How did demri and layne meet the parents

Layne Staley & Demri Parrott – The Greatest Love Story Never Told – Ricky Rockland

I took some more pictures (of my pictures) of Demri Laynes the quality is sooo bad but she looks beauitul no matter. I hope you enjoy them. So, regarding Demri, Layne's choice of girlfriend was initially another means I could climb until I reach where angels reside and I would like Kathleen Demris mother who pulled us close and gave all her love and support. It is believed that Layne met Demri sometime in the. said about what little we know of Demri Parrott (born 2/22/68), except that she was practically worshipped .

I wish you were still here with us.

Layne Staley & Demri Parrott – The Greatest Love Story Never Told

I will forever cherish our short time together. I cannot imagine how you feel I have so much empathy for you. I get sick to my stomach when I read things about Demri that are her friends words but twisted around. Her true fans have compassion. Love you Barb Susan S I totally agree and share the love and respect… I am a recovering addict…this month I got my 6yr 6mo clean time!!!

It is even hard this far out but so freeing…I have terminal cancer and if I could I would have love to have given your daughter whatever it was in me to make this happen so she could be here with you… Addiction is a disease and one we need to address in this country very seriously without all the judgement…We shall just pray for all the negative talk out there if there is and the ironic thing is that it is those that judge other addicts that will discover it is in their own family!

Love and support to you and your family Maria See at 2: Is it possible to be Demri on the left? The girl looks like her. Robert I really appreciate this site. Being and ex-heroin addict myself, I know first hand the trials and tribulations that come with doing hard drugs, trying to keep a relationship going with my addicted girlfriend, and playing in a rock band, all at the same time.

I made it, but my wife sadly did not. She died last March. Thank you for sharing. Her father was not there, her mother had three little boys and maybe she was hurt, like many other kids wo live through divorce oder something like that.

Her mum was so young when she got pregnant with her.

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Also, some people were born with trouble or with a big hurt. I believe her uncle said she was a wildflower and landed in the desert — not a good place to grow for her! Before you post any other rude questions — imagine the pain YOU cause on her loved ones. Are you too ashamed to tell?

Laura Yes, something to think about. She fell through the cracks, for one reason or another. She wanted to be famous in her own right, but that never happened.

Instead, she got him hooked on it. Not me with the drugs, but alcohol, which is deadly in itself. I have no one. Going through this alone is too hard. Laura Sorry I bothered the group. No one knows what each person is going through. Also the help, from many, many people. Many have told me how pretty I am, at lbs to gain weight. But Demri was a great person, I also believe in people, meeting new ones, children especially like me.

Always relied on others, to help her.

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She never grew up. How ironic…treat others as you expect to be treated is still the best way to go about it. Or their friends, or families? Everyone has a story. How we deal with those is what makes us who we are. No need to rage here just because you had a bad day. She was sick from what she did, as was Layne. She introduced Layne to herion. A shame, maybe could have been an actress, which she first wanted to become, but never pursued after meeting Layne.

He became her crutch, in so many ways. I grow up in trouble, like everyone else I know — most of us end up with drugs. But bad childhood is no apology to fuck up life. In the end, nobody wants to die. Her friend Amber wrote a lot about her, especially the hospital-time. Some of Demris Art, her pictures and loveletters were stolen from Amber — she had them in a box, I think in Vegas?

She was pissed about a girl, who wait for her to die or to leave, so she can be with Layne Demri was worried about that. Some people are so obsessed of others, they stole their things, stalk them, think they ARE them. Like the people, who want to see private photographs of Demri or Layne — it belongs to the family.