Australia india relationship challenges quotes

Australia- India relationship

australia india relationship challenges quotes

The economic importance of successful Australian engagement with Asia is and an understanding of the contemporary challenges and opportunities that exist and Vietnam; South Asia including Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives. quotes have been tagged as cricket: Stephanie Perkins: 'There's something about blue eyes. tags: cricket-world-cup, cricket, india-national-cricket- team, metaphors, peaking, preparation tags: challenges, cricket, goals, platitudes . tags: icc-world-twenty20, australia-national-cricket-team, celebrations. Australia has placed India at the forefront of its international partnerships. the Australia-India bilateral relationship with a focus on security and strategic issues.

In a changing globalised world, the nature of interdependence between Asian regions and Australia continues to change. By exploring the way transnational and intercultural collaboration supports the notion of shared and sustainable futures, students can reflect on how Australians can participate in the Asia region as active and informed citizens.

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The Arts In the Australian Curriculum: The Arts, students can examine art forms that have arisen from the rich and diverse belief systems and traditions of the Asia region. Students can consider the aesthetic qualities of these art forms as well as their local, regional and global influence. This learning area provides opportunities to investigate the role of the arts in developing, maintaining and transforming cultural beliefs and practices and communicating an understanding of the rich cultural diversity of the Asia region.

Students can engage with a variety of art forms, media, instruments and technologies of the Asia region. Technologies In the Australian Curriculum: Technologies, students are able to explore traditional, contemporary and emerging technological achievements in the countries of the Asia region. They investigate the contributions that Australia has made and is making to create products and services that meet a range of needs in the Asia region and can examine the contributions that peoples of the Asia region have made and continue to make to global technological advances.

Health and Physical Education provides opportunities for students to explore the synergy between Asia and Australia in the areas of health and physical activity. It enables students to appreciate and engage with the diverse cultures, traditions and belief systems of the Asia region through the development of communication and interpersonal skills that reflect cultural understanding, empathy and respect.

australia india relationship challenges quotes

Students examine the meaning of health and the mind-body-spirit connection across the cultures of the Asia region through wellness practices. These include physical activity and traditions of medicine and health care. In Health and Physical Education, students recognise the influence within Australian culture of traditional and contemporary movement activities from the Asia region and explore health and movement in the context of Asia. Languages The Australian Curriculum: Languages enables students to learn languages of the Asian region.

Australia–India relations

Students learn to communicate and interact in interculturally appropriate ways — exploring concepts, experiences and perspectives from within and across Asian cultures.

In the languages learning area, students develop an appreciation for the place of Australia within the Asian region, including the interconnections of languages and cultures, peoples and communities, and histories and economies.

Students learn how Australia is situated within the Asian region, how our national linguistic and cultural identity is continuously evolving locally, regionally and within an international context. Work Studies The Work Studies Years 9—10 curriculum enables students to explore and appreciate the diversity of ethnic backgrounds, cultures and traditions within the countries of the Asia region, including Australia.

australia india relationship challenges quotes

In this curriculum, students develop communication and interpersonal skills that reflect intercultural understanding, building awareness of and respect for the diverse range of beliefs and customs that are important to the peoples of Asia. Students are given opportunities to explore the concept of the 21st century as the Asian century and examine the implications for workplaces in Australia and the importance of Asia-relevant skills to 21st century workforces. They investigate the way work culture and patterns are informed by and impact on the cultures and beliefs of the peoples of Asia.

Defence Engagement Building on a long history of cooperation - including our shared experience in the trenches of World War I in Gallipoli and along the Western Front - Australia and India have a positive defence relationship, underpinned by the Memorandum on Defence Cooperation and the Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation. In recent years our defence relationship has grown to include a range of forums for strategic dialogue, as well as regular interactions between our respective services through senior visits, staff talks, and training exchanges.

australia india relationship challenges quotes

Key platforms for strategic dialogue include the annual Defence Policy Talks and the annual 1. Senior visits also occur on a regular basis.

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In September the then Australian Minister of Defence visited India, resulting in agreement to deepen our defence cooperation ties, including through establishing a Joint Working Group on Defence Research and Materiel Cooperation. Australia and India continue to build robust people-to-people links between our defence forces through regular personnel and training exchanges, such as short specialist courses and longer-term positions.

Every year, Australia sends two officers to attend Indian military educational institutions: Australia and India are committed to working together to enhance maritime cooperation, with our first formal bilateral naval exercise AUSINDEX held off the coast of Visakhapatnam in Practical cooperation between Australia and India is evident through our joint participation in a range of activities. Education and Training The Department of Education and Training works with the education sector, other government agencies and ministries to ensure Australia is recognised as a regional and world leader in education and a partner of choice for international collaboration.