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Dustin Lee Hoffman (born August 8, ) is an American actor and director. Hoffman is best .. Hoffman played the lead role in Outbreak (), alongside Rene Russo, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, Cuba . He appears in Little Fockers, the critically panned yet financially successful sequel to Meet the Fockers. How important was the circumstance that the properties of an atomic bomb were Importance of Training in Meeting Disasters They confirm, for one thing, the . In consequence, they tend to return too early to the scene of the disaster, and they very prevalent outbreak of incapacitating anxiety or psychosomatic reactions. Despite being the "son" of the Master, he despises his father intensely and so Vampire slayer, Gladiator, Indentured servant (Pre-Outbreak) . Quinlan encounters Ephraim Goodweather as he comes to the club to meet with Setrakian and Fet. Setrakian and Fet then arrive on the scene and disperse silver grenades at.

Namely, they have a tendency to act alone and seem to be gripped by madness. The two express that it's good that the madness does not apply to them. Quinlan later informs The Professor of an Egyptian hunter who buried a plague. Setrakian is then reminded of a reference to the seven plagues and it becomes clear that the plague is a reference to the Ancients. The Professor wonders how the Egyptian buried the plague and Quinlan explains that it does not say how.

Setrakian says that there must be some hidden meaning and fetches the Occido Lumen to discern from the real article. They are still unable to decipher the article and Setrakian begins to speculate that elaborate steps were taken to prevent strigoi from reading the book. Setrakian then realizes something and has Quinlan follow him to the roof. On the roof, Setrakian directs the article against the sun and more text begins to show.

The Lumen could only be read under sunlight to prevent a strigoi from reading it. For some reason Quinlan is reluctant to stand directly under the sun though sunlight is not fatal to him The new text reveals that the Egyptian hunter trapped the Ancient inside a box lined with silver and lead, thus trapping the Crimson worm inside.

Quinlan later asks Setrakian if he believes the Egyptian hunter really trapped an Ancient and Setrakian reply that he does as he had done something similar with a sentient strigoi when he was closest to mad.

Quinlan then appreciates the madness as they now know that the answer to defeating the master is imprisonment. Quinlan accompanies Ephraim and Dutch on their mission to obtain the Master's voice from the flight black box at JFK international airport.

On their way there they drive through a neighborhood where people are armed, looting stores and threatening people for food and money. They come across a family being robbed at gunpoint, Eph, and Dutch stop to help the family despite Quinlan's protests. The pair is at first outgunned but is saved when Quinlan kills three of the robbers. Once at the airport Quinlan acts as crowd control for Strigoi, while Eph and Dutch retrieve the black box.

While investigating if any of the Old World Ancients had come over to join the Master, Quinlan is tasked by Setrakian and Fet to meet with the New World Ancients to determine the suspicion. Quinlan is at first hesitant to do so but in convinced when Setrakian points out that he is the only one that can speak to them. Once Quinlan is at the Ancients, he tells them that he is there to ask them a question and perhaps to warn them.

He informs them of the recent developments and asks them if it's possible that the Master could have transported one of the Ancients to New York.

The Ancients confirm that it's possible. Quinlan then points out if the Master has formed an alliance with one of their kind but not them it must mean that the Master intends to kill them. He then proceeds to inform the Ancients that Setrakian has a plan to defeat the master without slaying him.

The Ancients are at first not interested but soon change their minds and say that they are ready to listen. Quinlan leaves to return with further instructions. Upon his return to the Ancients Quinlan begins to converse with them but is interrupted by the arrival of Eichorst and hundreds of Strigoi. The Master speaks to Quinlan through Eichhorst and says it is fitting that he is there to lay witness. The Master has Eichhorst arm a briefcase containing a nuclear weapon and then has his Strigoi swarm the Ancients, meanwhile, Eichhorst made his departure.

Quinlan proceeded to cut and shoot his way through dozens of Strigoi while escaping. The Sun Hunters fall quickly to the hordes but the Ancients kill many with ease, however.

