Danielle Soibelman is one of Avery and Lindsay's best friends, as shown in the second season. She is shown to be a very negative, but overall nice, person despite sporting dark clothing. She likes to act tough and says she hates everything, but she also dances with Karl at the school dance. Wes Peyton Meyer is Avery's crush in the second season. In Lost in StanslationAvery acts as his Spanish tutor; at the end, he asks her if it would be inappropriate to ask her out on a date in Spanish, but since she does not actually know the language, she answers yes in Spanish.

He is very upset as he had said he wanted to ask her that even before she was his tutor. Jealous, Wes asks Lindsay out after being rejected by Avery, but in the end he says that he is glad that he isn't going with Lindsay as he wanted to go with Avery all along. In Avery-body Dance Now, he asks Avery to go to the school dance with him; however, when Avery seeks dance lessons from Karl, Wes becomes jealous of Karl, and when Karl tells Wes he is going with Avery, Wes goes by himself.

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After Lindsay and Max witness Wes' anger at Avery and Avery running out of the dance in tears, they learn of Karl's deception. Wes goes to Avery's house, where he tells her he likes her, and they return to the dance together.

dog with a blog meet the characters

In The Green Eyed MonsterStan accidentally captures a photo of Wes with another girl in the park, and Avery confronts him, which causes a temporary problem between her and Wes as he tells her he can't date a girl who doesn't trust him, but Tyler and Stan get together to convince Wes it wasn't Avery's fault and that she just has strange relatives.

In Love, Lose and a Beanbag TossAvery notices that Wes is ignoring her; after several confrontations he finally tells her that his family is moving to another city. They both agree on a long distance relationship through the Internet, but soon notice that it is not going to work out well.

dog with a blog meet the characters

They then decide to end their relationship and try to move on. Mason Griffin Kunitz is Chloe's current boyfriend. It is shown in Stan Has Puppies that he has twin brother named Jason. She is shown to be spoiled, ridiculously snobby, and stuck up.