Santa monica all comers meet

Santa Monica Winter All Comers Meets – SAMOHI Cross Country and Track & Field

santa monica all comers meet

All Comers Track Meet at Santa Monica High School. Public. · Hosted by Samohi Cross Country & Track and Field. Interested. Saturday, February 4: Cerritos College All-Comers $5 Registration per athlete, Saturday, February Santa Monica HS All-Comers. TO MEET ALF BELL Details of the Team's Tournament at Santa Monica Which is Trowbridge Hendrlck of Los Angeles In the finals of the all-comers fclngles.

Hosting all comers meets puts your school and your facility at the forefront of your area, the familiarity certainly helps in future recruiting if that is your interest.

The higher you charge, the fewer athletes will show up — essentially that makes your meet more elite or discriminatory depending on how you look at it.

This is not the European track circuit; this is the other end of the spectrum — the grass roots. A huge number of your participants could be little kids, depending on how kid-friendly you make your meets. I realize I am suggesting a false economy — the costs of putting on a quality meet to an outsider like me are far more than the income you will make at these rates. Does the end justify the effort?

Santa Monica HS All-Comers - Complete Results

Or your team could be out doing car washes, selling candy bars or magazines for money too. What I am suggesting at least this is getting money from helping the sport. This concept has worked around the country for decades, its probably not news to the people I am writing to.

santa monica all comers meet

During January and February, we have meets like this happening all over the greater Southern California area, with as many as 5 going on simultaneously on Saturdays, each I assume happy with the incomes they are making.

In the summer, few wanted to go up against a free, 4-day-a-week program. Without that program, we have a giant gaping hole you could step into. There is a possible population of 17 million people out there. Out of that, pulling a few hundred to run, jump or throw at your meet should be a realistic goal. All comers meets have been the bulk of my season for 40 years. Southern California lost last season, there were almost no meets all summer.

We are in danger of losing the tradition. There are many other masters runners who want to compete in things like this as well. Those folks bring a great deal of experience to the table. Some of us are Certified Officials. As you know with all volunteers, some will just talk, take your efforts and disappear into the night, but others are there to offer what they can do to help these meets happen.

From my website, I can try to put out an appeal for more of these people to step forward to help you, if needed. And certainly I can help publicize your meets to the usual crowd who checks my site for such information. Please let me know whenever you have any plans to put on any meet that welcomes members of the general public to participate. Ironically, just as L.

santa monica all comers meet

This story talks about the new San Diego series. My Union-Tribune colleague Don Norcross writes: High school, collegiate and recent post-collegiate athletes are expected to make up most of the field. But series director Paul Greer says the meets are open to all-comers.

Somebody had to step up, and I stepped up and did it. There will be and meter hurdles, theand meters, the1, and 5, Thrice Hendrick wanted but a single stroke and twice Hunt was in the same predicament.

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The latter ended the game by a perfect shot to the side line and then won the next easily, making set and match by a score of Hunt is 14 16 0 48 Hen. A Postponement The lateness of the hour when the!

It was therefore postponed until tomorrow morning. I In the afternoon, the winner will playMiss May Sutton, the present champion. Reuben Hunt will also meet champion Alfonso Bell for the chara-' plonshlp.

Matches In men's doubles, consolation singles, ladies' doubles and j mixed doubles will be run off as rapidly i as possible.

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Simultaneously on the lower i court, Mrs. Seymour and Drummond McGavln defeated Miss Seymour and i Charlie Sutton in a close contest which i j required three sets to find a winner.

Way had no trouble In winning from Mr. Hull In straight sets. A few of the preliminary matches, of the consolation singles were played ati intervals. Consolation singles — preliminary round—F. Clapp; J. Brltton drew a bye. First round—Murdock beat Variel McGarvln played a couple of practice sets today in which the, gentleman conceded onehalf Miss May won one set and lost-the other The little champion asks for no favors in the way of easy strokes when playing against the sterner sex.

Alfonso Bell put in an appearance at the courts and played a couple of practice sets. He seems rather out of form and Is handicapped by a weak wrist, which was sprained some time ago In a fall from a buggy.

santa monica all comers meet

It would not be surprising to see the north again victorious tomorrrw, although Bell plays brilliant tennis even in his worst form. Secretary Jones Intends to try to arrange an exhibition match between former Champion "Bob" Carter and the winner of this year's championship. It would be a great drawing card and should pack the stands. Hendrick suffered by having the lowhanging sun in his eyes during the concluding set.

Santa Monica HS All-Comers

Hunt offered to change sides every odd game before the match stat ted, hut Hendrick preferred to play straight through according to toss unless a fifth set became necessary. Social Notes Of course everything of a social nature that has been given this week, so far, has been of a distinctly tennis flavor. All the small luncheons and dinners which have been arranged have been complimeniary to some one or other of the tennis guests.

The tournament people are more than happy over the success of the tennis week, socially, this year. The gate receipts, too, something very necessary to the success of any venture, have every day been more than double those of last year, and consequently more than satisfactory.

Today there was not a vacant seat In the grand stand and society from all nearby towns was well represented. The afternoon teas have been unusually genial and delightful affairs, their atmosphere being no less cheering than the delicious beverage dispensed by fair hands every day.