Meet metal mario vs luigi

meet metal mario vs luigi

Mario and Luigi were walking along the Mushroom Kingdom talking about the Super Mario vs Luigi: . Sonic then ran from Metal, trying to get the robot hedgehog to chase him. Perhaps, it's time he should meet, Ybrik.". NO RESEARCH! 60 SECONDS! MELEEEEEEEEEEEEE! GO! The Super Smash Bros t Metal Mario VS Metal Sonic: One Minute Melee. Luigi is markedly similar to Mario, though his moveset and attributes (such as After this requirement is met, a cinematic plays when the player finishes the Alternately, playing versus matches will also give the opportunity to unlock Luigi. .. Metal Luigi will appear in Stage Battlefield stage alongside Metal Mario.

Chaos Emeralds Archie Sonic: This also gives off an aura that disrupts evil. Super Emeralds Archie Sonic: Transforms Sonic into Archie Ultra Sonic.

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When in cold areas, Polar Sonic comes into play with potent Cyrokinesis. This is an essential source of power to sustain the many Super Forms, power up, ect. Magic Hands Archie Sonic: This allows Sonic to trap his enemies in a tiny orb. Their stats are very OP. For one, Archie Sonic still lacks physical strength, only being at superhuman lifting strength. But, his speed at base is insane. That's millions or billions of times the speed of light. And this ain't even the half of it!

Although he WAS knocked unconcious. Also, these two Super Forms are easily faster than time, being faster than base Archie Sonic who could mildly outrun time. Archie Tails in base is undoubtebly fast, but there's not many notable until we get into Super Forms. So, we'll assume he's close to base Archie Sonic. He maintains his past strength, but he's now much more durable. He was able to tank blows from Super Scourge, the same guy that creamed everyone on Mobius.

Managing to survive was a feat for everyone. He's also only about Planet Level. But there's one last thing we're allowing this team to have. We're allowing all the parallel-dimension versions of Tails to show ina crisis, so, Titan Tails IS allowed. Titan Tails has a great control over cosmic energy, which he can use for lasers from his eyes. Not only this, but he can absorb energy from enemies, just like what he did to Master Mogul. This form is also a High Multiversal form. Finally, Sonic's abilities, since Tails' are the same: After charging up shortly, Archie Sonic can release a burst of speed to attack all enemies within radius multiple times at the speed of light.

Instantly puts him at MFTL speeds. A flaming somersault that utilizes the Flame Ring's power. This allows Archie Sonic to control wind.

Finally, there's only one weakness in their team. I'm ecstatic about this And you say it can fly with those tails? So what do we do about THAT? It looks like the Super Genesis Wave is finished, and Nothing a little Chaos Control can't fix. It's a technique used for controlling the Chaos Energy.

Luigi (SSBM)

The combatants are set. Boomstick runs out of the room again Wiz: Get ready for a Death Battle It's a letter from Princess Peach! That was insanely lucky for the Bros. Come if you dear! As they got close, suddenly, a rock hit Mario in the back of the head. I remember seeing you many times before!

Unless your too scared?! He'll be outmatched by these dolts if I don't help. This should be fun! You come-a to my villain's castle to challenge me, yet get one-shoted? Luigi's jumps are also much higher than Mario's. Luigi has the longest wavedash in the game as a result of his low traction. Luigi's primary advantage in this regard is his impressive ground movement.

Luigi's wavedash functions as his primary method of movement on the ground, allowing him to traverse large distances very quickly and with a great deal of maneuverability. Luigi can combine his excellent wavedash with a variety of powerful smash attacks to produce some of the best wavesmashes in the game. His down smash is highly versatile, acting as combo starter due to its completely vertical knockback, as a juggling move, or as a KO move at high percentages.

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His forward smash has extremely high knockback scaling ; the highest in the gamemaking it a powerful KO move if a risky one due to its high ending lag. His up smash has intangibility on his head and is effective at KOing on the upper blast line and on floaty opponents, in addition to outprioritising attacks from above Luigi. Luigi also has a variety of powerful attacks in his arsenal; all of Luigi's aerial attacks are extremely solid. His neutral aerial is extremely quick, coming out on frame 3, and has high, completely vertical knockback, making it excellent for both starting and continuing combos.

In addition to these, Luigi's down aerial is among the most flexible attacks in the game. While it has slightly slower startup than his forward air, it launches at the same angle yet has less ending and landing lag.

At lower percentages, the forward aerial has more knockback than down aerial. The upper hitbox of the d-air near Luigi's hips is a meteor smash, although it is difficult to land and generally more situational than the regular hit. His back aerial has good range and works well for setting up edgeguards, while his up aerial is useful for hitting opponents above him and has low knockback which allows it to combo effectively into more aerials such as a down or neutral aerial on floaty opponents, and also works as a somewhat situational edgeguarding tool.

Luigi's up special can act as a powerful vertical finisher if sweetspotted, though it leaves Luigi in a helpless state and is very laggy; it is very punishable if the sweetspot is missed or the opponent avoids the attack such as by shielding it. As a result, its use is often restricted to punishing very laggy moves such as Sheik 's Vanish unless it can be edge cancelled.

Luigi's grab game is also good. Although his grab range is merely average, it is still much longer than Mario's and his aforementioned long wavedash allows Luigi to extend its reach.

His throws have many varied uses. Both his down throw and up throw function as combo starters, leading into juggles with moves like up tilt, neutral air, and down smash; fast fallers such as Fox and Falco are generally more susceptible to up throw, while down throw is more suitable for floaty characters like Marth.

Up throw is also a viable chain grab on fast-fallers at low percentages. His forward throw and back throws can set up a variety of edgeguards, with his back throw having sufficiently high knockback to function as a kill move at high percentages. Luigi's strange variety of attributes, however, acts as a double-edged sword. Despite a highly effective wavedash, Luigi's movement without wavedashing is poor; while his moonwalk is decent, his dash is slow and his short initial dash animation gives him a very short dash-dance.

Additionally, Luigi's projectile, Fireballs are poor; they have low hitstun, travel slowly, and have high ending lag, making them some of the more situational projectiles in the game.

In addition, Luigi's air game, despite his powerful aerials, lacks much needed synergy with his stellar ground movement due to his low air speed. Furthermore, it, along with his low falling speed, leaves him highly vulnerable to juggles, as he cannot reach the ground effectively to escape them this is one of the major factors in his poor matchup with Marth, who is capable of both starting and maintaining juggles on Luigi very effectively.

A very high short hop and a low falling speed also gives Luigi among the worst SHFFLs in the game, even with his low-lag aerials. Finally, his low falling speed is what makes him vulnerable to being KOed off the top blast line especially by characters with powerful vertical finishers, like Fox and Ganondorf. Luigi's two primary recovery moves, Super Jump Punch and Green Missile have decent range and Green Missile can be used repeatedly when recovering highthey are extremely linear in trajectory; Super Jump Punch does not move Luigi horizontally at all and Green Missile moves him horizontally and then causes him to fall significantly during the high ending lag.

The slow and linear nature of these moves make is recovery easy to edgeguard on reaction, undermining his otherwise relatively long recovery. His Super Jump Punch also makes for one of the poorest meteor cancels in the game.

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He can also recover using the Luigi Cyclonewhich gives vertical and horizontal distance. Mario then shot out a fire ball at Luigi, only to be dodged. Mario landed on the ground, only to open his eye's to a fresh fire flower growing out of the ground. As Luigi ran towards his fallen brother, ready for another attack, Mario quickly turned around with the fire breath given to him by the power of the fire flower.

Mario then took the advantege, but before his fist could connect with Luigi's face, Mario was being sucked backwards. His eye's were blurred, but he did see a round pink blob.

Luigi knew right away who it was, "Kirby, long time no see. I had to stop you somehow. Mmm, you taste like ravioli," said the pink puff. I already beat you out of the tournement. Do you want me to beat you out again?

meet metal mario vs luigi

I just have a message from Princess Zelda in Hyrule. She want's you guys to come right away. I can't help it if I'm a very cute looking male Jigglepuff," Kirby told them with a come back. I came here with my Warp Star. It can fit the three of us. Hyrule, in the fields, a boy was walking towards the castle.

At the age of 17, this boy had alot of spirit. Just then, a Stalfo skeleton warrior poped out of the ground. With a sword, he was ready to fight. The stalfo started running towards Link with great speed.

Link took something out of his pocket. It was a pocket watch. Link pressed a button and the Stalfo stopped in it's place.

Link had frozen time. Link moved out of the way quickly because it turns out, the pocket watch could stop time for a limit of time only. Link then position himself, and let time move again.

The Stalfo had lost Link. When it heard a shout, it looked up to see, Link with the Master Sword, ready for the kill. Link came down sliceing through the Stalfo warrior, and caused it to fall apart.

Link had won the battle. Meanwhile, at the castle, "So where is he? I mean, he lives in this land doesn't he? I don't think he can talk," Kirby told her.

meet metal mario vs luigi

We need every one in perfect health," Zelda stopped them. Samus was standing in a corner reloading some new weapons to her armor. I been living in the Playstation world lately," said another voice.

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The two voices then appeared in the throne room with every body else. Pac-Man was with them. Look who finally arived," Mario said meaning Sonic. I was makeing my debut on Dreamcast," Sonic told them. Elsewhere, an evil was gathering the fighters fighting abillities. He watched the past at the Super Smash Bros. He was gathering ever power used, every punch used, every move made. He watched on a little globe.