Quinlan speeds away just as Eichorst detonated the nuclear weapon that releases a blast that kills the Ancients. Quinlan survived the blast and he returned to the club sometime later and informed the group of the Ancients death. The plan to imprison the master succeeds. The radio wave signal Eph and Dutch worked on successfully paralyzed the master who surprises attacks Eph, Dutch and the rest, by ambushing Palmer's envoy, killing all of his guards and skipping bodies from the last member of the Seal team whom he took after being forced to leave Bolivar's body.

Just as Palmer is about to use his proboscis the paralyzing effect of the radio waves sets in, the group use silver chains to imprison the master in his silver and lead coffin.

The master as Palmer was in a weak state as it takes time to adjust and re-energize when changing host. Nevertheless, he was too strong for the human fighters but not for Quinlan, who overpowered him. An enraged Zach unwittingly detonates the bomb by pushing a trigger just as Eichhorst instructed him to do. The detonation destroys many things and hurls the coffin through the air, enabling the master to escape once more. Season four opens with a nine-month time skip.

The group is in disarray and Quinlan keeps company with Vasily Fet. Quinlan is weary of Fet's efforts to find a nuke weapon. They're still hostile and taunt one another, while Fet display's his dark humor to shrug off his unlikely ally's ever-present serious demeanor. Quinlan, still in an infinite calm, but laments the lack of progress.

Quinlan continues to be the muscle of the group as his speed is rendering guns useless against him. He waits in hiding when Fet's attempts to convince a group of Caucasian, rural Americans to join his efforts in fighting the Strigoi. Due to his perceived Russian accent and the group's unhinged morale, they hint that they will rape the woman ostensibly Vasily's new girlfriend in his company.

Quinlan seems to be emotionally moved by Fet kissing Charlotte hinting that Quinlan might have experienced love in the millennia of his existence before he became jaded. Fet and Charlotte are later captured by a group of women. Quinlan tracks them to the barn where Fet is being held. When he arrives Fet and Charlotte are in control and accompanied by a fellow prisoner named Roman.

Roman works at a missile installation in the area and is willing to lead them there. The group is sitting by a campfire and debating how far humanity has fallen.

Fet says the master has truly knocked them down the food chain. Quinlan then points out that it was not the master that brought upon the night eternal. It was humanity with their weapons of mass destruction. The next day they arrive at the secret military base containing the missile silo. They find the place surrounded by corpses, human, and strigoi both.

meet the parents bomb scene outbreak

Fet throws silver grenades down the silo to make sure there is no strigoi. There was no strigoi, So Quinlan approached and took a look down the hole and found a warhead in place. Just as he commented on the good news he was shot by a sniper called Dukali and fell right into the silo. He survived the fall but broke his leg, Quinlan used silver from the grenades to seal the wound and used his sword as a splint.

All meanwhile avoiding bullets from Dukali. Fet climbed down the silo and warned Dukali that Quinlan would harm him if he did not surrender. Quinlan confirmed this and offered the sniper a chance to surrender, saying he would not kill him.

The sniper refused so Quinlan said, "so be it. Quinlan then used the rifle to kill Dukali, keeping his word in the process. After having retrieved the nuke, Roman discovers that the warheads pit assembly is missing, making the weapon useless. Fet and Quinlan, deduce that the pit must be inside the convoy that they had previously spotted and decide they must find it. The group has been scooping out nuclear silos in pursuit of a pit assembly, however, the Strigoi convoy has been ahead of them.

At on such silo, they scoop and watch as the convoy removes a pit assembly. They spot a strange type of vampire, Quinlan explains that it is a mongrel. The group decides to hijack the convoy but they are met with refusal from the scavengers as Quinlan has not yet fully recovered from his injuries. Charlotte convinces the band of otherwise by lying about there being silver in the truck.

Quinlan who in position to intercept the convoy takes out the SUV by slicing its tires. He then places himself in the middle of the road allowing him to pass safely under the truck and get to the top of the trailer.

The mongrel then gets on top of the trailer as well and Quinlan fights it with some difficulty. However, he lures it into a zip line set up by the scavengers that cut the mongrel in half.

