Rosario vampire meet moka parents

rosario vampire meet moka parents

Rosario To Vampire Meet Moka's Parents. Chapter 10 Meet the parents. "When meeting a dates parents small talk is unavoidable. As is the. Rosario to vampire ch 28 Hokii's lesson. Hello all I have rewritten chapter 28 and replaced it with something better! Cheers Dogsfang!. Rosario to Vampire chapter 8 Kokoa's invitation! I do not own Rosario to Vampire. "Sometimes you have to show them a little tough love.".

She had dark hair and had a witch costume on. Another girl had long, thick-sleeved shirt on with long striped socks. The most unusual thing about her was that she had purple hair.

rosario vampire meet moka parents

The last one had blue hair. She had on a skirt with a short-sleeved shirt on.

Rosario + Vampire Inner moka

The women smiled eerily as Mrs. Aono suddenly looked very tired as she remembered each of the girls in the snapshots. You wouldn't happen to know if any of them gave you their names did they? The girl in the long sleeves, her name is Mizore Shirayuki. The last girl in the short sleeves is Kurumu Kurono. All of them work with Tsukune in the Newspaper Club at his school.

I know that they" "Lets get a few things strait Mrs. Aono, this conversation never happened. This goes beyond the normal levels of state secrets. Now let's get something strait. I was never here. When your husband comes in you will not tell him I came here. If anyone asks you about me just say I was a tax advisor. You will not speak of this conversation again for the rest of your natural life. If, by some chance that you do, you will not like it. You will be arrested charged with violating a government agreement, disclosing and discussing a classified government matter and for intentionally violating and disclosing a mater of National Security.

Violating this agreement--" "What agreement? You should feel honored we had to have a special document drawn up and made just for you.

Opening it she brought out a folded sheet of paper. Signer will acknowledge the category or categories of information that he or she may have access to, and the signer's willingness to comply with the standards for protection by placing his or her initials in front of the applicable category or categories. I attest that I am familiar with, and I will comply with all requirements set out in the Youkai Information Act.

I attest that I am familiar with, and I will comply with the standards for being total oblivious to their presents, and the safeguarding of information as cited in this Agreement and in accordance with "Protection of Youkai Security Information. This also applies to creatures that have a partial human form as well. I acknowledge that the discussion of the supernatural with miner exceptions being given to Harry Potter fans, is henceforth prohibited. I do herby affirm not to discuss in public the topics of Youkai, monsters, mythical creatures, ghouls, wizards, witches or anything else that may go bump in the night.

Other Youkai Sensitive but Unclassified Information YCCI As used in this Agreement, sensitive but unclassified information is an over-arching term that covers any and all information, not otherwise indicated above, which could affect the national security of the country to be kept secret in the interest of Youkai national defense.

I represent and warrant that I have the authority to enter into this Agreement. I have read this Agreement carefully and my questions, if any, have been answered. I acknowledge that the briefing officer has made available to me any laws, regulations, or directives referenced in this document so that I may read them at this time, if I so choose. This goes beyond your level of understanding. Now if you will just put pen to paper I will be on my way. If I may offer some advice before you sign it.

It would be wise to do so especially for your son's sake. She delivered a powerful kick to Melissas' back. How about I show you the door! Moka fallowed this up by delivering several swift blows to her opponents head and stomach. Unfortunately the wall gave in under the strain of the fight and the two combatants fell into the next room.

The once green walls, chairs, table, and fine china of the sitting room was now covered with shards of wood, bits of paint and dust. If your going to cry to the moon tonight be my guest. Just not in my parents home! I know how about I really give you something to howl about! Moka ignored the mess as she again grabbed onto Melissa and brought her crashing down onto the glass. Moka then proceed to drag her across the oak table. The crystal and fine chine crumbled under the wolfs mass.

Pieces of wood dug into the fur of the werewolf along with the glass shards.

rosario vampire meet moka parents

Moka let her opponent drop to the floor like she was an unwanted bag. The vampire walked over the hole she and the wolf had made in the wall. She picked up a sharp piece of wood that stuck out like wicked looking stake.

