Indonesia australia business relationship quote

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indonesia australia business relationship quote

Australia has established a new infrastructure development forum with Indonesia as the two countries move to rebuild their relationship. Related Quotes spoke to Australian business groups in Melbourne and Sydney last. Indonesia's Minister of Trade, Thomas Lembong, is in Australia this week to discuss concrete ways to expand and strengthen our economic relationship. Yesterday, he said, and I quote: 'I certainly share your excitement and. Two-way trade between Australia and Indonesia was worth Australian investment in Indonesia totalled $ billion.

The decision attracted significant criticism from the federal oppositionand Indonesia threatened to take the dispute to the World Trade Organization. Austrade estimates that more than Australian companies operate in Indonesia.

Negotiations first started in and the deal is expected to be signed in late Since the trade began in the s, more than 6. Sincewhen Indonesia adopted Law No. Australia is ranked 8th in Indonesia's import list. Australian aid to Indonesia[ edit ] Indonesia is the largest recipient of Australian aidand Australia is the fourth-largest donor of foreign aid to Indonesia. For three decades, between andAustralian aid programs to Indonesia were coordinated within the international arrangements established by the Inter-Governmental Group on Indonesia and the Consultative Group on Indonesia.

Numerous projects were established such as the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Networka project intended to address deficiencies in Indonesia's civil aviation system.

indonesia australia business relationship quote

The Australian Electoral Commission formed a partnership with Indonesia's General Elections Commission Komisi Pemilihan Umum, KPUwith the aim of improving its capacity and procedures in the lead-up to the presidential election.

Indonesian Australian The number of permanent settlers arriving in Australia from Indonesia since monthly In the Australian Census63, people listed their country of birth as Indonesia, of whom It is the same in Indonesia and elsewhere.

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But Australia has to catch up, or otherwise we will be stuck in a time warp. In the past we have been let down by an education system that hasn't put enough resources into language training. As a result, Bahasa Indonesia is hardly taught in Australia and still too few people speak Mandarin and languages like Thai and Vietnamese. Our cultural understanding of the neighbourhood is also poor.

It was the Lowy Institute that recently reported that not only did Australians have lukewarm feelings towards Indonesia; the majority of those surveyed didn't know that Indonesia was a democracy. So with much work to be done, the Lowy Institute plans to launch an "Engaging Asia Project", which will look at a number of Asian countries starting with Indonesia.

Indonesian Policy Forum: Future Opportunities and Challenges in the Australia-Indonesia Relationship

At Asialink, courses will be available for company executives, business people, students and others that will start to teach some of the history, customs and social norms of these countries. The first step is to be interested; the rest will come. View her full profile here. Minister Lembong shares my view on the strong complementarities that exist between our economies.

Australia and Indonesia find two things to agree on

Like the Australian Government, he understands how building on economic complementarities can create new jobs. I quote, again, his remarks from yesterday: Australia, in my view, is to be congratulated on the extremely high standards and the sophistication that you've achieved.

Indonesia needs expertise and training and teaching, and Australians have excelled in the education space, the polytechnic space, in systems and quality control and discipline. And conversely of course Indonesia offers a very large market and a very large economy, but to progress it, to develop it, we need exactly all the things that Australia has to offer, and of course Australia will make a pretty penny, as you might say, providing those services to us I think.

InMcKinsey estimated Indonesia's middle class was 45 million strong but would grow to million by —a little under five years away. These opportunities will not be delivered to us on a platter, though.

Indonesia suspends military co-operation with Australia

Our competitors are increasingly aware of the opportunities and active in appealing to Indonesian consumers. The Coalition is helping Australian business realise the massive opportunities that sit on our northern doorstep. For my part, I will be working with my counterpart, Minister Lembong, to achieve an ambitious agreement as soon as possible. It is an objective I know that Minister Lembong shares.

It will be, by both name and desire, a broadening and deepening of the economic relationship. It will focus on areas such as services trade, e-commerce, investment and capacity building.

indonesia australia business relationship quote

These opportunities will be integral and in addition to our discussions on traditional FTA issues such as tariffs on agricultural and merchandise trade. Agriculture is a key Australian strength and will be an important part of these negotiations. We will work through these traditional issues, but the agreement will not be exclusively about them. One of the additional measures that we have launched is reactivation of the Indonesia-Australia Business Partnership Group.

Inthe group drafted an excellent report including 53 recommendations on areas where Australia and Indonesia could strengthen their economic relationship. We have asked the group to revisit and update their recommendations to feed into the negotiations, which have recommenced.

indonesia australia business relationship quote