Quinlan makes his way inside the truck and throws out the driver, assuming control of the truck himself. Later, Quinlan comes in at the right time to save Fet from a second mongrel by throwing his sword into its heart. When they open the trailer the scavengers are not happy to learn that they were lied to about the silver and plan to give them up to the partnership.

Their plans are however cut short as a strigoi emerges and feeds on one of them forcing the rest to flee. The group then unload the pit assembly before reinforcements arrive. Quinlan and the gang are planning to go to an airfield run by Dully a guy Roman knows to obtain a plane that they can take to New York.

During a conversation with Roman, it's brought up that Dully may not be reasonable but Quinlan is confident that he can make him reasonable.

Quinlan approaches Fet and Charlotte and asks to speak to Fet alone. Quinlan tells Fet that Charlotte can't come with them as she is no longer of use and Fet disagrees. It is hinted that Quinlan does not want her to accompany them as he wants her to remain alive. On their way to the airfield, the group receives a broadcast from the scavenger Ben warning them that Eichhorst is after them.

Once at the airfield, the group receives fire from Dully but Roman disarms the situation by explaining over the radio that they are there to trade. After some heat, they are able to trade their supplies for a plane. Fet then lets Charlotte go and Quinlan assures him that it was for the best and compliments Fet that she will not find a better man. When they are taking off Eichhorst arrives and he starts shouting at the plane with a machine gun mounted on Ben's truck. They are saved by Charlotte's intervention when she snipes Eichhorst allowing them to escape.

Fet is then happy to say that Charlotte proved Quinlan wrong by saving them but Quinlan is adamant that Fet saved them by leaving her behind. In the series finale, Quinlan and the Master finally get the confrontation they have been waiting centuries for. Quinlan is able to tackle the Master into an elevator, along with Zach, which drops them meters below ground.

Quinlan and the Master battle it out, with the Master proving to be far superior and stronger, however before the Master can land the killing blow against Quilan, he manages to pull out the Master's stinger, severely injuring him.

When the Master questions what he has done, Quinlan states, with a smile on his face that "I've won. The Master is killed moments later, after taking over the body of Ephraim Goodweather, when Eph's son Zach detonates the Nuke, killing himself, the Master and finally freeing the world from him and his Strain. Quintus Sertorius is the 5th member of the Born, and, as of the 21st century, is the only one that remains in existence. In his nearly two thousand years of life, he has primarily been a gladiator, defeating every human and every beast that was pitted against him.

As a hybrid, his body is free of bloodworms and so he is incapable of infecting other humans. He shares most other traits of the Strigoi, including the need to drink blood to survive but retains independent thought and human emotions, such as love.

His stinger is also much shorter than common strigoi. Quinlan also retains a human nose, unlike other Strigoi, all of whom lost theirs as they matured. In comparison to other strigoi, sunlight does not burn Quinlan but his skin and eyes are still sensitive to it. To operate in sunlight, he covers his skin with hooded clothing and has previously covered himself in some sand.

As his eyes are also vulnerable, he requires goggles to see properly in daylight. He is not immune to the effects of silver, however, and his skin will burn like any strigoi upon contact with it. Quinlan dons hooded attire to also conceal his less than human features, such as his pointed ears.

His physiology further mirrors the Strigoi as he is shown to bleed the same. This was shown in the flashback to Quinlan as a gladiator in the ancient Rome.

He calmly participates and parry's the thrust of another gladiator, easily wounding him. He does not show any relish, but, instead, shows disgust when he complies with the wish of the audience to slay the defeated gladiator by slicing his throat.

His true age is unknown, but he is speculated to be around 2, years old. In season 4 he mentions being "handling weapons safely for 2, years," which explains his calm demeanor and lack of emotional response to the human tragedy he has been witnessing.

His participation in the Gladiator games was recorded so that even Setrakian was able to identify him since Quinlan did not bother to introduce himself in the proper sense. Quinlan's calm demeanor is his most striking feature. He has no need to be aggressive towards other people, for most of his opponents have not been a match for his speed and strength.

