Meet the beat alls references for resume

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meet the beat alls references for resume

Meet the Beat Alls: Mojo Jojo, Him, Princess Morbucks, and Fuzzy Lumpkins team up as the Beat Alls in this homage to Moral Decay provides examples of. Alack-a-day! their hero'sm is all lodged Within the hollow of their poor goose- quills of his brainA sweet ideal Tuscan, all his own, Without a reference, sapient or Swiss mountains: 'my heart already begins to beat quick at the very, thought of it. the dread of meeting him on the Continent quite haunts her, and is a serious. The girls all live in the fictional city of Townsville, USA and are frequently ( especially noticeable in the episode "Meet the Beat Alls," which is a homage to .. York Times noted the show's use of adult humor and pop culture references, [8] –96 The Tick Carmelita Resume –96 Iron Man Julia Carpente more.

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Mojo renames themselves "The Beat-Alls" original name. A picture shows the four just like the cover, "A Hard Day's Night". Citizens of Townsville running away, whenever The Beat-Alls arrived.

Except, fans chased the Beatles whenever they arrived. The four walk across what looks like Abbey Road, then the news reporter says " The bank they robbed was no.

Also they were known as the Bad Four, not the Fab Four.

meet the beat alls references for resume

They conquered Townsville, much like The Beatles conquered America. Mojo says to a bank worker, "Give me money, that's what I want! HIM says, "I should'a known better", a song lyric. Mojo says to the girls, "You better run for your lives if you can, little girls", a song lyric.

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Princess Morbucks screams, "You say stop, but I say go, go, go! Also the news reporter describes Fuzzy as the shy one, much like George was the shy Beatle. Multiple songs are referenced throughout the episode.

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Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Mojo Jojo's comment "Will the people in the cheap seats, please leave. And the rest of you, hand over your jewelry! The shouting scene, showing how the Beat-Alls got separated, is a reference to the actual separation of the Beatles.

Ironically, Yoko Ono was blamed by many fans for the break-up of the Beatles, while Moko Yono was responsible for the Beat-Alls splitting up since she was really undercover working with the Girls. In the scene where the Chief of Police is speaking, his name is "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Coincidentally, the character also bears a striking resemblance to Old Fred from the Beatles film: The reporter bears similarities to the character Eric Idle portrays in the film The Rutles: The scene with the remaining three Beat-Alls causing havoc from a rooftop references the Beatles during their rooftop concert on January 30, Michelle, Moko's real name, is inspired by the song of the same name.

In one scene, HIM states "I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves, and I hope we passed the audition". This is from Beatles song Get Back, he also referenced that song by stating "Let's Get Back to where we once belonged".

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Trivia This is the first and only episode where HIM goes to jail. This episode is the last one to use the large-sized girls in their normal poses from the June version of the animated episode outro.

The Whoopass Girls in: However, the name Whoopass had to be dropped for the channel to include it as part of its new What a Cartoon! McCracken explained it was because many executives at Cartoon Network didn't think that anyone would make toys for kids with the word "ass" in it. Announcer Ernie Andersonthe narrator of the pilot episodes, died of cancer inand he was replaced by Tom Kenny for the remainder of the series.

During its run, the series consistently scored the highest rating for an original series each week for the network across a wide range of demographics—from young children to adults. But I had no idea that it would take off to this extent.

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The opening theme uses a sped-up drum break sample of " Funky Drummer " performed by Clyde Stubblefield. Unlike previous episodes in the series, the anniversary special was animated using Adobe Flash at Cartoon Network Studios.

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Dance Pantsed was announced to premiere that year, though it was later delayed to January 20, Ringo also voiced a new character named Fibonacci Sequins in the episode. The girls rescue all of them, and the Powerpuff Girls defeat Mojo yet again with his kidnapping plan.

meet the beat alls references for resume

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