Waiting for a relationship god

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waiting for a relationship god

The Bible is full of stories of people having to wait on God, such as Noah, For them, a relationship with God wasn't a get rich quick scheme. You're busy serving the Lord, waiting on God while you tend to the to God if God is leading him to pursue a relationship with you beyond just. Once upon a time there was a man named Jesus. Jesus is a young handsome prince who saved me from many bad, unhealthy relationships.

I became more active at the Creek and during that time, I also started to hang out with an old friend. We did everything according to what the Bible told us. You have so much to learn. God reminded me of Jeremiah The top two photos are from her Facebook page. Here is Tina on her cruise in Of course, she just got back from a cruise last week, too.

Last year, I felt God was preparing me for my future husband… But, before I could have a healthy relationship with my future husband, I need to have a healthy relationship with God. I needed to de-clutter up my schedule so I can spend time with God and sometime praying for my future husband.

Tired of Waiting on God?

As humans, we long for touches, smells, words to confirm that someone loves us. Gifts like a random picture from my nephews or a flower from a friend touch me as well as a random text or a beautiful sunrise.

Each of these precious gifts are from God and a reminder that He loves me.

Dr. Tony Evans - If God is Making You Wait, He is Doing Something Special

I love his innocence in these conversations! I asked God why he would do that after seven years. That is so true! I had been holding on all that resentment all these years. I resented the person I was then and I was ashamed of my weakness back then. Yet, over the past 7 years, God has taught me so much.

The Purpose in Waiting on God for Your Spouse

Today, when someone asks me why I am not married, I can say with confidence that God has me on a mission right now during my singleness and when He is ready for me and my future husband to be together we can continue our mission that He wants us to carry through our marriage!

My prayer for you is to trust in God. Turn your life, your heart and your future marriage over to Him. She works in the Spiritual Formation department and is the multi-campus coordinator of Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-Centered step program that meets on Friday nights at 7pm at all CedarCreek Campuses. Joseph waited 13 years for freedom. David waited 15 years for his new job as king. Jesus waited to begin his public ministry.

God often answers our prayers with the four letter word, WAIT. But wait training is a discipline that is intended to strengthen us. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees.

waiting for a relationship god

We begin any fitness program with time. In this case time with God. God knows me and my situation intimately. He is the perfect fitness trainer. Just as I record my exercise regime and weights, record what you are learning and experiencing during the wait.

Journaling, even sporadic journaling, helps to capture thoughts so that upon review we can see the growth of our character and wisdom muscles. Consistent time is not optional in training.

  • I’m Waiting For God To Bring Me The Right Man
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  • The Purpose in Waiting on God for Your Spouse

Look for Blessings As we develop certain muscles, we cannot ignore what is happening in other areas. Our daughter returned from a mission trip to Russia with some type of intestinal problem.

waiting for a relationship god

She battled this illness for two years while we prayed, waited, and consulted with doctors to no avail. Through her illness, her character was being refined, from extremely independent to open and vulnerable.

She was allowing others to help. When she retells these events, she attributes her love story and eventual marriage to this wonderful, godly man as a result of her now cured illness.

waiting for a relationship god

Her wait brought unexpected blessings from God. Comfort Others Not only do we need to watch for blessings in other areas of our lives, but we need to seek out opportunities to help and comfort others. These are high points during long seasons of waiting.