A human with an automatic gun is no match for Quinlan, since his speed allows him to dodge the bullets, and his physiology can withstand multiple gun wounds. It is unclear what it would take to kill Quinlan but decapitation probably will kill him just like any other human or Strigoi, except the Ancients.

Despite his calmness, Quinlan displays anger and is about to engage the master in a melee when the Master gloats about Quinlan mother's murder the scene in the TV series implied the Master committed the kill, but it is later revealed that it was not Quinlan's true biological human mother but a woman who took care of him and who possessed knowledge about the Strigoi and the Master.

Quinlan has hunted the master for at least two millennia and possess knowledge about him that is only second to the other Ancients and surpasses the lore Setrakian gathered, which he acknowledges when he encounters Setrakian and Fet when they approach the Master's underground lair. He addresses Setrakian as Professor showing deference to him. Although Quinlan harbors a desire to kill the Master once and for all, he does not show any hatred towards the other Ancients which leaves room to interpretation to the mutuality of their relationship.

The film was widely praised by critics, but was overlooked for an award except for a supporting nomination for Chief Dan George. Hoffman continued to appear in major films over the next few years. Hoffman next starred in Lennyfor which he was again nominated for Best Actor. Lenny was based on the life of stand-up comedian Lenny Brucewho died at the age of 40, and was known for his open, free-style and critical form of comedy which integrated politics, religion, sex, and vulgarity.

Expectations were high that Hoffman would win an Oscar for his portrayal, especially after his similar role in Midnight Cowboy. Film critic Katharine Lowry speculates that director Bob Fosse "never gave him a chance" to go far enough into developing the character. It turned his life inside out," with shooting days often lasting 10 to 12 hours: But Fosse wanted to do it, and he wanted Dustin Hoffman. My wife felt it too. And I admired his guts. That intimacy is what an actor tries to get.

It occurred to me that if I had known him, I would have wanted us to be friends…and he was a provocateur, and I love to provoke. What is important is that Bruce's routines are so artfully reconstructed, the juice of his creativity so carefully strained, that the claim to genius is justified.

And for that Dustin Hoffman deserves full credit, vanishing into the Bruce persona to simply stunning effectiveness,… Hoffman captures the restlessness, the velocity of a man's mouth straining to keep pace with a jet-propelled intelligence… [37] Lenny was nominated for six Academy Awardsincluding Best PictureBest DirectorBest ActorBest ActressBest Adapted Screenplayand Best Cinematography.

Based on actual events, Hoffman and Redford play Washington Post reporters who uncover a break-in at the Watergate Hotel and end up investigating a political scandal that reaches all the way to the presidency. The film, as earlier ones, had Hoffman take on a dramatically different character than his previous one as Lenny Bruce. Author James Morrison compares the two roles: Described as "Schlesinger's thriller," by author Gene D. PhillipsHoffman plays the hero, Babe Levy, a part-time long-distance runner and graduate student, who suddenly finds himself being pursued by a fugitive Nazi.

In the story, Hoffman thinks his brother Roy Scheider is a businessman where the reality is that the man is a spy, who has been involved with the Nazi, Szell.

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I was called on, as the character, to fire point-blank at the Laurence Olivier character, Dr. Szell, and kill him in that last scene. And I said that I couldn't do it. Goldman was quite upset about it, because first of all, how dare I?

He wrote the book. I said, "Go hire someone else. Are you such a Jew? And that's important to me, that I didn't shoot him in the end. Being a Jew is not losing your humanity and not losing your soul.

He opted out of directing Straight Timebut starred as a thief. Hoffman next starred in Kramer vs. Kramer co-starring Meryl Streep and directed by Robert Benton. The film tells the story of a married couple's divorce and its impact on everyone involved, including the couple's young son. The film required Hoffman to change his attitude, from being a "desensitized advertising art director" into becoming a "responsive and concerned daddy" after his wife Streep walks out on him and their six-year-old son, Billy.

Hoffman, during the making of the movie, was also going through his own divorce after a ten-year first marriage. Hoffman has said, "Giving myself permission not only to be present but to be a father was a kind of epiphany for me at that time, that I could get to through my work.

