Where to meet cougars in new york

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where to meet cougars in new york

New York, N.Y. bustling with trendy cougars on the lookout for single men participating in the See Also: NYC's 10 Best Rooftop Bars. This group is for older women and younger men who want to meet. If you are a woman who is looking for a younger, more energetic man then this event is for. Cougars and Cubs speed dating is the most exciting way for single older women to meet younger men in New York.

You might do the gentlemanly thing and even offer her your seat if you have one to offer, that is! There is a good chance she is a working woman and would love to get off her feet for a while. She may even be someone you have seen on a daily basis as you both ride to and from work.

Just cut your loss and move on. Cougar Life can save you a lot of time and frustration With a city so large there is really only one place that we can say you are guaranteed to find a lot of single cougars at any time, online. If you have not tried looking online you are doing yourself a big disservice. Cougars, especially the more attractive ones, have been giving up on a lot of the typical meeting spots and only looking for a guy online especially if they are interested in younger guys.

It can be hard to find a lot of attractive cougars on typical dating sites and few of them are interested in dating younger guys. Each year we test, rank, and review all the best sites for meeting cougars and Cougar Life has been the best for a while. Check them out, give their free trial a shot, and see how it goes. You have nothing to lose. When you talk about meeting cougars in NYC this is right up there at the top of the list, and for good reason.

If you are looking for someone older who has your taste in music pick a concert that advertises a band that you like and head on over. Anyone you meet is there for the same reason you are, so similar tastes in music give you something in common right off the bat! Meeting cougars in NYC at a concert is pretty easy if you have the right approach.

where to meet cougars in new york

Strike up a conversation while you are waiting in line-talk about the band you are going to see, why you like them-anything to get the ball rolling. She might even ask you to stick around once the doors open and you get inside! Meeting cougars in NYC may be easier than you think. Museums There are lots of museums and art galleries all over NYC, and most of them are probably places older women like to visit, so meeting cougars in NYC here may be an option for you. Ditch your ripped up jeans and t-shirt for the day and put on something casual but with a little class.

Stroll through the museum checking out the exhibits while keeping part of your attention on the other people wandering around, especially older women who seem to be alone.

You may see someone you would like to meet as she is admiring a piece of art or painting, and you could strike up a conversation about the exhibit. Something that makes sense, of course. Good grief-the secret to meeting cougars in NYC is to actually have some manners!

She is going to blow you off if you come across like some juvenile who is just looking for a quick pick up. Even if it is your nature to be blunt and forward this is not the time to act like it.

where to meet cougars in new york

So, if you have to play the game, do it right. Museums and art galleries are tasteful places for possibly meeting cougars in NYC, so have a little class. Coffee Shops Your chance of meeting cougars in NYC is great if you head off to a coffee shop or cafe. These places draw a crowd no matter what day of the week it is, or what time it might be! The only difference is that they are drinking coffee instead of alcohol so the atmosphere is really laid back…and a whole lot quieter!

Cougars and Cubs Speed Dating NYC

For some reason meeting cougars in NYC is a whole lot easier to do in a coffee shop think Starbucks, the Hungry Ghost or WhynotCoffee than it might be anywhere else. Older women seem more relaxed in this atmosphere and more apt to talk to you if you approach them. New York cougars love to hunt in packs in areas where young professionals come and go with regularity. You can spot them by their higher than average cleavage and pricey jewelry.

Look out for the sharp tap of expensive stilettos and clouds of Chanel No. Here is a list of the best places to meet Cougars in New York. Madam X — To Meet Cougars in New York City This bar has been dubbed the sexiest bar in the city so there is no doubt it will be filled to the brim with cougars.

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The outdoor garden is perfect for a smoke even in winter when it is kept heated. They offer a hookah experience on Friday and Saturday nights and private party rooms for special events.

Sumptuous seating in cushy Victorian couches and plush high-backed chairs makes you feel like Persian royalty.

Cocktails are modestly priced and there is entertainment every night of the week.

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Come for the cougars and stay for the comedy, cabaret and dancing the night away. This place is frequented by the classy, older ladies who love to dress up and enjoy the live music, the cocktails, and the dancing.

Where To Meet Cougars In NYC in 2019

Keep in mind that no casual dressing is allowed. Everyone has to dress to impress. The cougars in this lounge are the attractive, successful, classy, upper echelon type. It is the best place to find all the cougars who have it easy when it comes to dancing and having a good time. Their menu is varied and features fresh to plate food. The place has its rich history which part of the attraction for most of these cougars.

Lots of mainline celebrities began their careers in this lounge.

15 Proven Bars & Locations to Meet Single Cougars in New York for

You simply have to dress up, put on your a-game and be ready to be flirtatious and dance a lot. The best time to frequent the place is during the summers. At that point, most of the cougars prefer the bar inside. The mating game is often defined by cougars who are sampling formaggi or drinking red wine which is an invitation to flirt.

This place is often jam-packed with patrons and fine diners since it has no reservations. Ava Lounge Cougar bars in NYC are often located inside another establishment, and this is one of the finest.

You can see all the way to Times Square, in fact. Cougars will be gathered here to eyeball the young cubs and to have the pick of these eligible men before anyone else does! There may even be a bit of competition over which lady grabs you first. Cougar bars in NYC may be pretty scary places for younger men on the prowl, but you get used to it after a time or two of being out and about.

where to meet cougars in new york

Expect to be inspected from head to toe because these older ladies are picky and may be one of the reasons they head to this cougar bar in NYC. Stone Rose The Upper West Side is where you will find this small, but elite cougar bar in NYC that is a stomping ground to many attractive cougars on the prowl for a younger man.

Meet Cougars From New York

Grab a few of your friends and head on over to this cougar bar in NYC for a night of fun and entertainment! The atmosphere is friendly, the food is excellent, the music is great and there is a DJ playing all the latest hits so you and your cougar can dance the night away.

Cougar bars in NYC are great places to dine, dance and cuddle should you have a mind to, and the Stone Rose has that kind of atmosphere. As far as great cougar bars in NYC-this is one of the finest.

where to meet cougars in new york

Be sure to add this to your list of cougar bars in NYC to hit at least once. Hot cougar bars in NYC are everywhere, but these are some of the finest and most popular for a young guy who wants to hook up with an older lady. If you live in the city you will get to know your way around in no time, and who better to ask about cougar bars than your friends?

where to meet cougars in new york

If you are just in the city on vacation, visit one or more of the places on this list or get online and Google what you are looking for. Remember-have a wallet full of money for some of these places if you plan on having a real good time. The ladies here are not going to settle for a beer and a hamburger. They have much better taste than that, so if you want to live up to their expectations and strike up an acquaintance with one of them shake the moths out of your wallet, dress your best and get your dancing shoes on!