Relationship goals af tumblr quotes

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relationship goals af tumblr quotes

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What is the leadership structure at your organization? Because of understaffing, our ED is trying to handle too many things all at once and is thus not very competent at any of them. Our board actively undermines or micromanages the staff. Please send money so we can buy Lydia a cake.

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How will your organization align with [so-and-so latest innovative systems-change effort]? Please send additional money so we can align or stop asking us to align. What are other sources of potential funding for this project?

Here below are a bunch of other foundations we are applying to. We are not very confident in many of them, but we figure that the more names we list, the better it makes us look. If you receive a partial grant, will you still implement this program? How will you evaluate this program?

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Because we have little funding for a formal process with an external evaluator, we will have Edward, our social work practicum student, design a self-report survey. This is not very rigorous or valid, due to selection bias, self-report bias, confounding variables, and a host of other issues, but it should be enough to convince you that we have good evaluation data. Please send money so we can buy Edward a cake. How will the community be transformed as a result of this grant?

Please add three zeroes if you really want to see transformation. Besides sending money, what else can the foundation do to support you?: Please introduce us to other foundations so they can also send money.

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I hope that was helpful. Add other questions and honest answers you can think of in the comment section. Only by being truthful with one another can we hope to better the world. See you next week. This is a time for nonprofit professionals, foundation staff, and board members and trustees to get together without an agenda, to break down power imbalance and strengthen relationships in our sector.

relationship goals af tumblr quotes

Last year, Social Innovation Forum was inspired to host an event in Boston. Within a week, over a dozen funders signed on as co-hosts. More than nonprofit leaders and funders packed in for coffee, doughnuts, and agenda-free conversation and relationship-building.

Seattle had our own event, organized by Philanthropy Northwest. Created by James Hicks, if you have any feedback or bugs you can get in touch on Twitter or info at symbol gifpaint.

Programs such as Internet Explorer tend to stay on top, requiring you to minimize the window every time you want to view another one. Install this script Total installs Ratings 3 0 0 Version 0. Get a custom theme and domain name.

relationship goals af tumblr quotes

The dimensions should automatically fill, but if you want to resize it to something else, you can make those changes here. To delete Tumblr posts: There are two ways to delete a Tumblr post. Once there, you …Once logged into your tumblr account go to your posts then go to edit post which you want to delete.

Here are four things you can do to get more notes on Tumblr and maximize engagement. You can disable right clicks on your blog. How to Protect Your Art Online. There will be a button that says "x number" of posts. The first is to find it on the blog that it's published on, click the "Post Options" icon, and then click "Delete".

First, if you still need to set up your Tumblr account, read through this guide for step-by-step instructions. Click on that button and a feed of all the posts on your blog, starting with the most recent will come up.

Replying to Comments and - Brooklyn bcsocialmedia. How to add photos to reblog captions - Thought Shotswww.

On tumblr, if you reblog a picture, are you supposed to remove the tags before reblogging? How do you remove the new "via" link under photos when you reblog on Tumblr? However, you can't select to reblog in to the same blog you posted it on, so you'd have to select one of your secondary blogs.

Once there, you can click on the post to select it, and then click "Delete". If you want to boost your Tumblr presence, start by studying the Tumblr explore page. In the top right corner of each post is a delete button.