Relationship with mother astrology

relationship with mother astrology

To relegate the Sun to the father and the Moon to the mother at best include in our own bias the very real condition of our inner relationship to the outer world. The idea of astrological compatibility isn't limited to your love life. Because your astrological moon represents your internal, self-nurturing, self- support Your relationship with your mother is never boring.

The Cancer child is intuitive and sensitive to shifting moods. They have a phenomenal memory and are sensitive to what they eat and to shows of affection.

Discipline relies on a sort of "emotional blackmail": They are disorganized packrats: They can come across as shy, distrustful, or introverted. Encourage the Cancer child's imagination,while keeping an eye on their mood swings. Lioness mothers are warm and generous.

Mother-child relationship: horoscope for a parent-child compatibility

They give freely, but expect a modicum of gratitude in return. They are highly proud of their children and tend to think they are the best in the world. What they will have to do is take a step back and admit that their children can have different values or ambitions that aren't lofty as their own.

The Leo child is enthusiastic, generous, and possesses an innate sense of organization. They can easily become tyrannical if their heightened need for validation isn't properly channeled.

Be careful with your criticism of them. Be warm and funny - they have a fragile ego. The Leo child will have to learn how to listen to reason from other people so as not to be prejudiced or bias. Encourage the Leo child's enterprising spirit,while keeping an eye on their domineering and commanding attitude.

Virgo mothers are filled with goodwill and raise their children as everyone else does: Be sure, however, to let affection have its place, too. Never forget that a mother's role is all about being natural and free-flowing. Don't fall into the trap of perfectionism. Let yourself make mistakes! The Virgo child is wise, proper, orderly, and disciplined.

The Sun and Moon in Families

They need to be kept busy doing something useful and have a lot of practical, common sense. But, they can also be shy, lack self-confidence, and can be worriers. They're not the most imaginative and their analytical side makes them immune to risky speculation.

relationship with mother astrology

They are attracted to systems of any sort, to the mechanical side behind things. Encourage the Virgo child's critical thinking,while keeping an eye on their tendency to belittle themselves.

Libra mothers are often the perfect housewives, welcoming others in with charm and raising their children with a great respect for others. Their main asset is their strong taste for socializing, which will bring their children into contact with all sorts of people. Their weakness is the difficulty they have in using their authority when they need to. Compromising doesn't always work with children! The Libra child is charming, easy to please, but can be lazy and tend to continually put off decisions until later.

You will have to teach them to be more decisive - they really struggle with choices. Consistently show the many solutions to a problem and train them to form a personal opinion. They are sensitive to injustice and can become totally hung up on it. They possess, too, a certain creative potential that must be encouraged. Encourage the Libra child's empathy,while keeping an eye on their frivolous side.

Scorpio mothers are all about delicacy and finesse. They can guess things they don't know, and their instinct is way above average. They will have to be careful not to hurt their children in a fit of rage, as their critical remarks are particularly on-the-nose and can really crush some children. That being said, they are capable of making great sacrifice when the situation calls for it.

The Scorpio child is serious and deep.

Astrology and Mother

When they run into a problem, they tend to sink into silence. They must be encouraged to express themselves, otherwise, they'll keep brooding and dwelling on the same injury over and over. They need to have passionate interests and need help finding hobbies.

If they have an active streak, they'll be more into hard sports or swimming, rather than ping-pong, for example Encourage the Scorpio child's depth,while keeping an eye on their tendency to hold a grudge.

Sagittarian women will have children like they do everything else: This sign is full of goodwill, but will have to learn to keep their zeal in check when dealing with temperaments that are a little more somber than their own.

Children can teach them a lot in this regard by forcing them to subdue their outbursts that might not fit well in a regular and safe life. Sagittarian children are enthusiastic, exuberant, and, from a very early age, full of wild ideas. This natural turbulence will need to be channeled into various interests.

They need to express their excessive vitality, their need to win. They can have trouble following rules or regulations, but will accept restrictions if they are sensible.

They often learn to speak and read early. Encourage the Sagittarius child's enthusiasm,while keeping an eye on their indifference and aloof attitude.

relationship with mother astrology

Capricorn mothers are known to be cold and strict, but their children know that underneath this thick shell beats a heart of gold that is willing to make great sacrifices for their well-being. They offer their little ones an extremely reassuring structure in their lives will learn, much to their pleasure, to let go a little, to let themselves be a little more tender from time to time in their own repressed, but long-lasting way. The Capricorn child is loyal and puts great importance on conventions, on a safe and secure environment.

If they feel loved, they will be confident and optimistic and have a great sense of humor. They are the serious type. This can produce high-achievers or counter with strong conservatives and depressives if Saturn is part of the themeexecutive types and self-made men and women. Wanderers, mavericks, renegades and individualists are lovingly, though occasionally grudgingly, respected.

