Undavalli arun kumar press meet on chennai

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undavalli arun kumar press meet on chennai

Contact Us: [email protected] Gis Open Source. Rajahmundry Map. Login. Follow Us On. First Citizen Grievance Management Systempraneeth. 3 డిసెం Watch Undavalli Arun Kumar Press Meet | Vijayawada | AP here. This news was telecasted on Sunday 03rd of December AM in 10TV. to contest RK Nagar Assembly bypoll as independent candidate | Chennai. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu meets bitter critic Undavalli for talk on SCS one of his fiercest critics and former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar to his office at the Stay up to date on all the latest Vijayawada news with The New . DMK show of strength: Political heavyweights to descend on Chennai for.

In accordance with the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, Hyderabad will remain the de jure capital of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states for a period of not exceeding 10 years. The state has a coastline of km with jurisdiction over nearly 15, km2 territorial waters, the second longest among all the states of India after Gujarat. It is bordered by Telangana in the north-west, Chhattisgarh in the north, Odisha in the north-east, Karnataka in the west, Tamil Nadu in the south and the water body of Bay of Bengal in the east.

A small enclave of 30 km2 of Yanam, a district of Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh is composed of two regions, Coastal Andhra, located along the Bay of Bengal, and Rayalaseema, in the inland southwestern part of the state.

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These two regions comprise 13 districts, with 9 in Coastal Andhra and 4 in Rayalaseema, Andhra Pradesh hosted The Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati is one of the worlds most visited religious sites, a tribe named Andhra has been mentioned in the Sanskrit texts such as Aitareya Brahmana. According to Aitareya Brahmana of the Rig Veda, the Andhras left north India, archaeological evidence from places such as Amaravati, Dharanikota and Vaddamanu suggests that the Andhra region was part of the Mauryan Empire.

Amaravati might have been a centre for the Mauryan rule. The Satavahanas have been mentioned by the names Andhra, Andhrara-jatiya and Andhra-bhrtya in the Puranic literature, Dharanikota along with Amaravathi was the capital of the later Satavahanas.

Amaravathi became a trade and pilgrimage centre during the Satavahana rule. According to the Buddhist tradition, Nagarjuna lived here, possibly in second, Andhra Ikshvakus were one of the earliest recorded ruling dynasties of the Guntur-Krishna regions of Andhra Pradesh. They ruled the eastern Andhra country along the Krishna river during the half of the second century CE.

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Puranas called Andhra Ikshvakus Shri Parvatiya Andhras, archaeological evidence has suggested that the Andhra Ikshvakus immediately succeeded the Satavahanas in the Krishna river valley 3. The partys social liberal platform is considered to be on the centre-left of Indian politics.

From tothe Congress-led United Progressive Alliance, a coalition of regional parties. As of Marchthe party is in power in five states, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Meghalaya, in Bihar, it is a part of the ruling coalition. The Congress has previously directly ruled Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, in the general election, the Congress had its poorest post-independence general election performance, winning only 44 seats of the member house.

The party primarily endorses social liberalism—seeking to balance individual liberty and social justice, the Congress was founded in by Indian and British members of the Theosophical Society movement, including Scotsman Allan Octavian Hume. It has been suggested that the idea was conceived in a meeting of 17 men after a Theosophical Convention held in Madras in December Hume took the initiative, and in March the first notice convening the first Indian National Union to meet in Poona the following December was issued.

undavalli arun kumar press meet on chennai

Its objective was to obtain a share in government for educated Indians and to create a platform for civic. The first meeting was scheduled to be held in Poona, Hume organised the first meeting in Bombay with the approval of the Viceroy Lord Dufferin.

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Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee was the first president of the Congress, the first session was held from 28—31 Decemberrepresenting each province of India, the Partys delegates comprised 54 Hindus and 2 Muslims, the rest were of Parsi and Jain backgrounds.

Mahatma Gandhi returned from South Africa inin following the deaths of policemen at Chauri Chaura, Gandhi suspended the agitation. In protest, a number of leaders, Chittaranjan Das, Annie Besant, the Khilafat movement collapsed and the Congress was split.

Although its members were predominantly Hindu, it had members from other religions, economic classes, at the Congress Lahore session under the presidency of Jawaharlal Nehru, Purna Swaraj was declared as the partys goal, declaring 26 January as Purna Swaraj Diwas, Independence Day.

The same year, Srinivas Iyenger was expelled from the party for demanding full independence, the British government allowed provincial elections in India in the winter of —37 under the Government of India Act 4. Guntur district — Guntur district is an administrative district in the Coastal Andhra region of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

The administrative seat of the district is located at Guntur, the largest city of the district in terms of area and population. It has a coastline of approximately km and is situated on the bank of Krishna River. It is bounded on the south by Prakasam district and on the west by the state of Telangana. It has an area of 11, km2 and is the 2nd most populous district in the state a population of 4, as per census of India, the district is a major centre for agriculture, education and learning.

It exports large quantities of chillies and tobacco, Amaravati, the proposed capital of Andhra Pradesh is situated in Guntur district, on the banks of River Krishna. There are several opinions on the meaning and origin of the word Guntur, in Sanskrit, Guntur was called Garthapuri. The original Sanskrit name for Guntur was Garthapuri, the Agasthyeswara Sivalayam in the old city of Guntur is an ancient temple for Siva.

It has inscriptions on two stones in Naga Lipi and it is said that Agastya built the temple in the last Treta-Yuga around the Swayambhu Linga and hence the name. The Nagas were said to have ruled the region, the place of Sitanagaram and the Guthikonda Caves can be traced back to the last Treta-Yuga and Dwapara-Yuga.

