Oreki and chitanda relationship quotes

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oreki and chitanda relationship quotes

Since it's just a great anime, let's rank the best quotes from Hyouka, with the help Houtarou Oreki, or even a side character like Eru Chitanda or Tomoe Oreki. Houtarou Oreki | See more ideas about Hyouka, Manga quotes and Kyoto animation. Oreki and Chitanda Scalloped top Hyouka Chitanda, Anime Shows, Kyoto, . Oreki Houtarou, Fukube Satoshi Anime Boyfriend, Kyoto Animation, Anime. Soon after, during the scene Oreki and Chitanda are talking on the phone, Their relationship may not have started, like many of us may have.

By using his good deduction skills, Houtarou quickly solved that mystery. Satoshi joined the Classics Club as well. That task required to have past issues of Hyouka as a reference to write a new one. However, they had a minor setback as they discovered that Hyouka first issue was missing. He later discovered that his theory had holes, and eventually came up with the conclusion that Jun was sacrificed for the sake of the school body.

oreki and chitanda relationship quotes

With the case of Jun Sekitani finally closed, Eru accepted her now-missing uncle's fate with tears of her eyes. They made a trip to Seizansou, an inn owned by Mayaka's relatives, located in Zaizen village. During that trip Houtarou wasn't quite active as he suffered from carsick on the journey to the inn, and the only mystery he solved was a mystery about a ghost of a hanged man in the unused guest room at the inn.

In the end, at the pre-screening movie was well-received by nearly everyone. However, later Mayaka pointed out that a length of rope prepared by film's prop master, Tomohiro Haba, was crucial to the story.

He stayed in this state until Eru, Satoshi and Mayaka tried to cheer him up when he took up a short part-time job as a lifeguard at the city pool. Murdersdown to the note left by the culprit. It was the school's Executive Committee president, Jirou Tanabewho was the culprit. Also Eru was able to help as her speech at a school's radio show hosted by the Broadcasting Club draw attention to the Classics Club, allowing not only the successful sales of the anthology, but also bringing the Juumonji Incident to a close with the culprit victorious.

Thanks to the influence of Eru he gained a sense of initiative, although Houtarou is still irritated when Eru forces him to investigate something. They were unable to shout for help as it would hurt Eru's reputation.

oreki and chitanda relationship quotes

Fortunately Houtarou found a way to get help without such repercussions. Also, at Valentine's Day, after recognizing Eru's efforts in helping Mayaka make some handmade chocolate for Satoshi, he covered up for everyone by making up a case involving someone else stealing Mayaka's chocolate when it went missing. He then confronted Satoshi, whom he knew was responsible for not only taking the chocolate, but also breaking it in two parts to place it to his bag.

Satoshi admitted to the deed, and also revealed his change of heart from a competitive person to someone who longs for mediocrity. By the end of winter, Houtarou joined Eru in the yearly Hina Doll Festival in the town as he replaced an injured participant. No Sense of Personal Space: Chitanda has a bad habit of thrusting herself in other people's faces when she gets worked up or 'curious'.

Although in episode 19, she is suddenly aware of how close her face is to Oreki's. Oreki comes off this way, seeming to be too lazy to bother learning social etiquette. However, as long as it's not too draining, he can in fact socialize with others. He doesn't really emote although he is shown blushing when praisedis only shown interacting with Satoshi, Chitanda, and Mayaka on a regular basis, and is rather blunt when speaking with others.

Still, the fact that he can't seem to say "no" to Chitanda to save his life and that he went out of his way to help Chitanda at least twice suggests that Oreki is actually a nice guy underneath his constant frown. Oreki has also stated that he is "not good with kids" when he and Chitanda needed to ask the inn owner's child some questions.

Chitanda doesn't question it and handles the situation for him. Chitanda has this ability, which makes Oreki compare her to a dog. Her senses in general seem unusually sharpwith both hearing and sight also being remarked upon.

In episode 11, when Houtarou discovers Irisu's true intentions in requesting his help and her tendencies to being a Manipulative Bitchhe gets pissed.

In episode 21, he gets seriously angry over Satoshi's actions, which directly hurt Mayaka, and indirectly hurt Chitanda. He goes as far as to tell Satoshi that if the latter doesn't have a really good explanation, he's taking a punch to the face. Oreki's reaction when Ibara tells him that the new script he wrote for the movie didn't include a rope when the writer specifically asked for it can only be described as this.

Fans would've reacted in much the same way. Satoshi and Ibara feared for the worst when Oreki finally declared that he was "curious" in episode Basically any time Houtarou actually seems interested in something a point or two in the student film arc being another exampleexpect Satoshi and Mayaka to overreact to it.

Satoshi implies he feels this way towards Houtarou. A tidbit of this bursts out in episode This may also be the reason for Oreki's slight resentment toward his older sister, who appears to be very much on top of things, much like the Sherlock-Mycroft relationship.

Never smiling or even grinning, the only expression worn by Oreki is a hollow and lifeless stare coupled with a constant frown on his lips. And even when he does smile, it looks really snarky. While taking care of a customer at the Classics Club's culture festival stand, his inner thoughts while half-smiling were "damn, I can't smile". Point of view changes in the third volume are indicated by playing card suits: Chitanda's uncle, Jun Sekitani, although he's technically just a missing person soon to be legally dead.

See Stealth Pun below. Eru Chitanda sports a very vibrant pair of these that are seen to get very sparkly when she's curious.

