What to wear when you first meet the parents

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what to wear when you first meet the parents

How to Dress When You First Meet Her Parents. Congrats, you've managed to find the perfect girl! Everything is going well, you've met the best friend, and you. Meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time is a big step in a relationship. Nothing telegraphs more about your personality than your clothes. As soon as you meet the parents, look them in the eye, smile, and offer a. Ben Stiller met his girlfriend's family for the first time in Meet the Parents? The first time we met his girlfriend, she kept coming up behind him and . she showed up wearing only black leather boots and a tiny dress that.

It is crucial to present an honest portrayal, so do not push the limits of established personal fashion. Being relaxed in a striking shirt signals an attractively calm confidence. Shorts are also a bad idea.

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Truly, the only appropriate option is a pair of modestly professional slacks. It should not have to be stressed that the zipper should be carefully watched to avoid an embarrassing mishap. Also, buy a new belt. Pants should not be excessively tight or baggy.

15 Things You Should NEVER Wear When Meeting His Parents

Eschew gigantic buckles for something slightly more sleek. A massive emblem here shows confused priorities, and it attracts visual attention to a place that her parents do not need to be looking at. On top of this, make sure that underwear stays completely concealed. Shoes Do not wear an overly expensive pair of shoes. New shoes are not necessary, and it is a wise move to have footwear that feels familiar.

A few scuffs can actually showcase a down-to-earth nature. A simple pair of loafers is more than suitable enough for the job. Above all else, make sure to have matching socks underneath. Sandals are even worse.


If high class is needed, stick to streamlined leather. Snake skin and similar selections are too extravagant. Remember, do not upstage her father! Hats and Hair Generally, it is impolite to don a hat indoors; however, a classy headpiece can leave a lasting imprint when worn during an introduction. Sport caps are ill-advised, but fedoras and bowlers demonstrate smooth originality.

A considerate man should always be willing to remove his hat when requested, so his hair should be kept in a presentable state. It should be freshly washed and neatly combed.

If longer hair is present, it should be tied back for the first encounter. Facial Hair Unless given express permission, show up clean-shaven. If a man really wants to rock his goatee, just make sure that it is impeccable that day.

what to wear when you first meet the parents

Stubble creates an unkempt appearance that will deter parental approval. To be sincere and trustworthy, show off a sharp jaw-line.

What To Wear When Meeting Her Parents For The First Time

Stay away from noxious aftershave that can detract from the extra effort of shaving beforehand. This is also not the time to flaunt your figure or breasts with a sexy little number. Meeting at a restaurant will give more leeway when it comes to dressing up but keep the sexy numbers at home and opt for something a little sophisticated.

What time are you going to meet up?

what to wear when you first meet the parents

A casual brunch calls for a daytime, chic look. Evening occasions will be dressier, and this is where your LBD might be more well-suited.

what to wear when you first meet the parents

How do you want to come across? How do you show a bit of personality? The best way to show off your personality is through prints, accessories or clever styling. Not gaudy statement pieces or skin-tight garments. Think about how you can add an interesting twist or an unusual accessory to a classic outfit.

Looks like these are often admired and can act as conversation starters that may show an interesting side of you or prompt a story about your lie or experiences. Dressing appropriately is your first step to establishing a good relationship with his family. Avoid high slits, low cleavages, and ultra low open backs.

You want to wow them with your class and wit, and not show off your assets in a negative way. Now is not the time to wear your platform party heels.

what to wear when you first meet the parents

I recommend pumps, low or mid heels, or simple ankle booties for the daytime. Prim and proper is best. Wear your hair down or wear in a neat ponytail during this pivotal occasion.