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saved by the bell new class swap meet

Swap Meet is the tenth episode of the first season of Saved by the Bell: The New Class, and the tenth episode overall. Guest Stars: Sarah. Weasel finds out he has a rare misprinted version of a comic book that is very valuable. After he sells it, Scott tries to get it back so he can sell it. Saved by the Bell: The New Class is an American teen sitcom that aired on NBC. The program first aired on September 11, , and ran for seven seasons.

Nicky arrogantly acts like he expects Katie to ask him to the dance, but she hasn't done it yet. Maria goes into the business of selling dating advice. Eric makes a play for Jennifer, but it's not working. To make Katie jealous, Nicky says he's got another date; Katie tells him that's good, go with her. Rachel and Ryan have their picture taken by Screech for the paper.

Rachel's head is cut off in the picture. Both of them say they are cool with their height difference but in truth it seems to bother them. Screech tries helps Ryan with a pair of platform shoes and a pompadour wig, but he just ends up looking foolish on a date with Rachel. The two decide to back out of their date to the dance, but they both seem reluctant.

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Maria advises Eric to feign interest in coin collecting to attract Jennifer. It works, and she asks him to the dance. Nicky learns from Maria that Katie doesn't have a date for the dance either, just like him. Nicky and Katie talk and find out they really wanted to go with each other all along but handled it all wrong. Maria has Rachel and Ryan fill out personality profiles and tells them to meet their new dates at the dance. Maria has only one unsatisfied customer, Fuzzy.

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When her own date Sean turns up sick, Maria is stuck with Fuzzy. At the dance, Jennifer turns out to be a lousy date for Eric, talking about nothing but coin collecting. It also turns out that Maria has a good time with Fuzzy. Ryan and Rachel arrive to meets their new dates and find that Maria has wisely paired them up again. The only other problem is that Mr. Belding messed up the order for refreshments because he refused to wear his new glasses.

Eric tries to impress Heather the cheerleader but she' not interested because he's a benchwarmer on the football team. Katie is excited that her old boyfriend will be in town next week, but Nicky is worried about it. At the game that weekend, Mr. Belding accidentally injures himself, a player and a cheerleader on the sidelines.

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From the locker room Screech watches as Eric is put in the game and scores a last-minute game-winning touchdown. At school Eric is now a hero, and Heather is suddenly interested in him. Maria and Rachel ask Eric to be the subject of their documentary. He agrees, but he blows them off to go out with Heather. Ryan begins to sell T-shirts autographed by Eric. With tryouts for a new cheerleader, Katie is too busy to spend time with Nicky.

Eric is plagued by a tough guy, Bull Grabowski. Maria likes Scott Miller, but he already has a girlfriend, Natalie. Screech gives citations to Eric, Maria and Ryan for minor offenses and makes them appear before the Student Court.

When the kids protest their sentences, Screech cancels the punishment but makes them into the new judges for the Court. The kids all abuse their positions on the court to help them win the Festival competition: Eric gives Bull a stiff sentence for chewing gum, Maria manipulates a breakup between Scott and Natalie so she can be Scott's partner, and Ryan "sentences" Nicky and Katie to detention in the gym so they can practice pool. Katie's a great pool player and Ryan makes a bet with some other guys in a game with her.

When Belding catches them, he sends them to Ryan for punishment, and he makes it clear he expects Ryan to do the right thing. When the case comes up, Maria and Eric are ready to let Nicky and Katie off with a slap on the wrist, but Ryan, the chief judge, overrules them and gives them the prescribed punishment of no extracurricular activities for a month, which means they will miss the Festival and Ryan will most likely miss out on a weekend in Catalina with Rachel. Maria and Eric agree, and they undo the unfair sentences they gave to their competitors.

Maria's date's father will be a chaperone. He's Paul Wilson, a big record producer, and Ryan has a plan to get him to hear Eric and his brothers sing at the Formal.

Maria and Rachel are super-excited about the new dresses they've bought for the dance, but Katie is beginning to feel ashamed because her parents can't afford a new dress for her this year. Peterson alters a dress of Katie's sister's, though, which Katie plans to wear.

Ryan engineers a breakup of the Bayside Barbershop Quartet who were supposed to be the Formal's only entertainment! Belding listen to Eric and his brothers. Belding gives them the job on the spot. Katie is afraid she will embarrass Nicky in an old dress. To raise money, she tells Screech she can fix the broken air conditioner that has been plaguing Mr.

