Jovial da lopez relationship with god

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jovial da lopez relationship with god

George Albert Smith: Kind and Caring Christian, Prophet of God, .. 14+++The labor of the growing Smith boys would have been a de- Heman C. Smith (no relation to Alexander), asking Alex's blessing on was guilty of Levity, & sometimes associated with Jovial company outlaw, Rafael Lopez. Da-silva Jovial Hombessa is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Da- silva Jovial Hombessa and others you may know. Facebook gives people the. jovial demeanor and expertise enhanced the dissertation process. Dr. O'Hare attachment relationship God serves as a secure base in which God is a safe haven in times . adolescents (Janssen, De Hart, & Gerardts, ). .. Rice and Lopez () used the attachment theory to assess the mediating qualities of.

It is brought about not by writing down the essential matters in his life. There are many things in his biography which elude us, for he was a very reserved man and did not speak much about matters which were not closely concerned with charity and the care of the poor.

History of the life and holy works of John of God

Besides, there are some accounts that are uncertain and one may not write about those. However, what appears here is truly known and its certainty has been carefully proven. We have principally made use of a notebook which one who accompanied him on all his journeys has left us.

He was a man very much like himself in spirit. He fully and clearly wrote down in a good hand what he saw as an eyewitness as well as what was said by credible persons who knew and did business with him. In the year of Our Lord one thousand five hundred and thirty eight, with the Emperor Carlos V reigning in Spain, the valiant, prudent and kindly prelate, don Gaspar de Avalos being Archbishop of the city of Granada, who in his day had the joy of seeing remarkable, faithful and virtuous men flourish in his diocese.

Amongst these there was one who was poor, humble and looked down upon in the eyes of men, but was well known and esteemed in God's sight, for he deserved to be called by the surname, John of God. He lived here for a long time in the home of a good man called El Mayoral.

Since he was old enough, he was sent out with the workers to take care of the sheep in the pastures. His particular job was to fetch supplies and other things that the shepherds needed. He did this very well and although he was without parents and at such a tender age, he endeavoured as a shepherd to please the good man just mentioned, for as long as he remained in his house.

His employers were very fond of him and he was loved by all. In due time they were sent into the Emperor's service by the Count of Oropesa to relieve Fonterrabia which the king of France had invaded. John's motive was really a desire to see the world and enjoy the freedom that those who set off to war seek by rushing headlong along the wide although arduous way of dissolution.

While at the front one day, he and his companions ran out of provisions. Some distance away stood some scattered farm buildings and barns, so being a brash and foolhardy young man, he volunteered to go there and look for food. They had captured a mare from the Frenchso he mounted it in order to ride there and back.

He tried to bring her to a stop, but he had no other means save the halter which he had used to guide her.

jovial da lopez relationship with god

She raced straight at the foothills and threw him amongst some rocks with such force that he lay unconscious for over two hours. Nobody was able to go over and save him from such danger and to all appearances he seemed to be dead for blood was pouring from his mouth and nostrils. Once he had regained consciousness, the agony from the fall made him realise his peril from being captured by the enemy.

Taking hold of a stick that he found, he forced himself to walk once more and slowly made his way back to where his companions were waiting for him.

When they saw what a sorry state he was in, they thought that the enemy had found him, but when they asked how he came to be like this, he related the story of the mare. Only a few days passed by when John found himself in even a worse predicament.

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It so happened that his captain had placed hum on guard over some items of clothing that had been taken from some French soldiers. He neglected to guard them properly and because of his carelessness they were stolen.

Once the captain heard about it he became furious and would not listen to ant of the soldiers who wanted to speak up for John whom he sentenced to be hung from a tree. It so happened that a kind person respected by the captain passed by, and when he found out what was going on, he pleaded that the order not be put into effect. Once he had made his opinion known to the captain, he immediately left the camp. John determined to return to the home of his foster father Mayoral at Oropesa, because he was aware of the danger threatening his life and he had come to experience the shabby way that the world rewards those who seek to follow its ways.

It seemed to him that the quiet life which he had previously experienced as a shepherd was far safer than going to war. His master had faithfully and diligently brought John up in his home and because he loved him like a son, he was overjoyed to have him serve again in his house. He stayed for four years this second time, but his youthfulness got the better of him, as it so often does with young men who have tasted life's experiences and find it hard to settle down again.

John was out in the fields with his companions when the Count of Oropesa rode by with his men. Once John knew about this he made up his mind to enlist with the Count and indeed he did so. It seemed as if he had forgotten what happened to him at Fuenterrabia. John diligently served the Count all the time that he was in Hungary and he did it so well that everyone liked him.

Once the war was over and the Turks on the retreat, John accompanied the Count when he returned to Oropesa. Once the Count had disembarked, John felt a great urge to visit his native country, since it seemed to him to be an easy walk from where he was. Besides, he wanted to find out about his parents and relations since he had never been back there since he left as a child. He therefore set out and arrived at Montemor O Novo. There he asked after his parents, but his relatives did not know him on account of being so little when he left the country.

Nor could they give an account of his parents since he had forgotten their names. He went about from one to another and finally came across a respected old uncle.

jovial da lopez relationship with god

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