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new directions meet warblers birds

He's not a baby bird, he can take care of himself. . He missed all of his New Direction's friends so much, even though he had only been away. Blaine 'Warbler' Anderson Blaine Anderson met Kurt Hummel in Season When Kurts canary dies Kurt sings 'Blackbird' by The Beatles in the birds honor. Blaine has a little bit of trouble fitting in with the New Directions (mostly Finn), but . Kurt tries to audition for a solo at a Warblers meeting, but is unsuccessful. The Warblers compete against New Directions and The Hipsters at Sectionals, where .

Without telling Kurt Blaine transfers schools, surprising him. Blaine tries out for a minor role in the school musical, West Side Story as to not hurt Kurts feelings because he wanted the lead. The directors ask Blaine to be read the lead of the musical and Kurt realizes that he should be supportive of Blaine and buys him a bouquet of roses to celebrate Blaine. Before the opening of West Side Story the student director talks to him and Rachel the female lead about having more passion.

Sebastian convinces Kurt and Blaine to go to a gay bar with him. Blaine ends up getting drunk and spends most of the night dancing with Sebastian. At the end of the night Blaine tries to have sex with Kurt while he was drunk but Kurt refuses and they end up arguing, Blaine leaves, deciding to walk home. After opening night Blaine is practicing a dance move he screwed up when Kurt interrupts. They have a deep heart to heart conversation about their relationship and their third on screen kiss ensues which leaves Kurt breathless.

He is constantly trying to sabotage the New Directions so they lose at Regionals. With Kurt being a senior and Blaine being junior there was bound to be trouble with Kurt graduating. He also goes out of his way to make fun of everyone for something, especially if he likes you or you are exceedingly smart. He really is joking, and he works at you, but he never really goes over the line. With him you can be a little late, but not too much, or you can be unprepared, and he'll allow you to go to your locker or the bathroom.

He's really just a good and sane teacher, one of the very few here," Blaine explained as Mr.

Blaine Anderson

Bressler and Jeff continued to argue. Life is so much easier when you accept that you don't have a soul. Then he raised his head with a grin. Bressler nodded for him to continue. Bressler laughed and grinned at Blaine. Bressler laughed and said, "Oh you will. What does the Administrative Committee of the Federal Register do? It was like a large group discussion, with Mr. Bressler firing off questions when the conversation began to go in circles.

Kurt knew some of the information, and had some points to make, but kept quiet until Mr. Bressler flat-out asked him his opinion, forcing him into the conversation. About an hour in, Mr. Bressler let them have a bathroom break. Most of the boys left the room, probably just to walk around or get a drink, but Blaine stayed, and Drew came over, plopping himself in the abandoned seat next to Kurt. Bressler had called him a 'Sally,' Drew seemed very much the athletic type.

Probably slightly shorter than Finn at about 6'1'' or 6'2'', he was well muscled and handsome, with short-clipped brown hair and blue eyes that looked right through you. We kind of suck this year though. We lost too many seniors, and got too many freshman.

It's a bummer too, considering this is the last year for a lot of us. I get it, none of my business, right? I got the exact same answer from this one when he first transferred," he said with a nod towards Blaine.

It's ridiculous," Blaine commented from Kurt's other side. He probably won't even have to audition. They know he can sing. Wes couldn't resist the idea of what a countertenor would do for harmonies, and David has a thing for cheerleaders," Blaine said with a smirk, making Kurt's head fall into his hands again.

It wasn't one of my prouder moments," Kurt said, head still in his hands. Go fetch my cupcakes," Mr. Bressler said, interrupting their conversation.

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We have work to do Sallies! Bressler's," Kurt added with a grumble at lunch. Other teachers would be fired for calling their students dirt bags. Sometimes I don't even know how he gets away with what he does.

It's probably because the students love him so much," Blaine said, leading Kurt towards the queue of students waiting for their lunch. There are always a bunch of options.

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She tapped a few buttons on the computer screen in front of her and said, "You're good. I have money," Kurt argued rather pointlessly as they walked over towards the Warblers. However, it's annoying paying if you don't have an account, and it's your first day. Therefore, it's my treat. Fellow Warbler, nice to meet you. Wesley, do not put that in Kurt's water," he directed quickly towards the boy who was holding a pepper shaker over Kurt's water bottle.

Come on Mikey, at least let us mess with him a little," Wesley said with a pout. Kurt rolled his eyes, and tapped the tenor on his shoulder. Wes put pepper in it. You're quite the soprano. You should sing something for us. Blaine, who he had come to think of as his guardian angel lately, did not intervene with this one, simply raising an eyebrow at Wes, and suggesting "Defying Gravity. Something has changed within me Something is not the same I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game Too late for second guessing Too late to go back to sleep It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes, and leap At this point about half the cafeteria had turned to look at him, because, while he was better with volume control then Rachel, singing a soft soprano was hard, and he truly loved this song.

With nods of encouragement from the Warblers, he continued to sing. It's time to try defying gravity I think I'll try defying gravity Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity And you won't bring me down! I'm through accepting limits, 'cause someone says they're so Some things I cannot change, but 'til I try I never know! Too long I've been afraid of losing love I guess I've lost Well if that's love it comes at much too high a cost Kurt's voice grew in intensity and volume as the song continued, the students assembled staring at him in awe.

I'd sooner buy defying gravity Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity I think I'll try defying gravity and you won't bring me down! Kurt cut the song a chorus short, and ended with a wail, hitting the High F perfectly, as he'd always been able to. He would never have to shy away from that note again. He realized, he was free now, to be whomever he wanted to be.

Everyone was clapping and cheering for him, not the big-nosed and fashionably-challenged female singer, but him! They hadn't gotten the chance to talk during Religion, another one of those classes that Kurt was actually in, because they had gone to the chapel for the Stations of the Cross.

Blaine spent the time actually involved in the activity, and Kurt spent the time rolling his eyes and resisting the urge to snort at the stories of the Great Sky Fairy. Most people probably thought we were having another impromptu performance, like Teenage Dream.

Do you know how many times we have randomly burst into song during lunch?

new directions meet warblers birds

No one will think anything of it," Blaine said with his usual confident smile. But now can I listen to the teacher while she tells us what chemicals were using, so I don't blow anything up? Kurt had already taken Chemistry at McKinley, though it wasn't nearly as advanced or hands-on as it was at Dalton, but a credit is a credit, so the class was pretty boring for him. He was mostly shuffled off to the side by Blaine's lab partner, Eric, who apparently disliked him on sight.

Kurt had decided to nickname him Lucifer, at least mentally, because he gave off the vibes that he would rather be dressed in all black than anything else. It also didn't help that Kurt didn't like him. He was far too hands-on with Blaine, which did nothing but piss him off the entire class.

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Blaine didn't seem to mind being pawed though, which annoyed Kurt even further. Thankfully, Chemistry was the last class of the day, so Kurt spent the entire 50 minutes thinking of painful yet fabulous ways to kill Lucifer and not get caught.

new directions meet warblers birds

At the very end of the day, Blaine grabbed Kurt's arm and dragged him to the Clerik building. It's almost comical how serious and different every single person you have met today will be different during rehearsals.