My girlfriend said shes not ready for a relationship

My Ex Girlfriend Is Not Ready For a Serious Relationship

my girlfriend said shes not ready for a relationship

Thread: Girl i was dating said she's not ready for a relationship. No pics* Now she won't even reply to my texts and is mad at me. Wat do?. Swipe Right is our advice column that tackles the tricky world of online dating. This week: Eva advises a lovesick man to put himself before his. A couple of months ago, this girl and I had feelings for each other. But for some reason we stopped talking. We go to the same university and.

NOT READY! Relationship Advice

The breakup probably came at a time where both of you both really needed it. Its likely that neither of you realized it at the moment.

But, hey, knowledge is knowledge, right? This advice comes in two-fold because there are two ways you can be there for her. The second way is by making your presence known to her, which is your fallout plan when she tells you to give her time and space. Just be there for her.

3 Ways To Understand Her When She Says She Is Not Ready

If she needs advice on financial stuff — be there for her with answers or advice. If she needs a ride because her car broke down — be there with a ride. But more than that, your ex might be going through some issues herself. The thing to keep in mind here is to help your ex stabilize her emotions and situation and give yourself time to stabilize yours too, so you both can have a clear mind before re-establishing your relationship.

She just said that! If you know this already, then boy, are you one step ahead. The most popular way you can do this is sharing on social media. Go out with the guys for the night. Watch a game together. Hang out with your family. Post those pictures up, Snapchat your night out, and even write status about it on Facebook and tag your friends and family. It might elicit some jealousy from your ex, which might help her make that decision faster.

I should warn you fairly right here and now to be careful how you choose to do this. So, if you decide to do that, good luck getting out of that one. Like I said, we women are emotional and we always need reassurance. Which is really reassuring for her. Not to mention, it will steer her towards checking up on your social media. You could be having the best time with this girl, and then she drops that bomb… Where did it even come from?

Well, it could be a few things.

What Does It Mean When She Says She’s Not Ready For A Relationship?

You maybe read into things and assumed they were more serious than she wanted them to be. If this is the case, then you would probably be doing yourself a favor taking the hint.

This is of course confusing because you were already in one and things seemed to be going fine from where you were standing. The fact is, she might not have been feeling so fine about it. This is not the easiest thing to accept, but handling this scenario calmly and maturely will go miles in the end. Again, back to the timing thing.

my girlfriend said shes not ready for a relationship

Are you seeing a pattern here too? Playing hard to get is a subtle art. Does she still text you frequently and ask to make plans?

my girlfriend said shes not ready for a relationship

These are classic tells that give you a hint that she might just be playing hard to get. If you play hard to get in return, you will be flipping the script and get her to pursue you instead of you having to do all the heavy lifting.

Pretty soon those texts checking in and trying to indirectly see if you might bump into each other over the weekend will lead to her pursuing you full on. Understand Where Your Ex Girlfriend Head Might Be If you are going to take anything from this article then it should be that in all of these situations the key is being able to understand context and timing. What can I do to change her mind?

Girl i was dating said she's not ready for a relationship. No pics* - Forums

She could have kept you in the dark and led you on, or simply ghosted you without any explanation. When in doubt, just take a step back and put the situation out of your mind for a while. All you can do is control your behavior, so focus on yourself and the rest will fall into place.

my girlfriend said shes not ready for a relationship

I want to know three things: