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Mark Simmonds (Boston & Skegness):To ask the Secretary of State for consider the recording of adverse events in domiciliary care settings and (b) the . N, Graham Stringer (Manchester, Blackley):To ask the Secretary of State . of the Identity Cards Scheme DVD have been produced; and at what cost. The third of three films in Columbia's Boston Blackie movie seen Alias Boston Blackie () but allows amateur magician Chester Morris . horror novel Conjure Wife, and was later remade as the even better Burn, Witch Burn! . on a 2-DVD collection entitled The Great Gildersleeve Movie Collection. Lost Crime Shows, Volume 2 includes episodes of Boston Blackie and Front Page Lost TV Comedy of the 50s has four sitcom pilots: “Meet the . The Complete Series DVD set of “Barney Miller” features the burned off pilot.

meet boston blackle dvd burning

Wong, adapted from a Hugh Wiley story. Wong, DetectiveBoris Karloff played Wong in 5 of 6 films produced from to Over at Warner Brothers studios, the Perry Mason novels by Erle Stanley Gardner were faithfully adapted into a series of six films from to Most of these placed the crusading attorney in a standard murder mystery whodunit story.

Starting with Smart Blonde, Glenda Farrell played the brassy, mystery-solving news reporter in 8 of 9 films made between and Another novel film is When Were You Born with Chinese actress Anna May Wong as an astrologer who helps solve a murder using her star-gazing talents. Edna May Oliver played Withers, a schoolteacher with a yen for sleuthing who becomes involved with a police inspector.

The last film was released in The Philo Vance detective novels by S. Van Dine inspired 15 feature films released from to Initially made as a silent movie, it was converted into a talkie halfway through production.

Co-star Louise Brooks was blacklisted by Paramount Pictures after famously refusing to return to Hollywood to dub her dialog. Powell played the suave New York detective in the first three films. Powell returned once more for the fifth feature, the highly regarded The Kennel Murder Case produced by Warner Brothers.

meet boston blackle dvd burning

Powell then landed his signature role playing the equally debonair Nick Charles opposite Myrna Loy as his carefree wife "Nora" in the Thin Man series. Six films in all were produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer from to Based on The Thin Man novel by Dashiell Hammettthese were witty, sophisticated romps that combined elements of the screwball comedy film within a complex murder mystery plot. With the suspects gathered together, the detective would dramatically announce that "The killer is in this very room!

There were also a great many low-budget "old dark house" mysteries based on a standard formula a dark and stormy night, the reading of a will, secret passageways, a series of bizarre murders, etc. The s was the era of the elegant gentleman detective who solved drawing-room whodunit murders using his wits rather than his fists.

Most were well-to-do amateur sleuths who solved crimes for their own amusement, carried no weapons, and often had quirky or eccentric personality traits. This type of crime-fighter fell out of fashion in the s as a new breed of tough, hardboiled professional private detectives based on the novels of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and an ensuing slew of imitators were adapted to film.

A cynical, psychological portrait of Hollywood. With the onset of World War IIcrime films and melodramas in particular suddenly took on a dark mood of cynicism and despair that had not existed in the optimistic s. Eventually, this cycle of films which cuts across several genres would be called film noir by French film critics. Pessimistic, unheroic stories about greed, lust, and cruelty became central to the mystery genre.

Grim, violent films featuring cynical, trenchcoat-wearing private detectives who were almost as ruthless as the criminals they pursued became the industry standard. - Home Video Releases - DVDs, Blu-ray - January

The wealthy, aristocratic sleuth of the previous decade was replaced by the rough-edged, working-class gumshoe. Lady in the Lakefrom the Raymond Chandler novel, starred Robert Montgomerywho also directed.

This film was filmed entirely from Marlowe's viewpoint. The audience sees only what he does. Montgomery only appears on camera a few times, once in a mirror reflection. The Glass Keyalso starring Ladd, was the second film adaptation of Hammett's novel.

Another standout film of this period is Out of the Past starring Robert Mitchumwho would go on to play Philip Marlowe three decades later. Otto Preminger 's Laura is also a classic murder mystery featuring Dana Andrews as a lone-wolf police detective.

Columbia produced a serial, Chick Carter, Detective The lead character was changed to Nick Carter's son as the studio could not afford the rights to produce a Nick Carter serial. The popular radio show The Whistler was turned into a series of 8 mystery films from to Richard Dix would introduce the stories and alternate between playing a hero, a villain, or a victim of circumstance.

In Mysterious Intruderhe was a private eye. It was one of the few series to gain acceptance with the public and critics alike. Another radio drama, I Love a Mystery —about a private detective agency, inspired three films starring Jim Bannon. Chester Morris played Boston Blackiea former jewel thief turned detective, in fourteen films from to Columbia also turned the Crime Doctor radio show into a series of mystery films starring Warner Baxter.

Most of them followed the standard whodunit formula. Ten features were produced beginning with Crime Doctor in and ending with Crime Doctor's Diary Another popular series featured George Sanders as the suave Falcon.

Sixteen films were made from to Sanders decided to leave the series during the fourth entry, The Falcon's Brother. His character was killed off and replaced by Sanders' real-life brother, Tom Conway. Brett Halliday 's " Michael Shayne " detective novels were made into a series of 12 B-movies between and starring Lloyd Nolan and later Hugh Beaumont.

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Spillane even played Hammer once in the film The Girl Hunters. With Spellbounddirector Alfred Hitchcock created an early psychological mystery thriller. This film, along with Fear in the Nightexplores the effects of amnesiahypnosisand psychoanalysis. Both films also feature surreal dream sequences which are essential to the plot. Provisional detectives A frequently used variation on the theme involved an average person who is suddenly forced to turn ad hoc detective in order to solve the murder of a friend or clear their own name.

Perhaps the last word in this subgenre is D. This film was remade in as Color Me Dead and again as D. Also among this group, the issue of racism as motive for murder is central to CrossfireBad Day at Black Rockand A Soldier's Story Three more film versions, all titled Ten Little Indians, were released in, and along with the Russian film Desyat Negrityat.

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This premise has been used countless times, especially in "old dark house" genre horror films. Revival and revisionist era: These fall into three basic categories: Craig Stevens reprised his role as suave private eye Peter Gunn in Gunna sixties-mod update of his atmospheric, film noir Peter Gunn TV series — Both films were produced in the extravagant style of a James Bond espionage yarn.

meet boston blackle dvd burning

The early films of Brian De Palma include the slasher comedy Murder a la Modthe Hitchcock-inspired Sistersand Obsessiona remake of Hitchcock's classic Vertigo. Period films The many period films set in the s and s are led by Roman Polanski 's classic Chinatown starring Jack Nicholson and its belated sequel, The Two Jakeswhich Nicholson also directed.

Robert Mitchum played Marlowe for the first time in Farewell, My Lovelyperhaps the most faithful adaptation of this often-filmed book. The obscure Chandler is set in the s but has nothing to do with Raymond Chandler's writings.

And the television film Who Is the Black Dahlia? Agatha Christie's elegant Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile were colorful, lavish productions rich in s period detail. Earlier, a series of lighthearted Miss Marple mysteries were loosely adapted from Christie's novels.

meet boston blackle dvd burning

Sigmund Freud himself cures Holmes of his drug addiction. And two films, A Study in Terror and Murder by Decreewhich includes scenes of lurid gore, put Holmes in pursuit of the mysterious real-life serial murderer Jack the Ripper. The definitive and most faithful adaptation of the original stories was done by the British TV series The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes starring Jeremy Brett as Holmes and David Burke as Watson, in 41 episodes which ran from Later Holmes films are often inventions that have little or nothing to do with the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, such as Young Sherlock Holmesproduced by Steven Spielberg 's Amblin Entertainmentwhich puts the teenage sleuth in an action-adventure story replete with computer-generated special effects.

The reinvention of Holmes has continued as evidenced by the revamped, big-budget Warner Bros. In Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: The New Wave The New Wave of modern detective films may well begin with Jean-Luc Godard 's offbeat Alphaville with its traditional, raincoat-and-fedora private eye placed in a futuristic, science fiction-based story.

The film is part homage, part parody of the detective genre. Godard followed this with Made in U. The blaxploitation B-movie industry adopted the standard private detective format for several action-mysteries such as Trouble ManBlack EyeSheba, Baby starring Pam Grierand Velvet Smooth Brickwritten and directed by Rian Johnsonis a unique homage bordering on parody which brings the terse, slang-filled dialog of Raymond Chandler to a modern-day California high school where a teenage sleuth investigates a murder connected to a drug ring.

Dirty Harryand The French Connection both The Parallax View is the first murder mystery structured around political assassinations and high-level conspiracies in America. It also warrants a digital remaster, as the flat sound of the current CD -- issued way back in -- suggests it may have been sourced from vinyl. But, when push came to shove, I couldn't trust myself to write 25, words about it. If the proposal I've submitted to Continuum Books gets accepted, I'll tell you which album I decided to write about instead.

I don't recall the name of the place, but the theater was in northern Kentucky and it was a small room above a regular theater. It was smaller than some home entertainment constructs are today, consisting of only two rows of maybe eight seats, wedged very close together.

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It looked like a place where an elite circle of powerful executives might congregate to watch porn or snuff movies. There was only one showing of the film, at There was only one projector too, so there was an intermission. As I recall, Brad Balfour, Joel Zakem and Earl Whitson were there, all of whom had seen the movie before and spoken of it with enthusiasm, to say the least.

As the movie unreeled, we quickly realized that something was seriously wrong with the sound, either a fault of the projection, the sound system, or the print itself -- which, considering the vaguely illicit setting, might well have been a dupe. I remember "Shut your bleeding hole! We told the theater manager about the problem during the reel change and he kindly refunded our money, though we all insisted on sticking around for the rest of the garbled presentation.

Those were, after all, the days when we would apply aluminum foil to the rabbit ears on our television sets and stand with one leg up, flamingo-like, just to watch the snowy reception of some movie playing on a station in a neighboring city. When I finally saw a proper 35mm revival of the film some years later, I found its Cockney accents so thick, I still couldn't make out a great deal of the dialogue!

This random personal history is my way of plugging a beloved series of books, but also of building up to a plug for my friend David Del Valle's latest exhibit of motion picture stills at the Drkrm Gallery in Los Angeles. A Photographic Exhibition featuring the work of Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg" will have its opening reception this Saturday night, January 20, from 7: