Ophelia and her father relationship quotes

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ophelia and her father relationship quotes

Quotes tagged as "ophelia" Showing of “As Hamlet said to I would give you some violets, but they wither'd all when my father died. They say he made. Hamlet also shows signs of madness due to his relationship with Ophelia. of the play when Hamlet discovers that it was Claudius who killed his father. On the surface, there does not at first appear to be anything abnormal or dysfunctional in Ophelia's relationships with her father and her brother. Both men are.

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Following the tragic death of her father, Ophelia is driven to insanity. After a series of odd statements and behaviors, she kills herself. When Ophelia's father Polonius wants to help King Claudius discover what is wrong with Hamlet, he asks Ophelia to use her relationship with Hamlet to find out what is Hamlet's problem.

Hamlet becomes very upset by Polonius's actions and Ophelia's willingness to have her nature and sexuality used for her father's purpose. Contrary to Hamlet's view of her, Ophelia is good. She behaves innocently and is not trying to use her feminine nature to deceive or control a man as Hamlet suspected.

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Ophelia is loyal to her father and brother who raised her. Both her father and her brother care for her deeply and try to protect her from harm. She believes that doing what they want her to do is in her best interest.

Ophelia's father Polonius and her brother Laertes do not want her in a relationship with Hamlet, since they think he wants to use Ophelia for her body and has no desire to marry her. Quotations There are a few significant quotations in the play that represent Ophelia's character. The following quotations are some of the most popular spoken by or speaking to Ophelia. His impassioned words "extort from her in short sentences, uttered with a bashful reluctance, the confession of Hamlet's love for her, but not a word of her own love for him.

ophelia and her father relationship quotes

The whole scene is managed with inexpressible delicacy; it is one of those instances common in Shakespeare in which we are allowed to perceive what is passing in the mind of a person without any consciousness on their part. Only Ophelia herself is unaware that while she is admitting the extent of Hamlet's courtship, she is also betraying how deep an impression it has made, and how entire is the love with which it is returned.

Jameson] Her father's earnestness had impelled her to speak in self-defense; but her attempt to correct his false notions concerning the nature of Hamlet's love, instead of allaying, only irritated more the old chancellor, who, always infallible in his judgments, could neither brook contradiction, nor tolerate any hesitating acceptance of his oracles.

ophelia and her father relationship quotes

Poor Ophelia, bewildered by his onslaught, knows neither what to say nor think. He will teach her: Appealing to his own experience, he assures her that love is prodigal of vows, which scarce survive their making. She must, therefore, not believe the Prince's vows, which are brokers, clothed in pious form the better to deceive.

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In conclusion, he forbids her, henceforth, to meet and speak more with the Lord Hamlet. Her father's words confirming those of Laertes, and blasting even worse the fair name of her lover, make him nothing less than a deceiver and seducer.

ophelia and her father relationship quotes

They affect Ophelia's heart most painfully; for in her ignorance and inexperience she has the greatest confidence in the wisdom of her father and her brother, and, therefore, feels inclined, against her own good judgment, to distrust her lover.