Congenial business relationship

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congenial business relationship

Congenial definition is - pleasant; especially: agreeably suited to one's nature, tastes, or outlook. How to use congenial in a sentence. The History of congenial. Of a pleasant disposition; friendly and sociable: a congenial host. 3. favourable , complaisant The food at the party was excellent, and the company congenial. 1(of a person) pleasing or liked on account of having qualities or interests that are similar to one's own. 'his need for some congenial company'. More example.

Both of you need to be able to express concerns without fear of the other person's reactions, and you need to be open to constructive criticism.

congenial business relationship

Perhaps the most important element of building a working rapport is embracing goals and visions for the future. Encourage your employee to express her desires for obtaining new skills and work with her on strategies to achieve these objectives.

Learn to read body language so you can pick up on unspoken problems. Be equally aware of what your own gestures and postures project, as you want them to be positive and empathetic. Clarification of Roles The relationship between supervisor and subordinate is defined by their positions in the company.

congenial business relationship

You need to be the leader of your employee, as you have the professional authority and responsibility to embody that role. The subordinate, likewise, needs to understand his role as an employee and be committed to following your directives even if they conflict with his own ideas. This does not mean he should not feel free to come to you with his own concepts, which you should consider, but it does mean the final decision is yours to make as his supervisor.

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While you want your relationship to be friendly, it is your duty as manager to maintain the clearly defined roles of supervisor and subordinate. Maintaining Boundaries Boundaries must be established in your relations with a staff member.

It has to remain professional in nature. Even if your company manual does not have a specific protocol forbidding fraternization with employees, you should make it a personal rule not to become involved romantically with a subordinate.

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This helps protect you and your employee from accusations of preferential treatment — and it protects you from accusations of sexual harassment.

The department provides a congenial atmosphere for research.

congenial business relationship

The summers out here are not congenial to the average North European. I find this aspect of my job particularly congenial.

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He found congenial officers who knew how to leaven war's rigours with riotous enjoyment. Compost provides congenial conditions for roots to develop. Frank was a very congenial colleague. He is back in more congenial company.

congenial business relationship

I had developed a very congenial relationship with my boss, who I discovered was gay also. Minnesotans are known for their congenial manner.

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Electricity was flexible and clean, altogether a more congenial source of energy than steam. Yet parents above all need those congenial working conditions if they are to parent well.

This phenomenon actually adds greatly to the congenial atmosphere of an agency and encourages friendship and good relations at all levels. I find him very congenial.

I like to take my pleasures in more congenial surroundings, cara. Marxism's vision of socialism was much more congenial to the intelligentsia than that of a peasant-based utopia.