Guntur District is home to the second oldest evidence of habitation in India.

undavalli arun kumar press meet on chennai

Ancient history can be traced from the time of Sala kings who ruled during the 5th century BCE, the earliest reference to Guntur, a variant of Guntur, comes from the Idern plates of Ammaraja I, the Vengi Chalukyan King. Guntur also appears in two inscriptions dated and CE, since the beginning of Buddhist time, Guntur stood in the forefront in matters of culture, education and civilisation. Scores of Buddhist stupas were excavated in the villages of Guntur district, Acharya Nagarjuna, an influential Buddhist philosopher taught at Nagarjunakonda and is said to have discovered Mica in BCE.

Xuanzang wrote an account of the place, Viharas and monasteries that existed. The famous battle of Palnadu which is enshrined in legend and literature as Palnati Yuddham was fought in Guntur district in CE 5. Brahmin — Brahmin is a varna in Hinduism specialising as priests of sacred learning across generations. However, Indian texts suggest that Brahmins were often agriculturalists in medieval India, the Gautama Dharmasutra states in verse The text forbids a Brahmin from engaging in the trade of animals for slaughter, meat, medicines, the Apastamba Dharmasutra asserts in verse 1.

The 1st millennium CE Dharmasastras, that followed the Dharmasutras contain similar recommendations on occupations for a Brahmin, both in prosperous or normal times, and in the times of adversity.

Amaravati bonds a burden on AP: Vundavalli

The widely studied Manusmriti, for example, states, Except during a time of adversity and he should gather wealth just sufficient for his subsistence through irreproachable activities that are specific to him, without fatiguing his body.

It also lists six occupations that it deems proper for a Brahmin, teaching, studying, offering yajna, officiating at yajna, giving gifts, of these, states Manusmriti, three which provide a Brahmin with a livelihood are teaching, officiating at yajna, and accepting gifts. The text states that teaching is best, and ranks the accepting of gifts as the lowest of the six, in the times of adversity, Manusmriti recommends that a Brahmin may live by engaging in the occupations of the warrior class, or agriculture or cattle herding or trade.

Of these, Manusmriti in verses Both Buddhist and Brahmanical literature, states Patrick Olivelle, repeatedly define Brahmin not in terms of family of birth and these virtues and characteristics mirror the values cherished in Hinduism during the Sannyasa stage of life, or the life of renunciation for spiritual pursuits.

Brahmins, states Olivelle, were the class from which most ascetics came. The earliest inferred reference to Brahmin as a social class is in the Rigveda, occurs once. Ancient texts describing community-oriented Vedic yajna rituals mention four to five priests, the hotar, the adhvaryu, the udgatar, the functions associated with the priests were, The Hotri recites invocations and litanies drawn from the Rigveda.

The Adhvaryu is the assistant and is in charge of the physical details of the ritual like measuring the ground. The Udgatri is the chanter of hymns set to melodies and music drawn from the Samaveda, the udgatar, like the hotar, chants the introductory, accompanying and benediction hymns. The Brahmin recites from the Atharvaveda, the Ritvij is the chief operating priest 6. She is the widow of former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi who belonged to the Nehru—Gandhi family and she finally agreed to join politics ininshe was elected President of the Congress party.

She has served as the Chairperson of the ruling United Progressive Alliance in the Lok Sabha sincein Septemberon being re-elected for the fourth time, she became the longest serving president in the year history of the Congress party. Her foreign birth has been a subject of debate and controversy. Also controversial was her friendship with Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi. SMS TO www. The number of rape layamkottai, has recorded 74 rape cases reported in Tamil Nadu wit- cases, and Villupuram district acnessed a 26 per cent rise incounted for 67 such cases.

undavalli arun kumar press meet on chennai

Among according to latest statistics released the cities, Tiruchy registered the by the State police. The sharp Activists said the jump in the increase in rape number of rape cascases has to be seen es need not necesscourge over against the backdrop sarily mean that the the years of the December State is becoming Delhi gangmore unsafe for Year Number Rise rape and murder of of rape compared to women. One of the 14 and in some years contributing factors —20 there was a dip in for the rise in the the figures.

Women are now emboldamong the districts. After missing at least two deadlines to complete the infrastructural modifications, installment of high-tech equipment and recruitment, the State Health Department is working feverishly towards getting the hospital open and functioning, according to well-placed sources.

As another budget session of the State Assembly is around the corner, officials and Health Minister C Vijayabaskar have been reviewing the arrangement over the past four days and are pulling all stops to put things in place. Work has been expedited ever since the pre- vious deadline of January 31 was not feasible. An official in the Directorate of Medical Education also said that all necessary appointments, including nurses, doctors, surgeons and maintenance staff, had been completed by the TNMSC in phases.

As reported, the tale of the super-speciality hospital began in mid, when Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa announced that the Secretariat would continue to function at Fort St George and the new complex constructed by the previous regime would be converted into a hospital to serve the poor.

undavalli arun kumar press meet on chennai

CSK finished with for 4, one more than the agreed score and ended up losing the match in 17 overs, with Dhoni scoring just 2. To substantiate his point, the SP also cited the investigation into a fake passport G Sambathkumar case against Kitty.

At a dinner party, usually arranged either by Gurunath or Vikram Agarwal for select guests and IPL players, Agarwal informed Kitty that some deal has been worked out. Meanwhile, the SP had also given information about the possible match-fixing links with the Australian network. In surprise raids at two distributor godowns at RG Nagar near UkkadamSungam Bypass Road, officials found expired soft drinks belonging to three batches without proper invoices. From one of these, the officials seized 77 cases of expired soft drinks of different Pepsico-owned brands.

Both units were also running with no name and trace of operation in the residential area. Dr R Kathiravan, designated officer, Food Safety Wing, who led the raids, said the two godowns were operating in secrecy in the locality as the team had to search and find the whereabouts from local residents.