Gundam seed kira and lacus relationship quotes

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gundam seed kira and lacus relationship quotes

I enjoy the relationship they shared both in Gundam Seed & Gundam Seed Destiny. I may be hated for saying, but I think Kira and Lacus click. .. Quote by catgirl-evolutionWell (to WingPilot2, hope you reading this), Her. Wing Quotes, Character Quotes, Gundam Seed, Gundam Wing, Anime Qoutes, Mobile Suit, I Love Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne (Gundam SEED/Destiny). Post Posted: Fri Dec 01, pm, Reply with quote . Her relationship with Kira was shitty and all she did was make him feel bad about himself because Gundam SEED Destiny was crap in the latter half, but that was just insult to injury.

Upon seeing Kira again, she tells him about the death of her father and weeps bitterly.

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When Kira discovers his origins as the product of the Ultimate Coordinator project and becomes depressed, Lacus comforts him by saying that meeting him has made her so happy, despite all the sadness she has endured up to this point. Lacus finally admits to Kira her love for him when she gives him a ring before the final battle at Jachin Due and tells him to come back to her safely.

Kira thanks her for this and seals his promise to return with a kiss to her cheek. During the battle, Lacus tried to persuade both sides to cease firing the weapons of mass destruction, but failed. The real Lacus is almost killed in an assassination attempt by Coordinators from the "Coordinator special forces".

Kira was forced to pilot the Freedom again in order to protect the woman he loves. Ultimately, Kira's old friend Miriallia Haw would take over this position. They rejoin the crew of the Eternal and the Terminal factory satellite. In the Special Edition, the scene is edited so that Kira begs her to let him come along.

Despite her personal feelings for Kira, she tells him he must remain on Earth to help Cagalli and the Archangel. After the shuttle is found, Durandal declares that she is an impostor. Kira arrives in space via Cagalli's Strike Rouge and is nearly killed when his mobile suit is severely damaged.

Aboard, Kira and Lacus are reunited and share an emotional embrace and words of happiness at seeing each other again. Lacus then takes Kira to his new mobile suit, the Strike Freedom; once again, she wears a worried expression, much like she did when Kira wanted to pilot the Freedom to save her in Orb.

After Kira saves her and the Eternal, she takes the Infinite Justice to Orb herself, giving Kira the freedom to participate in the already-heated battle in Orb. She lands on the Archangel and her words again help Athrun decide on what he wants to do concerning the second war. When Meer interrupts Cagalli's television broadcast following the Second Battle of Onogoro, Lacus subsequently interrupts as well, revealing her presence and the fact that Meer is an impostor.

Most people are shocked, including the Joule Team and the Minerva crew; even Durandal himself is perplexed that Lacus is in Orb. In her broadcast she also denounces Chairman Durandal's agenda, but also states she does not support Lord Djibril either: Later, Lacus and Kira reveal to the crew of the Archangel that Durandal intends to assign behavioral genes to every human being in order to render war and conflict obsolete. By doing this, no one can make a decision if their future was planned.

Terminal vows to stop Durandal from implementing his radical "Destiny Plan. Even though Athrun and Meyrin think it is a trap, Lacus chooses to meet Meer. Lacus tries to convince Meer to stop working for Durandal; however, they are attacked.

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship quotes

Athrun, Kira, and Meyrin deal with the attackers, but Meer ends up dying in Lacus' arms after taking the shot that was originally meant to kill Lacus.

After a funeral on the Archangel, Lacus and the others read Meer's diary and are visibly moved.

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship quotes

When Durandal appears on a television broadcast, Lacus looks at him with an expression which had never been seen on her. She once again tried to convince the ZAFT forces to stand down and remind them of the principles of humanity. They share a familiar embrace, startling other some members of ZAFT. Relationships Kira Yamato Mr. Pink Lacus is usually accompanied by a pink Haro Mr. Murrue pursued while taking Kira aboard with her in the Strike.

Murrue was no match for Miguel, as she was unable to control the Strike properly, due in part to her lack of mobile suit piloting skills and the incomplete OS. However, after seeing his friends endangered, Kira took the control of the Strike from Murrue and managed to reconfigure the OS so that the Strike could be used to its full potential before engaging against the opposing GINN.

