Meet jordanian girls names

Jordanian Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Jordan | Baby Name Wizard

meet jordanian girls names

Or if I ever had a girl, I would name her Jordan or Jordyn. I'd probably give her a . I rarely ever meet another girl named Jordan which is nice. It's definitely is a. Girl Baby Names - Jordan - Jordan and its popularity over years. "It is too my name, and I have met only one other Jordan but she spelled it with a Y. Jordanian Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Jordan from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizard's naming encyclopedia.

But I think in 20 years or so, Taylor will probably be more masculine again, names on the girls side seem to be more disposable. It happened recently with Quinn, and I think Charlie is heading that way too. On the opposite side you have names like Dominique, which were much more common on girls, and now are more used on the male side.

meet jordanian girls names

Shannon, which is now super dated for both genders, while still leaning feminine, the ratio or percentage of male vs female for that name hasnt been this close since the time it took over for girls decades ago.

I think people have embraced them as unisex.

Jordan – Boy Name or Girl Name?

August 16, at 4: For that reason, I suspect that before too long, people will consider Jordan quite dated for girls, and usage will decline precipitously, while boy-Jordan will continue to be used at a moderate level. August 18, at 9: I live in Australia where Jordan was a top name for both genders then but at 85 for girls and 23 for boys not really popular enough to warrant knowing five.

meet jordanian girls names

I've never been unsure of my masculinity and if I was, it certainly wasn't because some girls share my name. I'm not for or against Jordan as a female name, but honestly I wish people would stop using it. Growing up I never heard of another person named Jordan, and only got occasional references to Michael Jordan.

I like to point out that Jordan is his last name. One doesn't really have anything to do with the other.

Behind the Name: Personal Impression Comments for the name Jordan

I am not named after him. It was slightly amusing to some people that my best friend as a child was named Michael. I don't like that Jordan has become so popular recently, as my parents made a consciously offbeat choice which is now being mainstreamed. I always found that the particularity of my name made me unafraid to stand away from the masses, speak my mind, and defend my ideas when necessary.

When something difficult just has to be said, it is often me saying it, even on another's behalf.

meet jordanian girls names

I don't think that giving your child an offbeat or unisex name is "cruel and unusual punishment". Much worse is the cruel and quite usual punishment of a common and "safe" name.

This name sounds just too masculine. It's generally associated with the model Katie Price who changed her name meh so nowadays I'm generally known as Jay or JD which are actually more masculine sounding but I quite like it after years of being teased for having a glamour model's name! So I'm not too keen on the name and it's a little overused as a guy's name.

I just don't understand what's wrong with Jordana. I'd never personally give this name to my son though because I don't like unisex names, that's cruel and unusual punishment. She hated the name when she was in elementary school because the boys called her Michael Jordan, but now she seems to like her name. I think it fits her. She is a tall beautiful blonde athletic girl. This was fairly late for the region, as IsraelSyriaLebanonEgyptYemenTurkey and Iran had all granted women suffrage by There shall be no discrimination between them as regards their rights and duties on grounds of race, language or religion.

In the last decade, however, it has been amended.

meet jordanian girls names

While the original code allowed men to implement the law themselves, the new amendment leaves punishment and sentencing to the judicial system of the state. This lack of legislation explicitly protecting women exposes them to harassment both at home and in the workplace.

Jordan is a member of many international organizations that guarantee basic human rights to women. While the Quran demands "equality of the sexes," it provides a religious framework that separates men and women. Notwithstanding the law giving women the right to campaign and serve in office, few Jordanian women today are motivated to or feel comfortable running for political office, while even fewer are elected and ultimately serve.

Since the quota was established, 15 of the seats in the Lower House of Parliament have consistently and successfully been reserved for women.

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However, women won 19 seats in the elections. She is still incredibly active today. In MarchRania launched a video blog as part of her efforts to deconstruct stereotypes about Arabs and promote dialogue with the West.