Relationship questions for black men

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relationship questions for black men

at the Black Women's Expo. This year, eight Black men from all walks of. of “ Ladies Let's Talk! Relationship Real-Talk: From a Man's Point of View.” . Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Your top 10 questions about relationships are now revealed! Join the Six Brown Chicks and these six real men at the Black Women's Expo on. Let's take a stab at answering The Frisky's '40 questions women in new relationship have.' Straight from the mind of a man.

But will she beat him over the head with her religion every chance she gets? Will she require every date and every conversation to be consumed with her love of the Lord? They share that they want her to have more to offer and to discuss besides all things church.

Although spirituality is most often a plus with these fellas, they would rather you showcase the characteristics and hobbies that make you unique in addition to your love of God.

He wants to know you can be strong when needed but also his fun, spontaneous, sexy woman he can unwind with when the two of you are together enjoying each other. They want to know more about you early on and what makes you tick. Try to start off every new relationship with a clean slate; give him a preview of who you are at your core and welcome him to get to know more and more of the real you.

Our Black men tell us the most attractive thing about a woman is her confidence, no matter what size she is. If she likes it and looks and feels beautiful, he loves it. Stop pointing out all of your flaws. We say, own it, sis! They ask us things like: Will she have my back? If you could take out three things before the fire started, what would they be? Assuming all your loved ones are out of the house before the fire starts Does any particular season make you happier than others?

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If so, do you know why? When you are sick, do you like to be alone or do you like to be taken care of? What is the most thoughtful and caring thing you have ever done for someone else?

relationship questions for black men

If you had to be a different nationality, what country would you like to have been born in? Are you a morning person or a night person? Do you think you would prefer a calm and consistent marriage or one that was full of excitement and adventure but also rocky moments? Do you think you are a typical person in the way you think, act and behave?

Do you tend to analyze your decisions before you talk about them or do ideas and thoughts blurt out without much thought? Would you be best described as a peacekeeper or a troublemaker? What type of social gatherings do you prefer — small groups or large parties?

Do you like to be the life of the party or do you prefer intimate one-on-one conversation? Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? Does it change, depending on the crowd? Do you ever lose your temper? How does it show itself? Do you give money to homeless people? Why or why not? Do you currently believe that you are mature and experienced enough to be able to build and maintain a successful marriage?

When did you feel you were ready or when do you think you will be there? Which do you believe should have the final say in decision making — logic or emotions? Under what circumstances do you feel most at peace? Men, what do you think is the best thing about being a male? Women, what do you think is the best thing about being a female? What five things have you done in your life that you are most proud of? If your partner had a one-night stand after drinking too much how would you react?

Could you forgive him or her? Are you able to keep secrets? Is this a hard thing for you to do?

relationship questions for black men

Do you think luck plays a part in your life? Do you find it difficult to compromise on things? Do you have an idol? Do you try to model yourself after him or her in some way? Did you have a point in your life where you turned your life around?

How do feel about your spouse reading your private email or text messages? Do you usually ask for help or support, or do you prefer to fail all on your own? If you had massive financial losses and had to sell all of your possessions including your car and home, what would that do to your self-esteem?

How do you react when someone close to you disagrees with you? Do you enjoy debating others? What is your greatest disappointment? Which topics do you feel qualified to give advice? What do you think I could do to enjoy my life more? What is a talent that you wish you possessed? Do you write important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries in your calendar? Do you usually remember those dates? Are there any traits I possess that remind you of your father or mother? Do you have a good relationship with your family?

Would you say your family is dysfunctional? Conclusion The purpose of the above questions for couples was to help each spouse support the other and to ensure each partner gets their emotional needs met by the relationship.

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If your boyfriend knows ahead of time that you stomp around the house in a confrontational mood when upset and finds that behavior upsetting, he can consider leaving the area for awhile to de-escalate the situation.

This is not to say that couples need to walk on eggshells around each other, but that sometimes we each need our space to have the reaction we are prone to have anyway.

The information that comes up in these discussions may not influence your decision about whether to get married, have children, or move in together. Those may be decisions that you have already made before asking these questions for couples.

However, the information that you share with each other can help you learn how to avoid repetitive disputes that are never resolved.

Black Men Answer Relationship Questions

As the saying goes: Ready to discover something new about each other? This section is sure to uncover it. Who is your favorite musical artist or group? What is your favorite fast-food restaurant? How often do you eat there? Do you have a favorite movie? What meal would you eat most often if you could? What is your favorite snack food? Do you have a favorite and least favorite day of the week? Why do you feel that way?