If combined with Jupiter, there is a manic-depressive atmosphere where someone is always countering or balancing the extremes - this family usually produces a mediator-type who trots back and forth or who suffers because of enmity between two others in the family whom she or he loves equally. One member may have to withdraw in order for the whole family to survive as a system.

The balance of the family dynamic is tenuous and spark-filled, creating a sense of balancing and counter-balancing all the time. This family attracts nurturers, carers and usually, quite stable relationship-partners to counter-balance the over-aggressive energy. There is so much encouragement to be oneself at as early an age as possible that often the necessary aspect of repression and civilisation for the sake of society is ignored completely.

This is a highly unconventional signature for any group of people who wish to work together, unless it is via the Internet, or on the intercom, Cellnet or via satellite transmission. This does not mean that it is none of those things, has no feeling-tone or is sociopathic, but it will not appear to be a family in concert that way. What others might regard as eccentricity is regarded as a normal and valued trait.

What appears chaotic or weird to visitors from outside the family is very likely a security-system for the individuals within it. Of all the human attributes, thinking is most meritorious; creativity and innovation is valued far above order; autocracy is essential to self-discovery and individuation requires repeated departures and returns to and from the matrix of the family. The inconsistency in itself is a form of stability, however, for any one individual who needs more attention, more nurture, more assurance, this is a very uncomfortable home and even a run-of-the-mill kind of emotional need can be seen as a cloying, infantile behaviour.

The Astrology of Family Dynamics - Astrodienst

The Moon and Lunacy In the family of planets, the Moon is two things: It is the needy one and the caring one. Its nature is to impose itself on other more linear planets in emotional ways - feelings, irrational behaviour and implications can even unsettle old Saturn! Although the Moon is reflective and implicitly related to the Sun all its light is solar-reflection, or earth-shine it is the most holistically influential body in the family of planets - and in the horoscope when viewed for family matters.

The Moon is the mother-image, the adaptive principle, and is usually, but not always, associated with the females in the family - mother, aunts, sisters, and the maternal line.

The Moon is the container of the infant, its home during the formation of its body and deep instinctual nature. Lunar responses to life outside the womb can be traced back to the short intra-uterine experience.

In the womb we are our mothers, we are not separate, but one. Her nourishment is ours, her heart-beat is tuned with ours, her emotions affect us, her body holds our body. This is the most significant body in the horoscope with respect to family dynamics, for it is the maternal line which acts as the conduit for generational transition.

The Moon can be the weakest link in the chart - one can be strong, heroic, creative, amusing, innovative, brilliant and healthy but can be emotionally barren, hostile, tortured and impoverished. The Moon in the horoscope shows how our environment affected us from the very instant of birth - and from that premise, how we perceive our environment and the people in it.

The first contact with the outside world is meant to be the receiving arms of our mother. The infant, longing for reconnection to its source of life, is infused with this primal imprint all the rest of life.

The mood of the moment in astrology is the Moon - the Moon in the natal chart is the mood of life for us! The Moon holds images of the fourth house, and in the fourth house lies the ancestral pool - not just the mother but the blending of maternal and paternal lines.

This blend is held in the alembic of the fourth house, or the womb of the horoscope and if the Moon is a very strong planet, then there are personal ancestral issues to be delved into. Only in conversation with ourself or with a client with a strong lunar link can we determine to what degree this is a maternal issue alone.

When the Moon is separated from the rest of the Gestalt of the horoscope - the handle of a bucket formation, it is very difficult for the person to be able to connect his or her feelings with behaviour, either of his or her own, or others.

This lunar oddity usually indicates that there was a serious problem with the feminine in the family. It can indicate the only male in a family of women, or a family in which the father was particularly weak and ineffective.

Men with this amputated Moon find it easier for women to carry their feelings than for them to be responsible for their own. It is absolutely necessary for the split-off Moon person to make every conscious effort to practice discovery of feelings. A typical scenario could run thus: They find that they have a delayed reaction to emotional situations and are dissonant within themselves.

These women are incredibly capable, reliable and have the potential for taking on very solar work, but suffer quietly, wondering why no man or woman will come to look after them. The segregated Moon is like a hook, other people can hang their feelings on it, weighing it down, leaving no room for the owner of it to claim their feelings.

This can be sad or it can be so unconscious that only their most intimate friends and particularly, lovers will be aware of it. The image that comes to mind is this: On an emotional level, this needs to be done, and can be through conscious effort and awareness. There will always be an admirable capacity for emotional clarity and objectivity with this position, but its pathology is coldness, lack of empathy and delayed responses. It could be an ideal place for the Moon if it were treated in this way, using the metaphor of folding the chart in half, thus achieving integration.

Lunar Themes in Family Dynamics Two examples: There can be a confusion of values in the family, strong passionate agreement and disagreement on emotional and value-laden subjects. Feelings can dominate the rational capacity to understand what is expected of one.

relationship with mother astrology