Relationship scrapbook examples for school

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relationship scrapbook examples for school

Shop for beautiful scrapbook albums and refills that are perfect for storing your cherished memories. Display your Investor Relations. Investor Overview · Press. See more ideas about Couple scrapbook, 10 years and Boyfriend crafts. Layouts Friends, Best Friend Scrapbook Ideas, School Scrapbook Layouts. Explore Beth Fuentes's board "Couples Scrapbook" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Couple scrapbook, Gifts and Boyfriends.

The child's handwritten name 3. Journaling that includes the name of his teacher and best friend, his favorite subjects and a statement that reflects his general attitude toward school that year. The right side of the school spread has a collage of five or six photographs that seem to represent that particular school year. Julian says, "I try to capture the style of school clothing and include photos of a school program or field trip along with one or two other major activities or events.

Romantic and Fun Ideas to Make a Scrapbook for Your Boyfriend

I might also include some journaling that lists the highlights of the year. For the life spread, you may want to consider using several photos and captions from the following list: A photo of your child's best friend. One or more photos from major holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and his birthday that year 3.

A photo depicting a talent or hobby, such as a team or individual sports photo. One or two photos from major family events, such as new babies, wedding and reunions, etc. One or two family relationship shots. One or two personality shots that seem to really capture the child's interests, attitudes or achievements. With the rest of your photos, Julian suggests, "You can take all the additional photos and slide them into photo albums, or use them to tell a more detailed story of special times in another album.

It's a great gift idea for your boyfriend!

relationship scrapbook examples for school

If you're ready to be engaged, then, on the second last page, you can write a small note about your wonderful time together and end the scrapbook with a blank page except for a simple and quite logical question, "Will you marry me?

Ticket stubs, dried flowers, paper napkins with secret notes, love letters, chocolate wrappers, gift wrapping paper, etc.

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It's time to get them out of that box. Make a wonderful scrapbook with all the tiny things that remind you of him. Mention what each thing represents and he'll be pleasantly surprised at the things you've remembered and preserved!

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Favorites You'll definitely know what his favorite 'everything' is. Make a great scrapbook of all these favorites! Things that you can use in this scrapbook could be his favorite movie's DVD, lyrics of his favorite love song, a CD with all his favorite songs, his favorite picture of the two of you together, favorite actress' picture, his pet, his favorite family picture, something in his favorite color, his favorite quote, his first visiting card, and many more!

So how did you like these ideas? There are so many different designs and supplies that you can choose from these days. Any stationery store is sure to have a variety of embellishments that you can use to beautify your gift.

Keep the scrapbook personalized by writing whatever has to be written, by hand.

Romantic and Fun Ideas to Make a Scrapbook for Your Boyfriend

Decorate it in neutral not dull colors using neutral decorative articles. It would be so much fun! You can include things like leaves, sand, clouds, stickers, or stones! Anything goes with this design. This is also perfect for a DIY birthday scrapbook.

An interesting trick to add to your scrapbook ideas, right? Simply fold a patterned paper in half and partially punch the heart shape. Add a little twine to make the body and antennae.

Don't throw them away. Make them useful by turning them into these adorable chevron pattern designs. Simply cut patterned paper into strips and segments, and line the paper pieces to create stripes on your scrapbook page. One of the most wonderful scrapbook ideas! Faux-Quilting Technique Faux-Quilting Technique Photo by Creating Keepsakes If you don't want to make a chevron pattern, here's another brilliant idea on how you can use your paper scraps — faux-quilting technique.

Simply adhere your patterned paper squares with dimensional adhesive to create a quilted look. Then, stitch the squares to the page and rough up the edges to get a bit more of a fabric feel. Repeat the process until you achieve a full paper quilt.

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Embroidered Map Embroidered Map Photo by Practically Functional This was done as an artwork but why should it stop you from stealing this idea and adding it to your scrapbook? Then, sew the map along the route using a back stitch.

relationship scrapbook examples for school

Finish off by embellishing the map with an X at your destination. Turn plain paperclips into wonderful mini hangersmake a few, and add it as a cool embellishment to your scrapbook. To make mini hangers, you only need paper clips and pliers. All you need is to extend the paper clip and bend it accordingly. Then, use your pliers to make a hook. Isn't this one of the most ingenious scrapbook ideas?