Houtarou Oreki

While not possessing any magic powers per say, they do signify her uniqueness in belonging to a very prestigious family of wealthy farmers, she also has Super Senses. In true KyoAni fashion, Kamiyama is closely modeled after a real city, in this case Takayama in the Japanese Gifu prefecture. Many local landmarks are clearly recognizable, including the high school and the cafe where Chitanda and Oreki meet. Irisu from episode 8 is nicknamed "the Empress" for her domineering presence, encouraging a discussion on Tarot Motifs.

Both Oreki and Chitanda during their first official meeting. Nakajo in episode 9 doesn't care about the mystery film's solution following the rules as long as the movie's dramatic. School uniforms are same as actual uniforms of the original school. Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: The second ending shows this perfectly. In episode 7, with Oreki at the hot springs. This school festival, called the Kanya Fest, became an important factor in the mystery concerning Chitanda's uncle, Sekitani Jun.

The anthology Hyouka also revolves around this. The actual festival starts in episode The series gives a nod to this, incorporating some Values Dissonance: In the "Niece of Time" arc, an older character is highly scornful of her own and her fellow students' actions several decades ago, saying that while they thought they were being righteous and revolutionary at the time, she now thinks of the incident as pointless tantrum-throwing that was never going to have any long-term effect anyway.

Specifically, the student body took a stand when the teachers decided to cut their beloved cultural festival short in favor of boosting the school's reputation as an academic institution. The students declared this a violation of their rights and staged protests and walk-outs.

Notably, the librarian's views change once she's become one of the authority figures that she and her classmates were rebelling against.

The club president tricks Oreki into writing a decent ending for the film after she judges the original writer's script too weak to run with, pretending that the film's ending is an unfinished mystery to avoid the unpleasantness of telling the club that the original ending was terrible. It's an unpleasant con, but the feelings of those involved are so overblown — from the Literature Club Member's harassing of Oreki when he fails to convey the "true feelings" of the original writer, to Irisu's overly complicated scheme to get a decent ending written, to Oreki's moral crisis when he discovers he's been tricked — that the film's importance seems like that of an Oscar nominee, not a student film that will likely be seen by thirty at a high school event.

Oreki quickly gains a casual crush on Chitanda, but since his own negativity does a good job of repressing it, it develops rather slowly. Chitanda gradually begins to warm up to him as well, and that she feels the same becomes very obvious in episode The second ED, while a nice homage to mystery novels, is a very strong Ship Tease for both main couples. Oreki is briefly excited by the prospect of Chitanda being a soulmate after she explains that she avoids getting angry in order to conserve energy.

He's genuinely disappointed that she's joking. Episode 7 is quite blatant, with Houtarou passing out just from fantasizing about Chitanda in the bath, then blushing and flinching when she touches him. It probably didn't help that Chitanda expresses disappointment when she found out the hot springs wasn't a mixed bath. Oh, man, the OVA. It's really hard to count how many times Oreki tried not to glance at Chitanda in her swimsuit.

In episode 13, Houtarou finds the photos of Chitanda cosplaying It gets especially shippy near the end where Chitanda hesitantly questions about it and they both start blushing.

Episode 18 features Houtarou and Chitanda going on a pseudo-date. The episode consists entirely of Chitanda and Oreki talking to each other, puzzling out a mysterious announcement to test his deductive abilities. The episode features Houtarou promising to accompany Chitanda on a visit to her uncle's grave, two Almost Kissesand Oreki giving a genuine smile.

And once again, the next episode promises even more.

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Episode 20 is referred to by Animation Director Chise Kamoi as the "date episode" in the comments of the rebroadcast. And for good reason: Plenty, as expected of a Valentine's day episode.

For starters, Mayaka asking Chitanda if she likes anyone. After a bit of stammering on Chitanda's part, but before the audience can hear her answer, it cuts to a scene of Houtarou yawning. Later, Chitanda starts to explain to Oreki why she didn't have chocolates for him, and ends up nearly confessing only to exchange blushes with Oreki, who only barely comprehends the situation.

Chitanda sadly explains to Oreki that, although her land is neither the most beautiful nor full of potential, she still wanted him to see it; she makes herself completely vulnerable before him so that he can understand her better. After this impassioned monologue, Oreki nearly confesses to her in a Daydream Surpriseonly to hold back at the last moment, to the dismay of shippers everywhere.

oreki and chitanda relationship quotes

All this happens amidst falling Cherry Blossoms ; an ethereal, pink-infused scene. Itoigawa's flashback to the Kamiyama Cultural Festival includes what looks to be a Beatles cover band. Sakamoto-san can be seen in episodes 2 and 5 as a decoration in the library.

The following episode, Ibara and Kouchi cosplay as Akko-chan and Kingrespectively. In a blink-and-you'll-miss it moment, Ibara has one of Azusa's shirts in her room while searching for her lost manga.

oreki and chitanda relationship quotes

The first ED features Chitanda and Ibara in a planetarium, on a circular bed, their feet at opposite ends but facing each other. The show contains all those little details; the usually-left-unexplored tidbits of school's life that usually doesn't get covered by most anime. In the second arc, the quiz club can briefly be seen practicing for episode 13's quiz game. Haba, the props master for the student film in episodes Ibara develops a distaste towards his 'presence'. An a capella group at Kanya Fest sings "Sukiyaki".

Eru Chitanda

The message that Jun Sekitani left for Chitanda by making the name of the anthology "Hyouka" was "I scream", a pun derived from sounding like "ice cream". How Houtarou views the above-mentioned. Shows up again in the OVA, which is set after episode