Lirik ji chang wook meet again for first time

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lirik ji chang wook meet again for first time

Similar Artists of Ji Chang Wook 다시 만나면 When We Meet Again - Remastered Kissing You (First Kiss For The Seventh Time Ost) - Ji Chang Wook. Ji Chang Wook lyrics with translations: Bright star, Be With You (陪你). Lyrics translation requests. Ji Chang Wook - Kissing You (First Kiss for the Seventh Time OST) Lyrics. 2 years ago Ji Chang Wook, I can only see you. Until always, I'll only look at you.

Sorry, but I think I would prefer a cap that does not have your face on it kekeke. He then showed up on stage in a black suit with some cool disco music and lights. A changing room was placed at the side of the stage with a rack of clothes.

He said he seldom wears suits. He picked out a white T-shirt with a long green overcoat, saying this is something he would wear at the airport. He then went into the changing room to change into that outfit. The changing room was really cool with lighting to show the silhouette of him changing, which made the pervy audience excited. This is getting more racy than I had expected, LOL. I noticed from my pictures that the changing room even had this cute little sign that says no entry for women.

Love that cute detail! I guess it pays to have a famous stage designer to come up with all these cool stuff. He then emerged from the changing room and walked around the stage posing for photos in his new outfit. The sunglasses and the way he walked is so gangsta. Someone give him a mafia role please. You wanna see me bring sexy back? The next outfit from the rack is a cute animal costume. It looks like a deer? He said that is his pyjamas.

I find it hard believe, but if you say so…He looked soooo cute in it and he even tried to act cute by prancing around at one point. Is he seriously going to wear that?!! I got my camera ready because that would be sensational… GAH! I should have expected that. My jaw would have dropped to the floor if he really wore that. This would be the second time he has pulled a prank on the audience in one night after that guitar stint.

He said he studied Mandarin in school last time and was even ranked first in class. He wondered if he should study the Taiwanese dialect also, but decided that Mandarin was enough after doing some research. The spot light suddenly shone at a spot towards the back among the audience.

Music started playing and I thought he was going to sing, but he emerged with a basket instead to give out sweets to the audience at the back before slowly making his way to the stage at the front. It became a little chaotic as some fans started to rush towards where he was.

I managed to get reeallllly close to him when he arrived at the stage. Grown women fighting for sweets tsk tsk tsk. Can you give me a good luck charm instead? I finally managed to record a proper video of him singing because the staff were less strict about cameras after the fashion show segment cameras were allowed for that segment. I totally enjoyed singing along with him since I knew the lyrics by hard. I knew we were suppose to sing along to this song as per instructions by the Taiwan fan club, so I was puzzled as to why I seemed to be the only one singing.

The video I recorded is very shaky because I was filming at maximum zoom and had no where to place my arm for support without getting blocked by people. But what matters is that he paid full attention to the video. So up came a VCR of him talking about preparing a gift for fans. He said there were many options they considered, including a mug. He wanted to give something practical and useful, and decided that a paper fan would be useful since the weather in Taiwan is hot.

The paper fan came with his hand print and signature printed on it. The boxes also had a sticker of him, which he painstakingly pasted on each and every box. The video showed him pasting during his break time in between shoots, and he said thousand boxes can be completed in no time. Such a simple task like that does not require any special skill either. I was really touched that he put in so much thought into this.

Really appreciate this small gesture from him. While the video was playing, he would turn to look at the audience occasionally to check out reactions, sometimes smiling also.

He said his closing speech and then took out a selfie stick to take a selca with fans. Unfortunately, his camera could only capture those fans seated in the middle section. Many of the fans rushed to the middle and the front to fit into his shot. He then snapped a couple of pictures of himself using the stick, said his final goodbye, and the show ended.

Epilogue There was still one last chance to see him, and that would be the high-five session at the end of the show. No way am I leaving yet! My A1 section was the first to get called to line up for the high-five session. After waiting for a while for him to get ready, the line then started to move very swiftly.

The queue led out towards the exit, where he stood behind a table shielded by a board, such that you could only see him if you went behind it probably to prevent people from standing around and taking photos. The queue was moving very fast, basically touch-and-go, and he held his right hand up throughout in a position for you to high-five him. LOL that was a rather weird stance I must say, but understandable since he had to high-five with close to people. I had prepared a gift for him which I bought from Singapore — our traditional barbecue sliced pork from a famous local brand, together with a letter in Korean for him which I wrote on Singapore postcards.

