Staying in a relationship for convenience of work

staying in a relationship for convenience of work

She's been going through a job transition, so she and her husband are both But, before you divorce from the marriage of convenience, look around your shared of marriage, rather than your dream or your spouse, you might be able to stay. For some, being in a relationship of convenience is perfectly fine for where they' re at in life. Couples who are in love stay engaged and make it a point to them, so a little work can turn it around if that's what you really want. We're basically living together because I spend every night at his place after I get off work. He's slept with other women while we were in the.

staying in a relationship for convenience of work

For many people, being in a convenient relationship is perfectly okay for the state they are in. They believe that having a companion is easier than having emotional and deep attachments with someone.

Relationship Advice: Telltale Signs Your Relationship Is One of Convenience

There is nothing wrong with being in a relationship with someone for convenience, and with the world we live in, this kind of relationship is very common. So how can it become a problem? Problem with a relationship of convenience This kind of relationship is problematic when you are no longer happy.

When you start searching for a deeper and more meaningful connection, this relationship will no longer work for you.

Differentiating Between Love and Convenient Relationship

Couples who are in love have completely different actions from the couples who are in their relationship for convenience or need for one another. These differences are so obvious that they can be seen very clearly if only one is aware of what and how to look. Sometimes couples enter a relationship in a very excited state of mind and down the line, as years pass by they feel no longer excited.

They start questioning whether they are in love or not. All of these are more about convenience than emotional attachment and love—even though both can be and are present in many relationships.

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If relationship problems, such as missing emotional attachment exist, couples often find that over time they feel restless, unfulfilled, and bored. These are major contributors to increasing alienation and emotional and physical infidelity because they may seek to meet their emotional needs outside of the relationship. Your daily lives are more parallel than intertwined.

How to Maintain Good Relationships : Convenience as Motivation in Relationships

This is when two people live essentially as roommates—sharing household responsibilities and interacting when needs or issues arise that require them to do so. As a relationship expert, I see that these couples may share coffee or the occasional meal, attend social and other events together, but they function as individuals rather than as a unit, lacking the cohesiveness and intimacy that is enjoyed by those with an intimate connection.

Your conversations consist of topics related to scheduling, household coordination and or issues with finances, future planning and the children.

staying in a relationship for convenience of work

When all of your conversations are pragmatic and skin deep, there is something missing. You value the material and social benefits of your marriage over the relationship itself. If someone were to ask you why you like being married, what would you say?

If we spend all of our time together, I would think he wouldn't even have the opportunity to meet other women. Are relationships of convenience based on the grass is greener issue? Like, he cannot love me because he has an ideal woman he has not met yet? It's hard to wrap my mind around everything and how two people can be basically living together but one will never take the other seriously.

Differentiating Between Love and Convenient Relationship |

Then you hear of the same case but then the couple gets married because they "settled. There is no sign of that happening This happens all the time.

staying in a relationship for convenience of work

There needs to be more direct conversation. You are looking for a long-term, committed relationship that leads to marriage. You asked him if he wanted to be married someday and he said "yeah, sure I would", but he didn't say it would be with you.

staying in a relationship for convenience of work

And, he may not know if he wants to marry you yet anyway. But, you need to know that he is at least seriously considering that with you.