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want to meet wednesday 13

Buy Wednesday 13 tickets from the official cypenv.info site. Find Wednesday 13 tour schedule, concert details, reviews and photos. Wednesday 13 is put to the test by the people who know him best – his I get something out of the acoustic thing, it's like a live meet-and-greet. Australia Instagram Contest!!! Want to meet the band and get an epic photo? Want to watch them soundcheck? Want a tour t-shirt and laminate to remember.

Those shows, I wish we could have kept touring together, I wish we could have brought that here to Toronto. Our deadline to have the record finished and mixed is February 25th We have a different producer, but Zeuss is mixing it.

I want it to be comfortable, I want to be able to go home every night. I want to enjoy making this record. This is the one! And, I get to do it with Ozzy, Manson, and Zombie. I actually just went there to meet him and that was it, then I left. That was in North Carolina when Transylvania came out in I heard he was a fan of the record. He was a fan of it and that was the first time I met him.

What prompted this healthy living and abstinence from alcohol? I pretty much drank my 30s away. It became my crutch I would use every night. It was not making me feel well. I started off good, and then I fucking fell off again in January and had a really bad night.

want to meet wednesday 13

No more of that. I exercise every day. I go on stage now like a mad man, instead of a drunk mad man. He told us about how his music with Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 became more popular after collaborating with Joey Jordison. He discussed future releases and re-releases from both Murderdolls and his own band. Check it out… Alan: Plus we worked on it for a year and a half before that, so it seems even longer in my mind.

Murderdolls played here with Papa Roach on one tour. Do you remember how it went last year?

Wednesday 13, Invidia

Well thank you for remembering us. Yeah, I saw various reports that this was a co-headlining tour, but from the posters and promotional material it seemed like you were going to be supporting Combichrist.

This tour has been really good. So everyone got to see where I came from, which for me was great. Strange how things work out. Sadly, I saw that [former drummer] Ben Graves passed away earlier this year. Yeah, but we still ran into each other. We were still friends and every time we saw each other we would just pick up right where we left off.

I had no idea that he was as sick as he was until it was literally the last phone call I made to him before he passed away. I apologise if this sounds insensitive after that last question, but do you think there might be another Murderdolls record with Joey in future?

Some days would be a complete failure. Plus we come in with a bunch of ideas.

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Some stuff is straight from scratch. We just get in a room and do it. We can demo it and record it. I love making records and I love that we already have it planned and scheduled. How do you decide? Sometimes I think like that. But the first Murderdolls album was what it was. Even the second record, with the exception of just a few songs, was going to be the next Wednesday 13 record.

The separation is that there is Joey Jordison involved, and it just has this dynamic that the fans like us together. But in reality, those two records were pretty much Frankenstein Drag Queens and a Wednesday 13 album that was produced. The songs that were used on the last Murderdolls record were songs that I was going to use for the next Wednesday 13 album or songs that I had left over from other stuff.

I used to write all the time, and always record. I had like 75 songs. And how do you still come up with lyric ideas? Has anyone ever come to you with an idea or an offer? I make little mini movies.

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I tour nine months out of the year. This is our 51st show in like three months. I love it though. And what do you think of what Rob Zombie does?

want to meet wednesday 13

He gets to make awesome stage shows and gets to make movies.