Zoo review meet 2015 oklahoma

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zoo review meet 2015 oklahoma

The Oklahoma City Zoo is a living museum of animal species, expansive botanical gardens & over members. Reviews from OKLAHOMA CITY ZOO employees about OKLAHOMA CITY ZOO culture, animal managment (Current Employee) – Oklahoma City, OK – April 27, You meet many new people and get to have fun while, on the job. 18 reviews of The Zoo Amphitheatre "Great venue for a concert with lots of space! They serve Collective Soul Photo of The Zoo Amphitheatre - Oklahoma City, OK, United States. .. Zoo Amphitheater concert in (Counting Crows).

Most horrifically, zoos are not just moving elephants around between zoos, they are tearing elephant families apart in the wild. The zoos imported 17 young elephants in early one died while awaiting relocationfor the purpose of putting them on display and to try and shore up the plummeting number of elephants in zoos.

Behind the scenes, zoos in the U. It is time to end the shameful exploitation of elephants in American zoos. We owe it to elephants to protect them from exploitation. It is time to shut down archaic and barbaric zoo exhibits, and retire elephants to sanctuaries where they can live in peace. On a positive note, was a banner year for bullhook bans in the U. The bullhook is a brutal weapon used to beat, jab, and psychologically torment elephants.

First Rhode Island, then California, became the first states to finally enact legislation banning bullhooks. Lawmakers have been passing similar legislation in cities and counties across the U. While all zoos confining elephants for public display in the U. We assess facilities in-person, through review of government and veterinary records, death reports, consultation with elephant scientists and other experts, and via image and data documentation.

Priority is given to notable events occurring in the prior year, such as premature elephant deaths or overt violations of the Animal Welfare Act, such as egregious disregard for the social and medical needs of elephants. Other factors include health problems, unsuitable enclosures, cold climates, reckless breeding, unhealthy elephant behaviors, brutal management procedures, and inappropriate social challenges ranging from incompatibility between elephants to naturally social elephants being kept in crushing solitary confinement.

This annual list exposes and highlights the myriad and often shocking challenges endured by elephants living behind the facades of zoo exhibits.

Given the exorbitant and typically unsubstantiated claims of education, research, and conservation made by zoos, elephants - and the public - deserve better. It is with this intention that the Ten Worst Zoos List is produced. Her death came eight months after the harrowing cross-country journey from Seattle to an even colder climate in Oklahoma.

The regional and national outcry of unprecedented concern had galvanized the Seattle Zoo to do something regarding its elephants and it was widely demanded - and even anticipated - that the two elephants be retired to a sanctuary. Tragically, the zoo industry failed to act in the best interest of these suffering elephants and shipped the unfortunate pair to Oklahoma City Zoo. Not long after her arrival in Oklahoma, Chai lost about pounds, and was found on the ground three times in one week.

On two occasions she needed to be mechanically hoisted up. She also had a bacterial infection in her bloodstream, likely caused by 25 clearly visible pus-filled abscesses that went untreated, among her other chronic health problems.

zoo review meet 2015 oklahoma

Public Record via Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants As for Bamboo, she has not fared well either since her long distance transfer and the loss of her longtime companion.

She is being repeatedly attacked by at least one other female Asian elephant. In March ofabout two inches of her tail was bitten off in the third attack. Since her arrival, she has also suffered skin abrasions and fissures, a six-inch gash on her trunk, and swelling above one eye.

Caught between bullying and crushing loneliness, Bamboo has no way to escape these attacks and is responding aggressively and, ultimately, defensively, with other elephants and staff. She is now often kept in isolation from the other elephants to avoid further attacks, with the zoo simply switching one form of her suffering for the other.

At times, Bamboo has socialized with a young male elephant, but this is no substitute for the long-term female companionship she needs.

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

By what brutal standards is this assessment being measured? Magnifying this unnecessary tragedy and negligence, the Oklahoma City Zoo failed to heed warnings that both Bamboo and Chai had been exposed to the Herpes virus and that importing these two elephants could introduce this disease to the resident calves, Malee and Achara.

Since Bamboo and Chai arrived, Malee died from the same strain of the virus, and Achara contracted but survived the virus. After being on our list twice, Oklahoma City Zoo, welcome to our 1 worst spot for your part in creating a devastatingly tragic outcome for generations of elephants. We ask that you listen to science and compassion; let beleaguered Bamboo live out her remaining days in an accredited sanctuary where she can finally find some peace.

