Parent child blood type relationship compatibility

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parent child blood type relationship compatibility

For example, a man who has type AB blood could not father a child with type O blood The alleged father matches the child, since one of his markers is indeed 7. the existence of a genetic relationship between the two individuals (Figure 1) . Blood Type Chart - Mother, Father, Child, paternity determination. I got: Type A! Which Blood Type Personality Are You? B Positive Blood Blood Types Compatibility, Human Blood Types and the Genetics Blood Type Chart, O Blood. For example, parents with AB and O blood types can either have children with blood type A or b. As you can see, sometimes kids' blood types match and sometimes they don't. There are certain Gene-Protein Relationship.

What gives us different blood types is that this gene comes in three different versions: A, B, and O. In a simple world, the three versions would give three blood types and a child would have one of the blood types of the parents.

parent child blood type relationship compatibility

We get one copy from our mom and one from our dad. Each of your parents have two copies of each of their genes, and they each pass one down to you. Can you start to see how this may complicate things?

parent child blood type relationship compatibility

Since we get these genes from our parents, it is common to share certain traits with our parents, like blood type. Because we have two copies of the blood type gene and there are three possible versions of this gene, there are six possible combinations.

These are called blood type genotypes. They are all of the possible combinations of the two gene versions together. Ok so we have six combinations and only four blood types. Lets see why that is. Gene-Protein Relationship I told you there are all these different genes and that they come in versions.

Blood Types Tutorial

But what exactly do they do and what is different about them? Genes are the instructions for proteins. And different gene versions make different versions of a protein. Your blood type is determined by which of these proteins you actually make. This is why there are four different blood types. Remember our 6 genetic combinations, or genotypes?

Blood Type Genetics and Compatibility

Well, since O means no protein, here is how they break down into four blood types, or phenotypes: So AO is A blood type because it only makes the A protein version. Same thing with BO except it is blood type B because it only makes the B version. The O contributes nothing. Except, perhaps, in the next generation. A Punnett square is just a diagram that helps to organize all of the genes to figure out the likelihood for a certain combination of genes.

First, put the two ABO gene versions from one parent along the top like this: Here we made dad AA, which is his genotype, or his two gene versions together.

He could also be AO and still have an A blood type, like we saw above. To keep track of things, the A blood type will be shaded blue. We put her genotype in these two squares marked with the arrow.

parent child blood type relationship compatibility

For this to work, remember that we only get one copy of a gene from mom and one from dad. Getting a blood test done for thalassemia can prevent chances of babies born with any defects at birth.

Thalassemia is a condition of low haemoglobin and small-sized red blood cells RBCs which are decreasing in number.

parent child blood type relationship compatibility

Thalassemia minor patients are those with low Hb and small-sized RBCs which are increasing in size. Thalassemia patients have smaller RBCs but more in number than people who are iron deficient.

A child of two thalassemia minor patients results in a thalassemia major baby.

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Thalassemia major is a condition in which the child is dependent on blood transfusion for his entire life. Doctors say that a thalassemia major child has to get blood transfusions every month to survive. One can avoid this situation by getting a complete blood count test during pregnancy.

parent child blood type relationship compatibility

Experts suggest that two thalassemia minor parents should avoid child birth. This is because regular supply of blood for blood transfusion can be an extremely expensive task.

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