Season 5 episode 18 meet the quagmires quotes

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season 5 episode 18 meet the quagmires quotes

Lois walks out of Quagmire's house to pick up a letter from the mailbox) Peter: Lois, what the hell? Family Guy Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes. General References Notes/Trivia Quotes Goofs Quagmire: Come 'ere baby. Episode's Quotes /// Meet the Quagmires's Quotes \\\ Next Episode's Quotes. A page for describing Recap: Family Guy S 5 E 18 Meet The Quagmires. The Cameo: In the final gag of the episode, Lois says she's thankful that everything is .

In the altered present, Lois comments that Osama bin Laden had been hiding out in the cast of MADtvleading Quagmire to remark, "The one place no one would look!

Peter claims to be responsible for Joe Piscopo 's obsession with bodybuilding. Brian propositions Lois by using the band names Wham!

Meet the Quagmires

In the uncensored version, there is an additional scene where the s man tells Brian he'll kick his ass anytime, anywhere, and Brian challenges the man to meet him on top of the World Trade Center on September 11th,at 8: In the censored version, during the Jetsons opening spoof George says "Bull crap" instead of "bull shit". In the censored version, Quagmire claims the object poking Lois to be his "wang" instead of "penis".

When the young Lois meets Peter she says she is excited about seeing Zapped! It may have been possible the movie was shown at a film festival, which often re-releases prior movies.

season 5 episode 18 meet the quagmires quotes

When Brian Sees Lois after they time-traveled, he says "18 year old Lois He asks her to marry him and she accepts. The episode ends with things seemingly back to normal, with the exception of Roger from American Dad!

Family Guy S 5 E 18 Meet The Quagmires / Recap - TV Tropes

Production[ edit ] "Meet the Quagmires" was the last episode to be directed by Dan Povenmire. The episode was written by series regular and future showrunner Mark Hentemannand directed by Chris Robertson and series regular Dan Povenmirewho left the series after completing the episode, in order to create his own series for the Disney Channel entitled Phineas and Ferbwhich has since been nominated for three Emmy Awards.

Cherry Chevapravatdumrong and Patrick Meighan worked as executive story editors. The episode's original premise was based on Cleveland 's divorce from his wife, Loretta, with Cleveland going on to become a hot bachelor in Quahog, causing Peter to become jealous, and desiring to become single again. In the opening scene of the episode, Horace the bartender is suddenly knocked unconscious after falling off a ladder, causing Death to appear.

After it is discovered that Horace is not actually dead, Death complains that he never likes to be too far from journalist Mike Wallace. The Back to the Future trilogy is parodied and referenced throughout the episode, along with many other movies and famous people throughout the s. Other cultural references include how after going back in time, Peter becomes excited about his new prospects in life, and states to Cleveland that he is going to "raise more hell than Hellraiser " from the horror film Hellraiser.

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It also depicts Pinhead as weak and ridiculous, stating that the worst he can do is unscrew a salt shaker and trick someone into using it, causing salt to come out all over their food. Night " by Kenny Loggins. Once Lois appears, she asks Peter if he would like to see the film Zapped! Pac-Manin addition to making out with actress Molly Ringwald. You'll eat it later. You know that mediocre generic sound you been looking for? Well, listen to this! Wow, Peter, that's an amazing story. And I'm touched that you went through so much trouble just to be with me.

Obviously I made the right choice when I married you. And hey, let's just all be grateful that things are completely back to normal again. Who ate all the Pecan Sandies? I love you, Lois Pewterschmidt!

season 5 episode 18 meet the quagmires quotes

And I won't let Quagmire, or any man, she-male, robot, or sentient robot, curious about its own existence keep us apart! Meg, stop staring at Mr. I'm sorry Peter, I'm afraid she has her father's libido.

What can I say? Chris, Meg, and Stewie: Death, oh thank God you're here!

season 5 episode 18 meet the quagmires quotes

Listen, you gotta send me back in time again, so I can marry Lois!