Jonah lomu relationship with his dad

New Zealand legend Jonah Lomu who changed the face of rugby union -

jonah lomu relationship with his dad

Jonah Lomu has lifted the lid on his fallout with his father, revealing that any bond not his father's first son; his father had a child from a previous relationship. All Black great Jonah Lomu and Nadene Quirk's gorgeous Wellington wedding. If Nadene hadn't made me mend my relationship with Dad. Phil Kingsley Jones still talks about Jonah Lomu in the present tense, as if at but it seems a nonetheless trivial spat in the context of their unique relationship. His father was a drinker, capricious and at times violent with it.

jonah lomu relationship with his dad

He unforgettably "ran over" England back Mike Catt for one of his scores as England conceded 45 points and Lomu cemented a special place in rugby history. England captain Will Carling later described him as "a freak. Far greater challengers were to arrive for Lomu off the pitch, though. Having already been diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a serious kidney disorder, the New Zealand Rugby Union announced in - six months after Lomu's final Test match appearance - that he had been put on kidney dialysis three times a week.

He subsequently underwent a kidney transplant, but his body rejected it seven years later and dialysis treatment continued. Lomu attempted a rugby comeback inplaying in a testimonial match at Twickenham for England World Cup-winning captain Martin Johnson, while he also signed for New Zealand provincial team North Harbour and had a brief stint with Cardiff Blues, scoring a European Cup try against Italian side Calvisano and then guaranteeing a capacity crowd for the return fixture in Wales a week later, when he made his Blues home debut.

Lomu retired from rugby in - he was appointed as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queen's Birthday Honours list the same year - although the odd charity match appearance continued, and he was a popular, in-demand visitor to the recent England-hosted World Cup, carrying out considerable promotional work.

During that tournament, Lomu tweeted passionately about the sport he still loved. They live on an idyllic property in an exclusive, gated, subdivision of mansions set in a manicured landscape which includes a man-made lake.

And to protect their privacy, the Lomus are listed at the gate under the father's first name, Semisi. Semisi Lomu declined to comment on issues raised in the book, telling the Herald over the subdivision's intercom that he was busy. Some believe rugby riches played a part in the continuing rift between father and son. It introduced them to a foreign world, one in which Lomu could make more in a year than his father had in a lifetime working as a mechanic, and distanced the father from his son's life.

Lomu, with his then manager, Phil Kingsley Jones, called the shots. This would have been difficult for Lomu's father, said Tongan rugby chief executive Sakopo Lolohea.

Heartache continues for Jonah Lomu's family - NZ Herald

Tongan fathers like to control their sons, make the decisions, even though they are married and grown up. Lomu found trouble, like many peers from his part of South Auckland. Occasionally, he'd arrive home in a police car.

His mother saw the writing on the wall. Determined he get a good education, she must have wondered whether he would stay alive long enough. Catherine Moore, Auckland Council's manager of Auckland Cemeteries, said as it happened a year ago, it was "unable to confirm" what was said during the discussion. The visit was organised by Henry Vaeoso, Lomu's friend and former personal trainer. Vaeoso said he was a bit embarrassed about Jonah's grave because "it wasn't that flash, to be honest".

All Blacks great Jonah Lomu: My anger within

It was a memory for them they will never forget. Sela - who described Lomu as "my protector" - said she and other family had not seen Brayley or Dhryeille since "my big brother died".

jonah lomu relationship with his dad

John added it was hard not having contact with his nephews but "we just take it as it comes". Nadene and the boys were invited to a blessing at Lomu's grave last year, but John said they "didn't show up".

Vaeoso described the relationship between the Lomu family and Nadene as "strained". She is a very good and kind woman who doesn't want to cause any trouble.