Ah, I should have taken a photo of the gift I prepared. He took the bag from me with both hands before sticking out his right hand again for me to high-five him, which I did. It was a light and brief clap, and his hand felt very soft like a cushion hahahaha.

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I could have been wrong though, since it lasted a mere few seconds. But he did look at me and gave a slight nod of acknowledgement and a smile that was already permanently imprinted on his face to meet the other thousand fans behind me.

Odds of him remembering me or recognising me the next time we meet? And with that…it was all over. It was already close to Rather than feeling sad that it was over, I was feeling more satisfied about my first meeting with him. The fan meeting had lasted longer than I had expected about 2.

lirik ji chang wook meet again for first time

Also got to hear him sing live though I wish he had sang more songshear his trademark HAHAHA laughter with my own ears, see him up close with my own eyes, and touch him with my own hand, albeit a very brief moment. I hope he did eat the pork I gave him and read my letter before dumping it into the bin hahaha. Courteous, because he was humble about himself and towards the emcee. Thoughtful, because he bothered to reach out to audiences at the back of the hall, prepare a gift for everyone and also treated the fans who came on stage very well.

Cheeky, because he pulled a prank on us. He then sat back down at the piano and played a short verse, and it did sound better than earlier. I guess he was too nervous just now? He said this is his first time playing the piano and singing at the same time. He also said the same thing with his pathetic guitar strumming last year, and I think this is already a marked improvement from last year, so he did keep his word!

Er, but you are first and foremost an actor, so no need to get so hung up about becoming a musician, okay? Unlike last year, he had a live band for his fan meeting this time. Okay, so when are you going to release your debut album?

Ji Chang Wook has always been singing ballads, so it is refreshing to hear him sing an up-tempo song for once. I recall him choosing to sing this song when he went to a karaoke joint to film a SBS variety show several years back, so this must be a favourite song of his. After singing, it was time for a round of games. Ji Chang Wook was asked to choose 3 members of the audience by drawing lots from a box.

Not sure if I understood the activity properly, but there were 3 cups on the table which the fans had to drink, and I think he was supposed to guess which one contained salty coffee.

He clarified if the fans were suppose to drink the whole cup, and seemed very shocked by the thought of it. He even helped a fan to finish up one of the cups.

lirik ji chang wook meet again for first time

Apparently, the one who gets to drink the cup of normal coffee will get to have her nails painted by him. Wow, such fan service! He ended up painting the nails of all 3 fans who went on stage. I notice he always makes sure that no one leaves the stage empty handed, regardless of whether they won the game or not; it was also the case last year.

He seemed very careful and focused on his task, and he probably does a better job at painting nails than me. By his second or was it third?

He says he gets better at this after a few tries.

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Are you feeling proud of yourself that you learnt something new today? Mum, am I doing this right? Glorious seems to have a lot of well-taken footage of him at the musical, so why not release them on DVD? At this point, I was rather annoyed by the people seated around me who kept laughing during his performance. He was putting in his heart and soul to sing a ballad, but sadly, it was hard for me to listen closely to his singing when there are people talking and laughing away.

After saying a few words to the audience, he once again said that he invited two special guests tonight. Not one guest, but two?! Who could it be? Will it be Julian Cheung this time? I feel cheated again. Wow, imagine receiving a call from your idol!

Basically, kissing and hugging scenes that will give you sleepless nights after acting them out with him, haha. Omo, I can imagine all the fans in the hall and around the world envying her. I would be hiding in a hole for days if I were her. He brought along the actual beanie worn by Chae Young Shin in the show, and he had to help the fan wear the beanie twice because it dropped off the first time.

I thought he was going to do his famous back flip on stage, but he merely did a weird crouching pose and snapped a picture with her, lol. Still better than nothing! He even gave both fans his personal sunglasses and a hat.

There was a pile of gifts at the side of the stage, and he started going through some of his presents, which included a big balloon doll of Healer. He thanked fans for the gifts, then went to the edge of the stage to collect a gift from a fan. It was around this time that I noticed his hairstylist Jung Mi Young was sitting next to me. She looked really pretty in real life! She seemed to be enjoying the show too. It was my first time hearing this song, but I found it very soothing and liked it immediately.

I like that he chooses these kind of indie? But the downside is that foreign fans may not be familiar enough with these songs to sing along with him.

Ending After singing all the sad ballads, he said he will be singing a song that is often sang during marriage proposals.

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I can sing that song along with you!! You mean you are going to perform those embarrassing dance moves that Kim Jong Kook had been teased about for years?! I cannot imagine it.