Meet kelly lee dekay without corset

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meet kelly lee dekay without corset

-bonkers-Meet-womaninch-waist-TRAINED-body-shape-tight-corsets- No. I wouldn't say her actions are pro- or anti- feminist. What she. Oct 28, Holy corset, Batgirl! Fetish model and apparent masochist Kelly Lee Dekay has perhaps one of the tiniest waists I've ever seen on a human b No, she just did it the really, really, reeeeeally ol' fashioned way. Advertisement Meet the Latino who has had over 40 surgeries to transform himself into an elf. It's no stretch to say that fetish model Kelly Lee Dekay went to Continued use of a corset slimmed Dekay's waist down to a tiny 16 inches.

That's because, despite having some Kardashian-esque curves, the year-old's waist is only 16 inches, all around. How is that even possible? Well, unlike Thalia and other celebs whom shall not be named, Dekay totally cops to the fact that her whittled middle isn't natural--not in the least.

No, she just did it the really, really, reeeeeally ol' fashioned way.

meet kelly lee dekay without corset

Wearing a faja while pregnant: Obsessed with the way fabric and thread "can just easily manipulate the body to do such an extreme silhouette", the former tomboy began tight-lacing her middle seven almost eight years ago. But don't get it twisted.

Model wears extreme faja for years to get a 16 inch waist

Dekay says tight-lacing, for her, isn't about getting Barbie-like proportions. On the contrary, she tells the Daily Mail she's modelled her exaggerated physique after the super fierce, ultra-feminine super villains portrayed in some of her favorite childhood comic books.

So what exactly is tight-lacing? Well, Dekay will tell you what it isn't. It isn't waist-training, a practice she believes is rooted in vanity.

For Dekay, tight-lacing is about sex and art.

meet kelly lee dekay without corset

I'm a corset fetishist," she tells Cosmopolitan. I love the artistry in the construction of the corset and the people who are part of that culture. A self-described "feminist, LGBTQ Activist, lover and fighter," Dekay insists she wears her steal-boned corset for herself, and she really doesn't care about what anyone has to say about it.

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I wear my personality on the outside. Impersonator, Adam Daniel - who goes by Venus Delight when performing - is obsessed by the pop superstar and has spent 12 years undergoing plastic surgery to look like his idol.

"Corset Fetishist" Kelly Lee Dekay Flaunts 16-Inch Waist, Extreme Hourglass Figure—See the Pic!

But despite the reservations of his family and friends, Adam has no regrets about his choice to become Madonna. Factory Worker Has Buns Of Steel A steel worker is forging a career as a model - using her surgically enhanced inch butt.

meet kelly lee dekay without corset

Patricia Washington, 31, hopes to escape her tough life in a Detroit steel mill, where she is the only woman on the work floor. But now, thanks to her voluptuous figure, she is shooting for a life as an international model - and has already more thanfollowers on Instagram.

The girls have each had three boobs jobs taking them from A to E cups and have both super-sized their lips with regular filler injections.

Photos: Meet Kelly Lee Dekay, the lady with the Inch waist - Naija News Live

Sara and Emma spend everyday working out at the gym together so their bodies stay the same shape. Mirrors and portraits of the couple adorn almost every wall of their Las Vegas home as they constantly try to improve their chiseled physiques.

meet kelly lee dekay without corset

The couple are completely devoted to their fitness lifestyle and visit the gym at least three times a day. Martina has had a number of surgeries to blow her breasts up to a huge 32K, lip fillers to create a 'trout pout' mouth and procedures to narrow her waist legs and hips.

meet kelly lee dekay without corset

The model from Bernkastel-Kues, Germany, was encouraged to become a model by her boyfriend Michael.