Teacake and janie relationship quotes

teacake and janie relationship quotes

Once again, Janie and Tea Cake are confronted not by a particular person but Her relationship with him has brought her along the path of enlightenment, and While speech has been rendered in bold, direct quotations throughout much of. Quote 2: "Janie saw her life like a great tree in leaf with the things suffered, things enjoyed, Quote "[Tea Cake] looked like the love thoughts of women. Janie leaves Eatonville and meets Tea Cake in Jacksonville, where they marry. Up to this point, the relationship between Janie and Tea Cake has seemed.

And look at the way he painted it - a gloaty, sparkly white.

Janie and Tea Cake

He didn't want her talking after such trashy people. I god, they sho don't think none theirselves. That's what made Janie like it. He could be a bee to a blossom - a pear tree blossom in the spring.

teacake and janie relationship quotes

He seemed to be crushing scent out of the world with his footsteps. Crushing aromatic herbs with every step he took.

teacake and janie relationship quotes

Spices hung about him. He was a glance from God. Not because her behavior justified his jealousy, but it relieved that awful fear inside him. Being able to whip her reassured him in possession. No brutal beating at all.

Their Eyes Were Watching God Quotes

He just slapped her around a bit to show he was boss. They just didn't use another part of their bodies, and they didn't look at anything but the door.

teacake and janie relationship quotes

The time was past for asking the white folks what to look for through that door. Six eyes were questioning God. But you come 'long and made somethin' outa me. So Ah'm thankful fuh anything we come through together. She had to hug him tight for soon he would be gone, and she had to tell him for the last time. She is praying to God for him not to take Tea Cake away from her because he fills the loneliness that she feels in her past relationships and she does not want to lose that.

Jealousy and fear of losing him to another woman is also shown in this quote which are normal reactions that a women has when she loves a man. Jealousy by both Tea Cake and Janie in the novel indicates their attachment for each other; however their attachment may have been too strong as it eventually leads to be the death of Tea Cake. Tea Cake loves Janie as much as she loves him.

Ananlysis of There Eyes Were Watching God

Tea Cake shows Janie affection which is something that is missing in her marriage with Joe and Logan. Tea Cake is now the one concerned about Janie. The sincere and sweet gesture of stroking her hair calms her down and reassures her that he is not going anywhere. Making Janie happy shows that he loves her because he is not happy unless she is.

Joe does not care if Janie is happy or not.

teacake and janie relationship quotes

He is the one that puts Janie down about her age to make himself feel better about himself. Joe thinks that Janie should be happy because he provides for her and because he puts her on a high chair for the community to see, but these are not the things that Janie needs to be happy.

With Tea Cake his company, affection, and love is all she needs. Janie is comfortable enough in her marriage with Tea Cake that she is able to speak what she feels. She does not hold anything back and does not bite her tongue when she has something to say to Tea Cake. She feels free to express her thoughts and concerns.

teacake and janie relationship quotes