Armenia israel relationship with other countries

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armenia israel relationship with other countries

For relations to improve tremendously between Armenia and Israel, the Board which rescued as many as , Jews from Nazi Europe. Complicating matters, Armenia is a vassal of Russia, which works with Why would Israel spoil this fairytale-like relationship for the sake of. Armenia and Israel will further develop friendly relations, foreign ministers of both countries agreed at a meeting in Yerevan on July 25,

armenia israel relationship with other countries

During four days of the visit, 15 meetings were held, six of which were held in the Parliament of Israel. Minasyan added that during the discussion of the problem, the Israeli minister often demonstrated pro-Azerbaijani position.

Armenia buddies up with Israel: What will Iran say?

Minasyan noted that the Armenian side has repeatedly expressed its opinion on this in the Israeli Parliament, pointing to the "fallibility" of the Azerbaijani position on the Karabakh conflict's settlement. Just after Yerevan learnt about the decision of the Israeli Parliament, new articles full of criticism and anger appeared in the Armenian media. For example, an author of one of such articles, writes about how the Jewish state interferes in the life of Arabs and Armenians, apparently making an awkward attempt to demonstrate certain affinity with the Arabs, and expresses joy regarding the news about the downed Israeli F jet.

armenia israel relationship with other countries

The article is full of hysteria, despair and inadequacy. Then the author switches to the Azerbaijani hydrocarbons and makes plans about how Armenia itself could profit from their sale.

armenia israel relationship with other countries

Azerbaijanis have never viewed Jews as foreigners or aliens. The Jewish people have never experienced harassment, insults, pogroms and antisemitic actions in Azerbaijan. Every Jew who has ever visited Azerbaijan can confirm that the Jews living here can quietly visit a synagogue without going through a police cordon, walk around the city in their national clothes and head covering, whereas doing so even in some developed countries of the West can be dangerous.

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armenia israel relationship with other countries

Let historians decide what to call the tragedy. Israel does not officially recognize the events of year as a genocide; this causes significant anti-Israeli and antisemitic hysteria in Armenia and the Armenian press.

armenia israel relationship with other countries

How can one react to this? Due to false data and misinformation surrounding the topic, it is necessary for both states to open archives; so that researchers, based on documents and facts, can sort out the truth about these events. We do not interfere in the sovereign right of nations to interpret their history and perpetuate the memory of their national heroes.

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It has even been stated that the there is no country in Eurasia with closer or warmer ties to Israel than Azerbaijan. So why are the Armenians trying to stop this flourishing strategic alliance between Jews and Muslims?

Armenia asserts that Azerbaijan is making too much profit from the sale of oil to Israel.

Implications of Israel's Armenian Genocide Recognition

There have even been discussions about eventually building a gas pipeline spur from an existing pipeline emanating from Azerbaijan and terminating in Turkey and, in so doing, directly connecting Azerbaijan and Israel," the author wrote.

In addition, the author noted that,Armenia fears cooperation between the countries in the military sphere. The author believes that part of the challenge that Armenia has in dealing with Israel is that Israeli lawmakers and officials are acutely aware of the scary level of antisemitism that exists in Armenia.