Judas and jesus relationship with mary

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judas and jesus relationship with mary

4 But Judas Iscariot, one of His disciples, who was intending to He has been telling his disciples, including Judas and Mary, that his time is drawing near. be allowed to have this close and personal relationship with Him!?. Several of Jesus Christ's apostles were His cousins; later His half brothers James and Judas The exact relationship between Mary and Elizabeth isn't spelled out, but apparently they . And His brothers James, Joses, Simon, and Judas?. The non-canonical Gospel of Philip (dating from around the third century) describes Jesus's relationship with Mary Magdalene.

Yet here, she uses it for Jesus. She is not concerned with the cost of the perfume. She is not worried about whether there will be enough for the three future burials. Her priority is Jesus and she gives everything else so that she can honor Him.

She is not worried about the cost of her gift. She does not hold back what she has. She is fully given to Jesus. She gives all she has and spares nothing.

Finally, we see her humility. She wipes His feet with her hair. First, it would have been inappropriate for a woman to let down her hair in the company of men. However, Mary is not concerned with what is appropriate or not. Working within the confines of the culture is not going to be one of the factors determining how she is going to behave. Here she is not concerned with keeping up appearances. When Mary wiped Jesus feet with her hair, she was humbling herself before Him. She was trying in every way she could to show that she understood how unworthy she was to be a disciple, a friend, in the presence of Jesus.

She had seen what Jesus can do — raise the dead to life! She understood who He was! How could she, a sinner, unworthy, be allowed to have this close and personal relationship with Him!? How awesome it is to truly understand who Jesus is and what He has done for us and to know that even though we are unworthy, He calls to us and waits for us and brings us into His kingdom. Contrasting the attitude of Mary, we see Judas.

This display of blatant disregard for the cost of the nard is too much for him to stay quiet. He rebukes her behavior. His main point is that this act was wasteful. To simply take something so expensive and to throw it away like this was unthinkable.

We should not waste what God has given us. Yet, if we only see with the eyes of this world, we will never see Jesus.

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If we are more concerned with our money, our savings, our possessions, we will never be in a position to be used by God to do great things. God requires that we give up our idols if we want to truly worship Him. Our idols are the things that we treasure the most, think about the most, and in our culture, cost the most.

If we are not ready to give those things up, then we are guilty of practicing idolatry and we reduce God to nothing more than a neat idea or a safety net for us when we need someone to blame or someone to call out to in our hour of need. Too many people say they believe in God but are more concerned with the things of this world than they are about giving honor and glory to God.

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This is proof that one does not really know God. This is what Judas was guilty of here. He tries to act as the voice of morality and calls her on it. You are wasteful and improper. Let me teach you what is right. Give to the poor. Only when it came to sex Paul was more severe than Moses and Jesus put together.

judas and jesus relationship with mary

The answer may lie in Paul's background. As everyone knows, "Paul of Tarsus" came from Tarsus, an area of modern-day Turkey. What people don't know is that in the Tarsus of Paul's day they worshipped a god named Attis.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Attis was a dying and resurrecting god. He was called "the Good Shepard", and his earliest depictions show him with a sheep across his shoulders. All these images were later incorporated into the iconography of Paul's version of Christianity. Put simply, Paul's Jesus looks a lot like Attis. Attis had a great love in his life, Cybele. On their wedding night, Attis decided to make the supreme sacrifice and offer his testicles on the altar of his love.

He surprised his virgin bride by castrating himself.

Jesus' Marriage to Mary the Magdalene Is Fact, Not Fiction

This idea was a big hit in the Tarsus of Paul's day. Attis' priests, the Galli, would imitate their god by going into a frenzy, emasculating themselves and offering their testicles as holy sacrifices. Not surprisingly, this once-popular religion died out. For his part, Paul didn't promote literal castration -- although some early Pauline Christians, e. Church Father Origen, did castrate themselves.

In the spirit of Attis, Paul advocated abstinence and celibacy, even in marriage e. Had Jesus been celibate, Paul would certainly have invoked him as an example when arguing for celibacy. Never once does Paul argue that Christians should be celibate, because Jesus was celibate. If one looks at the Gospels without Attis-colored Pauline glasses, there are many, many hints that Jesus was married. Specifically, after the Crucifixion, the Gospels agree that it was Mary the Magdalene who went early Sunday morning to wash and anoint Jesus' crucified body Mark People have the quaint idea that ancient Jews in Jerusalem went around "anointing" each other.

What the Gospels are telling us is that Mary the Magdalene went to Jesus' tomb to prepare his body for burial. That's the Gospels, not me. Then and now, no woman would touch the naked body of a dead Rabbi, unless she was family.

judas and jesus relationship with mary

Jesus was whipped, beat and crucified. No woman would wash the blood and sweat off his private parts unless she was his wife. Besides the canonical Gospels, there are the so-called "Gnostic" Gospels. The Gnostics -- or "wisdom seekers" -- were an early branch of Christianity, whose origins we don't know. What we do know is that they represent the losers in the Christian orthodoxy game.

After the fourth century, the Church burnt Gnostic holy books and the people who believed in them.

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As a result, until recently, we had almost no Gnostic Gospels to refer to. Inin Nag Hammadi, Egypt, the Gnostics got their revenge.

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At that time, several of their Gospels were found hidden in jars. They all tell the same story -- Jesus was married.

judas and jesus relationship with mary

More than this, for his Gnostic followers, Jesus' marriage and sexual activity was more important than his death and resurrection.

Simply put, they were more interested in his passion in bed than in his "Passion" on the cross. What does archaeology have to say about a married Jesus? Inin Talpiot, just outside of Jerusalem, archaeologists discovered a year-old burial tomb.