Personal relationship with jesus christ essay

What does it mean to have a personal relationship with God?

personal relationship with jesus christ essay

Before we had faith in Jesus Christ, we were alienated from God, cut off from him. Whether we . It is a personal and interactive relationship for each of us. Prompt: Please describe your personal relationship with Jesus Christ, including the moment you trusted him as your personal Lord and Savior. Untitled. God loves us and wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. God loves We must each personally trust Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Our own.

A peacemaking community within itself. But Jesus is a person of action, caring and love. He makes demands on us to be faithful, to be caring.

He comes by without condemning but standing alongside of and affirming the dignity of every person. Jesus was a man of action. He spent His time among the people, working among the people. Raymond, Ivory Coast, West Africa: In order for Jesus to become incarnate he made himself nothing and he temporarily set aside the glory he had shared with God. And after he had finished his earthly ministry, he asked God as we see in John 17, to give to him again, to restore to him the glory that he had let go of during his earthly ministry and that was his right.

And it was in this way that he was raised to the right hand of God and restored to his former position of glory. Jesus is truly God manifested and always was even in his earthly ministry. Nonviolence is absolutely at the heart of the gospel of Jesus. The whole issue lies, where we start, with the people being made in the image and likeness of God and a recognition of that.

However evil, however violent a person is, we have a person here who is nevertheless made in the image and likeness of God and a recognition of that. We have thousands of years of believing that somehow we cleanse the world by killing evil people and that completely is an illusion. In fact every violent situation has the opportunity of redemption. Jesus would have us live against the grain of our culture in terms of the dominant values and especially in material things.

We our little Christian community have economic discipline to give some of our money away. The way that we worship shapes our peoplehood. How do we evaluate our worship? Many people will say, well, I felt really good today.

A Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

Or the singing was wonderful. And people are evaluating the worship in these individual terms. Are we a more merciful people, are we a peacemaking people? Is the way of Jesus really printed on our foreheads or is it showing in the way that we live together? Jesus is really important. We are trying to live our lives based on his values. The way we try and be generous with money, the way we open our homes for people to stay. Knowing Jesus has changed my mind about money.

personal relationship with jesus christ essay

I now see money as a gift that God gives in order that other people might be resourced. And I think that anger and nonviolence are not opposites. I think God wishes many more of us would be angry. This should be a house of prayer for all nations. Death and resurrection Noel, England: Even his humanity was something that these people could look at and feel drawn by it.

I think of Jesus more as somebody I know, just like I have friends who would in a certain situation say, pull yourself together or keep your eye on the ball or something. People have certain sorts of things they say and you know them.

Who is Jesus to you?

I think of Jesus in that way. There are certain sorts of things that he says that reverberate in my mind that come to mind when things happen.

Knowing Jesus has changed my mind about the way we view things. A young man came to our house one night. While I was out of the room, he pulled out a 8-inch long kitchen knife and told my wife, Dorothy, and Michael and Julian to go downstairs into the office. There was an ensuing struggle but I was able to stop him. He never for a moment thought that I would have anything but fear of him and this knife.

You know, he saw his knife as an absolute power. I was not afraid of his knife and God protected us.

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He confronted the powers and paid the price for it. But if we understand that his suffering was redemptive and if we follow in that train, it has its redemptive value and effect on our society today. Jesus is seen as the lamb. It is war not against people, but against Satan. It is won by Jesus self-giving on the cross, giving of himself in love.

Jesus came to show us that it takes God to be a human being, but then through his life, death, and resurrection he enables us to begin to live like him. And so the challenge of the incarnation, the challenge of how he lived, how he acted, as a human being on earth, is the model for us. He has kept me, and kept me going, so I kept the church open. Rod, Benin, West Africa: I think that at times people really are able to manipulate spiritual forces to do evil again other people.

In that context of course, Jesus becomes the power that can dominate all the evil powers and rescue people from fear of witchcraft. That is the single most powerful message of the gospel in this culture.

Knowing Jesus has changed my mind about violence, because I am a naturally violent person. I react most easily to aggression with fists and my body. I used to do that regularly. Knowing Jesus has changed my mind on violence where we talk, even argue in a life-giving way, that respects the other person, even our enemy. With Jesus, I have never feared anything although I was alone many times. My perception of Jesus has been impacted because I have been away, a real journey away from home, for an extended period of time, where I can depend on no one else but him.

The best way to describe Jesus is as a ray of sunlight and God as the source of energy, the sun. When I am overwhelmed by chaos in my life, whether it is through the work that I am doing or personal decisions, or going through a faith crisis, it is often a special form of light that brings me back, or reminds me of the need for the connection to the source.

One of the Anabaptist communion liturgies is by Balthasar Hubmaier. He has a section called the pledge of love which is used just before you actually administer the cup and the bread. The people all stand up together, and they each one make promises of covenanting and committing to each other, to the way of Jesus, loving the enemy, loving the brother, being willing to lay down your life for your brother or your sister.

It reminds us of, first of all, what the Lord has done for us. We celebrate together as brothers and sisters that we are one in the body of Christ. We share a common grace that is symbolized in the cup and in the bread, the blood, the body of Christ. We are re-identifying ourselves as the body. This is who we are as a people.

We are the people who have gathered around Christ and who receive life from his sacrifice for us. Communion is a renewal of our baptismal vows, of our pledge to be obedient, and to be united as a people. Communion means that we are one body. We are united when we take the bread or the body of Christ. When we take the wine, that means that the blood of Jesus Christ continues to restore and to heal. Jesus gathered his disciples together when James and John were having this funny and interesting discussion about who would get to sit on the right and left hand of Jesus.

Whoever would be first, would be last.

personal relationship with jesus christ essay

Whoever would want to be served, should be a slave. I loved hearing the stories and memorizing His words. At church, I was in my element. I understood then, that I did not deserve salvation, regardless of how good I was. I learned that I was unable to change my sinful nature without God and that God wanted more than just blind obeisance, He wanted me to trust and love Him. There at camp, as a twelve year old, I rededicated my life to Christ.

Since then, my faith in God has become more than just what defined my childhood, who I identify with, or what box to check when taking my SAT.

personal relationship with jesus christ essay

I began to see church in a different light, no longer was it the place of my youth. It turned into something much more valuable. I now saw it as a place for potential growth and service. I found that serving others is an integral way that I am able show love. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.