Screech gives her the job. She and Nicky manage to fix it, but it soon blows up. Katie confesses to Screech that she did the job just for money to buy a dress. Meanwhile, Ryan has Eric do an audition before a fake producer played by Screech. Eric is stricken by stage fright even though he's just singing before Screech. He tells Ryan his voice is gone and he can't sing at the dance.

When Ryan and Maria tell him Mr. Wilson won't be there after all, his voice comes back. Katie decide she can't go to the dance, either, and stages a breakup with Nicky. Nicky tells Screech he was part of the air conditioner fiasco and Screech tells him about Katie wanting to buy a new dress.

The night of the formal, Nicky comes by Katie's house dressed in his tux, gives her a corsage and pleads with her to come to the dance with him. She is apprehensive, but agrees.

When she gets to the prom, it turns out that Rachel and Maria love her remodeled dress but hate their own new expensive ones. Screech and Ryan hide Mr. Wilson from Eric, and he and his brothers perform. But Wilson doesn't hear their performance — he's helping fix Belding's air conditioner! Katie and Nicky share a dance and a kiss. Belding to throw a post-mid-term party for the students but actually it will be a surprise 10th anniversary celebration for him.

Ryan, Nicky and Eric get a rude awakening in home economics class — they have to bake a lemon meringue pie for their mid-term grade.

saved by the bell new class swap meet

The boys buy a pie at the Max and turn it in. They get an "A" on it. Screech tastes it and gives them the job of baking a cake, Belding's favorite food, for the big party. Sean asks Maria to help him with his take-home Spanish mid-term. She agrees, despite her study schedule with the other girls. When Maria does study with them, her mind is still on Sean, who calls her up. She leaves to go out with him again. Rachel and Katie think he's using her.

The girls contribute money, but they want to buy Mr. Belding a tie instead. Sean offers to buy it for them. Maria trusts him and gives him the money. The boys make up some sample cakes for Belding to try and they're all awful.

They confess their deception to Screech, who is unhappy with them. The guys promise him that they'll come up with a cake, though. Now I have no qualms about admitting it: I am a certified geek. For me, geekdom started with two things: Star Trek and comic books. See, comics are an amazing storytelling medium.

They can bring stories to life in ways that no other media can. Comics are studied in universities today and the taboo against grown women and men enjoying comics is nearly gone. We open…with people pulling lots of random stuff out of their lockers for a school swap meet. Token Native American extra in the foreground seems to have a vacuum cleaner while the extra behind him has a sleeping bag.

And Lindsay has a pink stuffed monkey…Scott has t-shirts with holes in them… And Vicki has a hair salon dryer… That…gives scalp massages… Oh god…and Mr.

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Belding has mounted his goldfish for sell…. And Weasel has a collection of Slinkies that are all twisted together… Okay, why the hell do all these people have all this random junk at school? It looks like the prop department was just throwing everything at the wall this episode hoping something would get some laughs. Congratulations, they failed miserably on all counts.

Wait, more importantly, why the hell is a school sponsoring a swap meet to begin with? Do classes only occur when they conveniently do not interfere with plot points? Oh, and, yeah, Mr. Belding has really bad allergies now because it was needed for the stupid subplot and because sneezing is now considered the funniest thing on the planet.

And either Crunch never figured out the deception from the last episode or he discovered through his dates with Scott that he enjoys the love that dare not speak its name. Oh that hilarious sexual harassment. Makes no sense but it is ironic in light of what happened a few Superbowls ago.

Number one…is this really what the writers believe a comic misprint is? Someone had to draw that picture. Number two, even if it is a misprint, comic misprints rarely are worth more than the regular comic.

saved by the bell new class swap meet

In fact, more often than not, this causes a comic to decrease in value. Basically, this entire scene and plot is bull shit. If this comic got any more forced, I might have to beat my head against the wall. Their sole purpose, of course, is to try to use fucking as a means to get the comic back. We have an excruciatingly long scene that tries to force out more humor based on geek stereotypes before we cut back to Bayside.

We discover the Dorkman brothers sold the comic to Crunch to buy the girls lockets, which, like little bitches, they refuse.