With the Strike's unbelievable combat capabilities, Miguel was forced to retreat. After the battle, Murrue told Kira and his friends that they have stumbled upon an Earth Alliance military secret. Kira initially refused to pilot the Strike again, but Mu La Flaga explained to Kira that he was the only one capable of piloting the machine and as such he was the only other person on board the ship who could ensure the safety of both his friends and the Archangel.

After the Colony's destruction, Kira retrieved a lifepod and brought it to Archangel; among the passengers was Flay Allster. After Heliopolis's destruction Kira confronts Athrun for the first time after it, Athrun tries to get him to join ZAFT but he refuses because he has people to protect on the Archangel.

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The Archangel's first stop would be Eurasia's asteroid base, Artemis. There, they would attempt to capture Kira and the Strike for their own uses, only to have Nicol Amalfi and his Blitz Gundam sneak in and disable the base, allowing everyone to escape in the confusion. Kira became attracted to Lacus and the two start to bond, amazed with how everyone has treated her - with the exception of Flay Allster.

However, things would turn serious as Natarle Badgiruel would use Lacus as a bargaining chip after a battle goes utterly south, leading to the death of Flay's father.

Angered by this, Kira attempted to smuggle Lacus out of the Archangel, aided by his friends.

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship quotes

Kira calls out Athrun to pick her up and again, Athrun attempts to recruit Kira. When Kira refuses once more, the two vow to shoot each other down the next time they met in combat. Later, Kira is court-martialed by the Archangel'ssenior staff, but all charges are dropped due to him being a civilian. After the event, Flay blames Kira for not protecting her father from the ZAFT pilots because he was trying to protect his kind, shaking him. After meeting up with Rear Admiral HalbertonKira and his friends are given honorary rankings for their services.

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship quotes

However, Kira decides to join the other Heliopolis survivors and return to Earth. At the same time, ZAFT soldiers attack the descending Archangel and Halberton's forces attempt to give the battleship a fighting chance to escape. Moved by the gift of a young girl name Elle, Kira decides to stay and fight, only to find Flay trying to suit up herself.

After telling Flay that he'll fight for them all, she gives him a kiss. Filled with vengeance of Kira giving him a massive scar on his face, Yzak and Kira find themselves battling close to the Earth's gravitational pull. In the process, the escaping civilian shuttle zips past them, separating them. Yzak, mistaking them for Alliance soldiers, turns his beam rifle on them and destroys the shuttle.

Horrified, Kira goes catatonic as the Strike goes into freefall. The Archangel is forced to alter course to rescue Kira, not knowing if the Strike's Phase-Shift Armor can survive reentry. Recovering, Kira finds Flay by his bedside. As he recovers, Kira's wracked with grief as he realizes that he let everyone down and let them get killed. Noticing Kira's vulnerability, Flay takes advantage of him and sleeps with him during the night. When Kira's called back into action, his methods are much more brutal - all of it being played by Flay.

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship quotes

Due to Kira being inexperienced in combat in the desert, he could not pilot the Strike properly. He managed to again, reprogram the Strike's operating system to adapt to the environment. Kira then is reunited with Cagalli Yula Athhathe girl he helped escape from Heliopolis, Cagalli has been worried about him and is shocked to see him piloting a mobile suit.

During this time, he and Sai have a fallout due to Sai finding out that Kira had slept with Flay. After a short flare up, Sai storms away and attempts to pilot the Strike Gundam alone, but doesn't have enough time to do so, failing.

Kira and Sai's relationship is strained after this. Several resistance fighters, including Cagalli's friend Ahmed El Fasi, are killed, though Kira arrives in time to save Cagalli. Later, the two of them are sent to gather supplies. As Kira and Cagalli sit down for lunch, they meet a poorly but effectively disguised Andrew Waltfeld.

Kira has strong reservations against fighting, fearing he may confront Athrun and that he may kill a person. There, his wounds are treated by Lacus Clyne[14] a Coordinator who befriended Kira when she was taken aboard the Archangel and was used as a hostage. Kira is the Ultimate Coordinator; his fetus was artificially developed outside his mother's womb and his genetic enhancements were intended to be superior to all other Coordinators.

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Kira was the only fetus to survive the process. Kira, the Archangel and their allies confront ZAFT's forces in space and defeat them in the final battle. Following Durandal's death, Kira meets Shinn and they promise to work for a peaceful future. Special Editionwhich retell the events from the television series.

The Edge Desire features a story about Kira's recovery following Freedom's destruction. Gundam 2 and Dynasty Warriors: