Us history chapter 1 three worlds meet 1492

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us history chapter 1 three worlds meet 1492

U.S. History – The Americans Chapter 1- Three Worlds Meet Era 1: Three Worlds mEET. Chapter . Chapter 1 Section 2: North American societies around Three Worlds MeetNative Americans and Africans develop complex societies and cultures Section 1. Peopling the Americas In ancient times, migrating peoples settle the The varied landscapes of North America encourage Section 3. West African Societies Around West Africa in the s is home to a variety of. View from HISTORY 1 at Boston to CHAPTER 2 The American Colonies Emerge – CHAPTER 3 The.

us history chapter 1 three worlds meet 1492

North American societies around Chapter 1 Section 2: Hundreds of languages, dialects 3. Sailed for Spain 2. Thought he was in India 4.

us history chapter 1 three worlds meet 1492

America Before Columbus Start Died in 1. America before Columbus 51 Goods Introduced to the Americas: Corn, potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco, cacao beans chocolatepumpkins, vanilla Animals: Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Disastrous expedition!

Chapter 1- Three Worlds Meet Era 1: Three Worlds mEET - ppt download

Experienced Hurricane, ended up in Florida 2. Took Native American hostage 3. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado 63 4. Hernando de Soto And men Sought: Augustine, Florida Spain established 1st European post in U. Native Americans took back land for next 50 years 70 Spanish Missions Purpose: From this chaos emerged the one god, Quaoar.

He was sorrowed by the emptiness in existence and began to dance, whirl, and twirl all about while he sang the Song of Creation.

us history chapter 1 three worlds meet 1492

Out of this melody began to form other beings - first was the god of sky, Weywot. Timbuktu, Gao, and Jenne became busy commercial centers.

Three Worlds Meet

Traders from North Africa brought goods and Islamic faith across Sahara. Religion was important in all aspects of African life. Political leaders claimed authority on the basis of religion. Bonds of kinship formed the basis of most aspects of life in rural West Africa.

The oldest living descendant of the group's common ancestor controlled family members and represented them in councils of the larger groups to which a family might belong.

People supported themselves by age-old methods of farming, herding, hunting, fishing, mining, and trading.

us history chapter 1 three worlds meet 1492

European Societies around As trade opportunities increased, new markets were discovered and new trade routes were opened. Not everyone lived off of land.

Ch. 1 Three Worlds Meet Europe, Africa, The Americas.

Extended family was not as important. Life centered around nuclear family. Government was based on social hieratchy.