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Barbara Baker How much more animal cruelty and how many more violations must occur until this dilapidated roadside atrocity is shut down? Asha is more like their cash cow, forced to give rides in the blistering summer heat to anyone who can climb up on her tired back.

Life for lonely Asha consists of complete isolation from any other elephants, coercion using bullhooks, and long, lonely winters in a barn.

Unaccredited roadside atrocities like Natural Bridge Zoo often fly under the radar, and keep some of the worst wildlife traffickers in business who get away with horrific abuses. This is the third year in a row that the Natural Bridge Zoo has been shamed on our list and it should by all counts be the last. Five Honolulu Zoo directors have quit in the past six years.

A former chief of the AZA even reported in late that the elephants were playing with a car battery that they had recently found or dug up. Hawaii voters recently approved an amendment to prop up the failing zoo through tax revenues. Honolulu Zoo expanded its elephant exhibit at a cost of 12 million dollars, but still made our list.

As we noted then, the enclosure was already outdated and far too small to meet evolving standards. The Zoo still puts elephants and keepers at risk by putting staff in direct contact with the elephants while brandishing bullhooks - which are nothing less than weapons- to control elephants through pain and fear.

zoo review meet 2015 oklahoma

Retire Vaigai and Mari to a certified sanctuary — a true paradise for these elephants. Lucy's Edmonton Advocates' Project Lucy is a year old Asian elephant who has spent the last 39 years living in one of the coldest cities in Canada.

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She is the most northern elephant in the world, and she has the arthritis, dental disease, and respiratory problems to prove it. Science has unequivocally demonstrated the devastating impacts from lack of same species companionship for such a highly intelligent and social animal. However, Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums continues to grant the Zoo a variance that allows it to keep a solitary elephant, and the government is failing to enforce standards that should be protecting her welfare.

Lucy remains, literally, between a rock and a cold, hard place.

zoo review meet 2015 oklahoma

Winter temperatures in Edmonton are regularly sub zero, and this year dropped to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Canada is no place for an elephant evolved for a tropical climate. This is the seventh consecutive year that Edmonton Valley Zoo has been featured on our list, and seven times too many for such egregious violations of elephant welfare. Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants Samudra is an 8-year old Asian bull elephant born at the Oregon Zoo in ; his mother, Rose-Tu was also born at the zoo in where she still is held captive.

Rose-Tu was severely beaten by one of the zookeepers in when she was just five years old. On multiple occasions inSamudra was observed isolated in a separate enclosure, even though he is far too young to be alone. During these times, he has exhibited indications of depression which is not surprising given the absence of elephant companionship this juvenile so desperately needs.

He was eventually forced to breed with both his sisters, Hanako and Me-Tu.

Tulsa, Oklahoma Zoo Monitor Lizard

Four calves were sired, three of whom died within 6 months, the fourth is still alive. Packy has spent most of his life alone, not by choice, but by force, as is true for most adult bulls in captivity on public display.

He suffers from devastating captivity-related conditions, including arthritis, joint disease, and a recurring round of active tuberculosis for which no effective treatment has been found. Packy is ill, he is isolated, and he is a tragic symbol of the lonely, disturbed life inflicted on bull elephants in zoos.

Bamboo at Woodland Park Zoo. Chai at Woodland Park Zoo. We are happy to announce that we have selected Oklahoma City Zoo, which best meets our criteria based on recommendations from animal welfare experts: In the wild elephants live in multi-generational herds, so we are delighted we can place them with a herd that includes younger elephants to which Chai and Bamboo can be aunties!

zoo review meet 2015 oklahoma

The herd at Oklahoma City Zoo includes multiple generations. Photo courtesy of Oklahoma City Zoo. We anticipate moving the elephants in late March to mid-April and are currently training Chai and Bamboo to prepare for the road trip. They will be cared for by some of the best elephant keepers in the country at a state-of-the-art exhibit.

We are absolutely thrilled. The Elephant Barn is 12, square feet with about 2, square feet of support space mechanical rooms, keeper work space, second floor officeand features eight separate stalls with different configuration opportunities plus a community stall with sand substrate. Their maturity plus experience with a baby will be valuable in broadening the social dynamics of our herd.

The female elephants at Oklahoma City Zoo. Oklahoma City Zoo currently has an Asian elephant family of four females and a male, ranging in ages from 2 months old to 47 years old: Moving Bamboo and Chai Woodland Park Zoo elephant care staff are currently training the elephants to prepare for the road trip.