Moka took it and walked over to Melissa who was now looking quite human. My father when he build the mansion had a great hate of your kind. So he figured out a way to take the Mistletoe plant and turn it into a type of liquid coating. He put this onto every board that makes up this house.

You weren't able to smell it because of the paint. All I had to do was wait for the moon to disappear. Once that happened your strength would disappear. I also knew that by throwing you into the wall, bits of wood coated with the liquid Mistletoe would get into your fur.

The shards of wood would bind your werewolf powers. But he slowly found himself looking up at the faces of his fellow classmates. All of them looked ready to kill. One boy grabbed his chin forcing him to look at the face of a blond girl. You peeping tom, you lecher! You have it all wrong. I wasn't looking in the girls' restroom I was-" Smack! A hard stiff wooden mop handle connected with the side of his face.

It left a deep black bruise fallowed by a large cut which left thin trail of blood going down his cheek. You stay there until girls come in and take pictures of them, don't you?!

The girl brought the mop down on Tsukune's face again. This time decorating his other check with both bruise and bloody cut. I don't know what you're talking about. Did you have fight with her? Did you hurt her?

Well, what do we have here? A peeping tom, or a very grave misunderstanding? Two pairs of glowing eyes appeared over the shoulder of the student who had just hit him. The tall bus driver wore his usual dark blue school suit and cap. His cigar tucked safely between his lips and the front two fingers of his right hand. The cigar smoke rapidly filled the room and it began to make several students cough from its fumes.

The Exorcist, who was also the chairman of the school, was dressed in his flowing white robes. He twirled his glowing white crucifix in his left hand. Tsukune remembered the two of them with a certain fondness, if a normal person could call it that. Of course Tsukune was far from normal. The Bus Driver had been the first person to greet Tsukune. He seemed to give a very cryptic form of advice to him each time he boarded the bus.

rosario vampire meet moka parents

However every year he always reminded Tsukune about the dangers of the academy and then asked Tsukune if he wanted to return home. However, it seemed to Tsukune that The Bus Driver wanted to confirm the belief that Tsukune wanted to stay at the academy with his friends no matter what. He looked down at his left arm which had the silver chain and lock wrapped around his arm. Each link of the chain had a cross imprinted on it which would act as a guard against his ghoul nature.

Tsukune remembered the day The Exorcist put it on him. It was shortly after transforming into a vampire by Moka giving her blood to him that the unimaginable rage of the ghoul washed over him. It was like passing out. The Exorcist placed the silver guard around his arm. Tsukune slowly felt the mindless rage of his ghoul form leave him and retreat into its place within the blood Moka had so willingly shared with him.

It appears that the detention rooms will be over flowing for the next four weeks! The Bus driver quickly untied Tsukune and helped him up.

Then someone saw him coming out of the girls' restroom and instead of listening to him, a girl labels him a pervert. The next thing I know the whole school is in an uproar. You have talent for causing trouble, kiddo. Either that or trouble finds you!

The two of them escorted Tsukune to the hospital room and to his surprise Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, Ruby, Kokoa, and Yukari where there waiting for him. Moka and Kurumu ran to him. They both knew the great risk that Tsukune took by staying at the academy with them.

Both girls helped Tsukune into bed. Get well soon Tsukune. Then again you're surrounded by six girls who will take care of you.

How could you not get better? Six days later Moka Akashiya walked slowly though the halls of Youkai Academy. The long pink hair that normally flowed gently behind her onto her shoulders now lay limp down her back. She looked down at the floor with a frown. Her unusual behavior did not go unnoticed by the rest of the student body. Considering Moka was easily the most beautiful girl in the Academy, it was not unexpected that several members of the male species went after her.

Did that jerk Tsukune hurt you? Please go away I want to be alone for a little while. Now all of you just go away and leave me alone! Granted it was in response to Moka's outburst. For it was a well known fact that she almost never raised her voice, except for when some stupid student had angered her by threatening Tsukune.

