Relationship with religion

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relationship with religion

HELP US REACH OUR GOAL & LEAD TEENS TO CHRIST! For all donations made to the Annual Appeal this month, gifts will be given in return! Donate Now. Nekisha Michelle Kee, matchmaker whose husband comes from a different religious background, shared how they have built a healthy. Our elderly neighbor, Helen, squinted up at my wife and me. "I am religious, just like you," she said, shoving white hair to the side of her head with knobby fingers .

However, the Higher Power of most religions gives people freedom of choice. Many major religions teach that followers should strive to model their lives after their Higher Power, which is partly accomplished by treating each other as the Higher Power treats them.

Healthy relationships include open and honest communication.

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However, in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, one partner may try to use religious beliefs to control how and when the other communicates.

These ideas can be reinforced by the fact that the majority of leadership positions or visible roles in religious institutions are often restricted by gender or other identities. However, research has shown that these ideas are the result of mistranslations and ignoring some parts of religious texts.

relationship with religion

Additionally, many religions encourage individuals to feel like they can communicate with the Higher Power about anything. Drawing on shared beliefs Religiously matched couples can draw on resources that would not exist without that spiritual bone during times of conflict or stress.

Why religious compatibility matters in relationships

For example, they might choose to pause an argument to pray together, which many religion researchers describe as a valuable way to address hurt feelings. A strong religious foundation can also sustain relationships through dark periods, such as the aftermath of an affair, as the Deseret News reported in September. Couples who believe their connection is sanctified, or centered on God, seem to have more success than other pairings in overcoming these difficult situations.

Eight in 10 U.

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Navigating religious tension As Pew's study showed, religious discussions are less common in religiously mixed households, which holds consequences for romantic partners and their future children.

People who feel awkward sharing their religious experiences with their spouse may struggle to stay connected to their own spirituality, Pew reported.

Adults in religiously matched marriages are more likely to believe in God, say religion is important to them, attend worship services regularly and pray more frequently than their peers in religiously mixed marriages. More than 8 in 10 Protestants 82 percent married to fellow Protestants are highly religious, compared to 58 percent of Protestants married to non-Protestant believers and 49 percent married to someone unaffiliated with a faith, according to the study.

relationship with religion

With education as an early indicator for economic trends, a shift of economic success is predictable: There are wellknown episodes showing a strong combination of religion and success — namely military. The Muslim expansion all around the Mediterranean from the 7th to 9th century AD was mainly driven by religious zeal, just like the crusades of the Middle Ages or the conquests of South America in the 16th century: The Holy Cross of Santiago promised victory not to mention gold to the Spanish adventurers.

He sees it as a feature of religions that define themselves as approaching an ideal or paradise, like Islam or Christianity: But you get completely different dynamics if a religion, like Buddhism, does not strive for an ideal, but sees life as an alienation from this ideal.

A Buddhist conqueror would fight his battles not for his religion, but in spite of it. A common mission is beneficial for the corporate climate In business, religion can also be a dynamizing factor.

As with military success stories, business cases linked to a religious attitude often take place in an early stage of expansion: The unifying effect of one strong belief can lead to a more coherent, focused, motivated workforce and can be a decisive factor in beating the competition as the company represents more than just an opportunity to earn money.

Devdutt Pattanaik, an Indian leadership expert and former "Chief Belief Officer" of a large Indian retail chain, even calls for a mythologization of companies. For him, a mythology is something that "tells people how they should see the world" — something a company with a strong mission can offer its employees.

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He doesn't recommend the leaders to brainwash their staff, however. So even if religion can be a driver of growth for smaller companies, it will be more like a limit of growth for bigger ones.

Keeping the faith isn't as simple as it sounds.