I got closer to being a father by playing a father. That's very painful to say.

Dustin Hoffman

Children are more interesting than anything. I walk my younger child to school every day and I don't like leaving the school. I would like to sit down on those little chairs, at those little tables, and play. And a child's love is like a drug.

To have a child throw his arms about you—it's instant stoned. People talk about the rush heroin gives you: I would say children give you that rush. Kramer, Robert Benton made me emotional. He was pulling so hard for me.

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In TootsieHoffman portrays Michael Dorsey, a struggling actor who finds himself dressing up as a woman to land a role on a soap opera.

His co-star was Jessica Lange. Tootsie earned ten Academy Award nominations, including Hoffman's fifth nomination. Under direction by Sydney PollackHoffman's role demanded "a steady bombardment of opposites—edgy then funny, romantic then realistic, soft then quivering. He has the knack of making everything he does seem perilous, and so audiences feel protective of him and root for him. I like to be very prepared, and I feel that the success or failure of a film is many times determined before you start principal photography.

I wanted rehearsal very much. I was promised two weeks and was grieved that I didn't get it. We also followed the risky course of starting to shoot with a screenplay that wasn't completed. Hoffman first read the play at the age of 16, but today considers the story much like his own: I was the loser, the flunky, and my brother, a high-school varsity football player, was Biff. I read that play, and I was just destroyed by it. It was like finding out something terrible about my family.

I felt like my family's privacy had been invaded. I couldn't even talk about it for weeks. Cobband remembers seeing his stage performance: It was so vivid, so intense, watching Lee J.

meet the parents bomb scene outbreak

Cobb and his sixteen-inch guns as Willy. God, how I think about what I saw on that stage! God, I would have done anything to have worked with Kazan. Hoffman and Beatty play two down-and-out singer-songwriters who travel to Morocco for a nightclub gig and get caught up in foreign intrigue.

Much of the movie was filmed in Africa. However, Hoffman and Beatty liked the film's final cut and tried to defend it. Quentin Tarantinofor one, has called it one of his favorite movies, partly due to the humorous lyrics of the songs written by Paul Williams. The thing I love about Ishtar, - and I love it with all of its flaws - is that it has a statement to make.

It is far, far better to spend a life being second rate in something that you're passionate about, than to spend a life being first-rate at that which you are not passionate about. I thought that was worth making a movie about. They're middle-aged guys, and at the end of the movie they wind up singing " That's Amore " at a Holiday Inn in Morocco.

It's fair to make a movie about that. Levinson, Hoffman and Cruise worked for two years on the film, and Hoffman's performance gained him his second Academy Award. Behind Hoffman's motivation for doing the film, he has said, "Deep inside, Rain Man is about how autistic we all are.

I wanted to get inside where behavior, human behavior, was so exposed. All the things the rest of us were feeling and stopping up were coming out of these people. His eyes don't make contact with anyone else's, and he flattens his voice to a dry nasal bark. Having worked closely with Hoffman for two years on filming, Levinson offered some opinions about his skill as an actor: You can't define Dustin Hoffman, because he's unique.

He's one of a kind and he's not one character. There is no Dustin Hoffman. He is many, many people. He can do comedy and he can do drama. He has an enormous range, and yet he's still Dustin somewhere in there. He's intelligent and has a great sense of how to connect with people, because he's very interesting. On a day-to-day basis, he's like an actor who's making his first movie, with the enthusiasm and energy to want to make things happen and try things and experiment. The story centers on the estrangement between Vito Hoffmana middle-aged man trying to succeed in a legitimate business, and his "hopelessly corrupt but charming father," Jesse Connery.

Critics were mostly not impressed with the story, although the individual performances were praised, especially Connery's. I didn't know where it would end up, but Sean met Dustin improvisation for improvisation, and a great deal of richness and humor came out of it. Throughout the s, Hoffman appeared in many large, studio films, such as Dick Tracy where his Ishtar co-star Beatty plays the titular characterHero and Billy Bathgate co-starring with Nicole Kidman who was nominated for a Golden Globe.

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