Then Moka would ask Tsukune take off her rosario and release her true form as a super vampire, according to the few students who had seen her transform and lived to tell the tale. She was an extremely intimidating sight. A massive surge of pink demonic energy transforms her outward appearance into her inner vampire form.

It would turn Moka's pink hair dazzling silver, and her soft greenish eyes a fiery blood red with narrow slit pupils. Her fangs would grow in size. However, this transformation is not what scared the students the most. What really frightened the men the most was the sudden change in attitude. Moka going from kind natured with a sweet smile to a bold women who wouldn't hesitate to beat everyone of them into the ground!

The silver haired Moka was often cold and merciless. It was there in the way she held herself up in a smooth self assured way. This new Moka walked with a confident swagger and a sensual sway in her hips. Also the way she spoke, almost as if she saw everything and everyone as beneath her. She was cold and reserved, deeply aristocratic, arrogant, and looked down on all creatures. Be it fellow student, teacher, or even the student police. It was another unspoken theory in the school that there was no one that she couldn't take down.

Yes, Moka Akashiya was both to be feared and respected by almost everyone at the academy. When she transformed she became dark, powerful, and menacing. So it was not surprising that when she screamed those words every male in her general area ran for cover, because they knew that whatever it was that made the "Outer Moka" angry, it was an unspoken assumption that it would make the "Inner Moka" furious. Most men did not want her to come out, because if she did, she would be more than ready to draw their blood.

So to both inner and outer Moka's relief the crowd of drooling perverted boys dispersed. We are superior to them in every way! Are you still struggling with the decision to ask Tsukune? Don't forget he has already been asked to marry by that stalker ice woman Mizore and her equally eager mother. To add insult to injury that frail, egotistical, succubus Kurumu had dared to claim that our Tsukune was her "mate of fate.

Naive one, listen to me, has Tsukune ever once shunned us because of our vampire nature? He was a little nervous at first … about me drinking his blood. Once he knew I cared about him. I love Tsukune for more than his blood. His blood was like nothing I ever tasted before, and I can't get enough of it.

His blood is him!

I think that it would help if that he knew that I don't see him as just a blood bank either. His blood is intoxicating and I can barely contain myself when I drink my fill of him. It seems that after I am done though I always crave more. One drink is never enough. Tsukune has happily given us his blood his life force.

The act of drinking creates an intimate connection between us and our Tsukune!

A bond that gets stronger every time we drink from him. A bond that goes far beyond anything that ice women or succubus wench can give him! Don't you dare tell me that you haven't felt anything because I know that you have felt it the same as I have.

The pull on the strings of our heart every time he looks at us, smiles at us, or we hold him in our embrace! The shudder of sensual pleasure he experiences every time we bite into his neck.

Every time he lets us feed and moans our names. Do you remember the last time you drank from him? The thick gray mists and moon light swirled around us. It covered the two of us like a blanket, hiding us from the outside world. For a few brief moments we could just be alone just Tsukune and I. It was beautiful no interruptions from anyone. No friends or little sister ruining our moment. Tsukune walked though the graveyard trying to find something beautiful about the numerous gray crosses and tombstones that littered the land.

Though I guess it's better if I don't find out. He looked around and thought about going in until he saw a figure sitting atop a rundown cross headstone. Moka brought her lips to Tsukune's.

She ran her tongue over it to seal them shut. Tsukune moaned as she moved playfully nipping at his neck leaving small red marks that would fade in the morning.

Moka then covered each mark with her tongue leaving a small trail of saliva in her wake on his neck. Tsukune was practically begging for release from her fangs and tongue. Moka settled on his pulse point where his shoulder met his neck and then she sank in.

The pink haired vampire was in heaven. Sure, she had sucked Tsukune's blood before but something felt different somehow. Neither she nor inner Moka had ever felt such an intoxicating desire for his blood. She dismissed the feeling, reveling in the taste of her lover's blood.