What is your favorite time of day? Conclusion A couple may not have the same favorites when it comes to food, music, activities or any number of things. In fact, it would be rare to find a couple who did have the same favorite things across the board. What fun would that be anyway? Couples are made up of two people with two separate backgrounds, upbringings, and life stories.

Shockingly, many couples never discuss this until the moment that someone walks in the house with a puppy lol. Owning animals is something that is near and dear to a pet lovers heart. In fact, it actually boosts their happiness and quality of life. So one partner loving pets and the other partner not liking pets can cause a lot of friction in relationships. The following questions will cover pet preferences, pet care and other aspects of pet ownership.

If you could have any pets you wanted and had space, money, and time to properly care for them, what pets would you have? Are you allergic to animals? If your spouse was allergic to your pets, would you be willing to give them away to a good home? Are there any types of pets that you refuse to live with snakes, rats, etc.

Do you allow your pets on your furniture? Do you get your pets neutered or do you allow them to keep producing litters? What do you do with the babies? Do you think that it is cruel to keep a dog in a cage or tied up most of the day? How do you feel about dogs that are bred to attack Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, etc.

Do you take your pets with you on trips and vacations with you? If not what will you do with the pet while away?

Do you have a preference for cats or dogs? Who will have the main responsibility of cleaning up after and taking care of the pet? How do you feel about getting dogs professionally groomed? If we purchased a pet and later broke up, who would get to keep the pet?

How do you feel about pets sleeping in the bed? Conclusion Do you like pets? Does your boyfriend like pets? Could pet ownership be a deal breaker? This section was included in these questions for couples because of how strong of an issue this is.

For some people owning pets is a part of their core foundation as a person. But on the other hand, some people are disgusted by the very idea of an animal being inside their home.

Many people are shocked at how much havoc this can cause in a relationship until it happens to them. Could attitudes this far apart be resolved? Will you be disgusted when your boyfriend invites the dog to sleep at the foot of your bed or lets the cat eat off of his plate?

Even between these two extremes, there are still many issues that can become contentious. One of them relates to money. How much money is okay to spend on pets? A couple needs to be on the same page when it comes to pet ownership.

During the initial stages of a relationshipyour partner is attracted to you and everything about you and vice versa.

This can quickly become a frequent source of arguments and disdain. In terms of style, the way you dress for certain occasions, your love of tattoos or the way you wear your hair. Would you want your partner to tell you? What first attracted you to me? How has that one attraction changed since then?

Would you want your spouse to talk with you first before they dramatically changed their hairstyle or facial hair? If your partner asked you to shave or not to shave face, underarms, legs, pubic area would you do it?

What is your preference for significant those areas? What physical or personality trait do you think makes people first attracted to you? Do stylish clothes, fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, etc.

Do you feel like you need to dress sexy? Do you think that people who dress sexy are sending the message that they are interested in sex? If you suddenly became blind, how would your idea of the perfect spouse change?

Do you like the way I dress? What changes could I make that would please you? Which do you think you would rather have: Or an ordinary looking spouse who was amazing in bed? How would you feel if your mate wanted to wear matching outfits or dress like you? Do you fear looking older as you age? What outfit of mine is your favorite? How do you feel about plastic surgery and Botox?

relationship questions for black men

Would you consider getting any work done? Name one or two minor changes I could make to my appearance that would make me more attractive.

Do you find tattoos attractive? How many tattoos are too many? Do you think having tattoos looks unprofessional? Do you think it could hinder a person professionally?

Do you think I dress husband or wife like? How would your ideal husband or wife dress? Can you Google a few images of celebrities dressed the way you would want your ideal partner to dress? Conclusion These are some critical questions couples should ask, especially before things get too serious.

So many women email our site because their boyfriend or husband says they dress too provocatively… But they were dressed like that when they met them! Most of us would be willing to make minor changes to please our partner if the request is made in the right way. However, some things about our style are a part of who we are as a person, so we are unwilling to change it. Determine these things early. The way one partner dresses and the other partners lack of acceptance for it has been at the root of more breakups and divorces than we can count.

This chapter will keep you from joining that majority. Here are 20 health and fitness questions couples should ask. What are your feelings about recreational drugs?

Have you ever taken any and if so, how long did you use drugs? Do you still use them? What are your feelings on second-hand smoking? Would you let anyone smoke around your children? Have you ever dealt with depression? If so how long did it last and what caused it?

Have you ever had thoughts of suicide?

relationship questions for black men

Do you smoke tobacco? Do you think tobacco should be banned? Do you think marijuana should be legalized? Do you have any special dietary needs? Do you have any phobias, fears, or concerns, about doctors?

Do you ever binge drink? Do you get regular medical check-ups?