Hector and the search for happiness ending a relationship

Hector and the Search for Happiness Quotes by François Lelord

hector and the search for happiness ending a relationship

Hector And The Search For Happiness And to break up the action, Hector's inner child makes the occasional appearance, alongside his. In the case of 's Hector and the Search for Happiness, Pegg's character Unlike Mitty, Hector is in a romantic relationship, with an advertising/marketing agent To a patient claiming to be at the end of her rope, he screams at her to cut. and the ending will be revealed for the movie - HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR He runs to return it and Edward decides to show Hector what his happiness is. . Hector tells Clara that smothering is mothering with an S. They break up.

He puts his practice and relationship on hold, apparently to try to live up to his heroic name. It is sad—and maybe even sexist—to see her left behind while he goes on this philosophical quest.

Partly due to his inability to return borrowed pens, Hector makes friends with all sorts: On the plane to China he very slowly and awkwardly befriends a wealthy and extremely grumpy businessman Stellan Skaarsgaard. Predictably, for Hector the alluring hedonistic glitz proves empty and harshly disappointing the morning after; the willful ignorance of the partying life is not bliss, and so the search continues.

There is wisdom and contentment out there in them thar hills somewhere, usually represented by free-flowing Buddhist prayer flags and maybe a few giggling Buddhist monks to offer guidance and a living embodiment of contentment.

Cold thin air does allow for purifying breaths.

hector and the search for happiness ending a relationship

Of course, even the remote monastery that Hector visits must have a satellite dish and skype, probably to not alienate Westerners viewers averse to imagining even a single day without any gadgets. He must dive into life. The answer instead seems to be clarity and public service: He is welcomed to an extended family dinner more of an exuberant community pot luck by some of the locals.

Good food, good company, and soon after he discovers the simple pleasure of surviving in an incredibly dangerous environment. Under torture, Hector admits that he is not researching what makes people happy, but rather if he himself can be happy.

The message at this point in the film regarding relationships is of rationality: Does this person bring you predominantly up or down? Hector is not yet able to answer one way or the other regarding Clara. Monogamy seems like a cop-out to the adventurer on a quest. Friends are fleeting, relationships are quickies or non-existent, the food consists mostly of greasy spoons. There is no home, no hearth. Committing to the hobo drama is not really for adults, at least not ones that want to hold onto their sanity.

One must settle down unless the plan is to go out quickly in flames. Hector is finally decisive and ready to embrace adult love, work, play, and the randomness of life with childlike heartfulness. The two are sitting in business class; Hector is happy with this, but Charles is not because he has previously sat in first class. Hector learns his first happiness lesson with Charles, as Hector notices that making comparisons can ruin someone's happiness. Once he arrives in China, Hector enjoys dinner with his old friend Edouard, a successful businessman who is in the banking industry.

The two drink some wine at dinner, then Edouard takes Hector to a dark, quiet bar, where Hector meets Ying Li. Though he is in love with, and in a relationship with, Clara back home, Hector becomes enamored with Ying Li. He is enthralled by their conversation and doesn't think twice about it when she comes up to his hotel room and they engage in intercourse.

hector and the search for happiness ending a relationship

The next morning, however, Hector finds out that she's an escort, and his joy from the experience is dampened.

Hector spends that day walking by himself and traveling by train up a nearby mountain. At the top of the mountain he sees a sign for the Tsu Lin Monastery, at which he meets the old monk. Hector and the old monk share a deep conversation about religion and happiness. Hector wants the old monk to share the secret to happiness, since the old monk is obviously well settled and contented with himself. However, the old monk instead asks Hector to come back at the end of his journey.

Feeling lighter, Hector goes back down the mountain and has dinner with Edouard in a cafe outside of Edouard's office building.

Film Review: ‘Hector and the Search for Happiness’

Here, Hector observes many happy and unhappy people and decides that if he wanted to open a psychiatry office in Hector's office building, he would probably do very well because of all the people who leave the building looking miserable. Still while in China, Hector has a second encounter with Ying Li.

hector and the search for happiness ending a relationship

It's less joyful than the first time, but far more intense. After his time in China, Hector goes to Africa. On the airplane ride to Africa Hector meets Marie-Louise, a woman who lives in America but is traveling back to her home country.

The two talk about psychiatry, since she is a psychiatrist also. Marie-Louise invites Hector to her family's home while he's staying Africa. Once off the plane, Hector meets up with his host for this country: Jean-Michel, a friend from long ago. Jean-Michel teaches Hector about some general living in Africa, including the fact that they need a bodyguard just for everyday protection.

At the bar at his hotel, Hector meets Isidore the barman and Eduardo the drug dealer, with whom he becomes regular friends. Hector learns a little bit about the drug-dealing industry from Eduardo, and Hector gives Eduardo the name of a medication for his depressed wife to try, since her current medication isn't working.

Movie Spoiler for the film - HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS

Hector enjoys a dinner at Marie-Louise's family's house. They discuss the country, happiness, Hector's investigation, and family matters.

After drinking more alcohol than usual, Hector takes a car with chauffeur and bodyguard back to his hotel. However, Hector falls asleep and when he wakes up realizes he's been accidentally kidnapped by two criminals who thought they were just stealing the car. The two criminals bring Hector back to their boss, who stays in a nice house with fine things and beautiful women.

They lock Hector in a storeroom while they debate what to do with Hector. After Hector slips them a note telling them they should talk, he tells the criminals that he knows Eduardo the powerful drug dealer and hasn't gone to the police.

hector and the search for happiness ending a relationship

After learning this and sharing his notebook filled with lessons in happiness with the criminal boss, Hector is let go scotch-free. Upon arriving back at Marie-Louise's family's house, they throw him a party for the mere fact that he survived a kidnapping.

Hector then travels to America, the country of More, as he calls it. America is never specifically named, but the reader can assume it's America based on Hector's and the narrator's descriptions of the culture and environment.

Hector is looking forward to meeting with a professor of Happiness Studies at a university.