Ice bucket challenge going wrong relationship

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ice bucket challenge going wrong relationship

What is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? It is now an annual event to raise awareness and funds to find treatments and a . I selected the wrong gift amount. Viral ice buckets: A memetic perspective on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge's .. of the individual is because we are looking at that behaviour at the wrong level. .. everyone who took up the challenge was aware of that relation or mentioned it. They say there is no such thing as a bad idea, but if someone had We like to think that people want to have a lifelong relationship with There are two ways in which the Ice Bucket Challenge is a brilliant campaign for ALS.

Like any smart business, we don't reach out to people for a one-time handout. We like to think that people want to have a lifelong relationship with the causes dear to their heart, and over time be able to see how their support has funded progress and changed others' lives.

ALS is on everyone's tongue, and it's important for people to be aware of this condition that affects over 30, Americans.

Recent data shows that more buckets of water have been poured and shared than donations made, but the challenge has still managed to raised over22 million -- and counting. Anything beyond that, in my opinion, falls into the realm of slacktivism.

19 times the Ice Bucket Challenge went horribly wrong

I've written about slacktivism before, arguing that social media can be used for good, to inform people of causes, but furthermore to inform them on how they can make a difference that goes beyond pushing buttons on our smartphones. Just how "liking" a page or a post does nothing for a cause, but more for your instant gratification, pouring a bucket of ice over your head is not doing anything either, but it's definitely getting you "likes" and comments as people think you are doing it "for a good cause.

Our children are growing up in a world where they equivocate "likes" and shares as validations of their popularity and "coolness," so of course, when everyone else is dumping buckets of water over their head, there's nothing like hopping on the old bandwagon and following the trend.

And there lies the problem with the Ice Bucket Challenge -- yes, its generating much needed funding for research on this horrible illness, but are people actually connecting? ALS is a condition where your nervous system and muscles shut down until you are literally in a vegetative state, unable to care for yourself, communicate, or move, yet your mind remains pristine and intact, processing every single pain and loss of mobility you experience.

The true causes of ALS are unknown and there is currently no cure.

ice bucket challenge going wrong relationship

So shouldn't we just focus on the fact that people are becoming aware and donating, disregarding why? I say no, and again, I am co-founder of a small NGO and trust me, I'd want nothing more than millions of dollars for our projects. But in the bottom of my heart and in the back of my business-oriented mind, I want people to care.

The ALS Association has posted financial information and documents here. Our new and financial statement for the year ending January are posted now; and our annual report will be posted as soon as it is available. To view the financial statements for each of the chapters, you can visit their respective websites.

To find your local chapter, go here. We lead a global research initiative, bringing together scientists from around the world with academia, government and the pharmaceutical industry. We fund research to find the causes of and treatments for ALS, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for the disease.

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Patient and Community Services: Our Care Services program provides compassionate care and support for people living with ALS and their families. Our 39 chapters assist those living with ALS by offering them access to loan closets, support groups, and information about local resources to help them better cope with the demands of this disease.

In addition, our Certified Treatment Centers of Excellence deliver the best of multidisciplinary care to individuals with ALS, and our Recognized Treatment Centers serve the medical needs of those living with the disease. Public and Professional Education: The Association educates healthcare professionals, scientific communities and the general public about ALS and the work we do in assisting those battling ALS.

We work with national and local legislators as well as government agencies to advance legislative policies that benefit ALS families. We encourage you to visit each of these websites to gather more information about our organization. Each of our chapters is listed separately on these websites.

We are extremely grateful for this outpouring of support, which is making an incredible impact in the fight against this disease.

A significant portion of the dollars raised through the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have been committed to various projects to help expedite finding treatments and a cure for the disease.

Is the Ice Bucket Challenge BAD?

A full listing of specific projects that have been funded to date can be found here. We are funding projects that not only provide care to people living with the disease but also support the broader research enterprise. So this integrated approach to expediting treatments is part of our strategy for hitting this disease head on.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - FAQ

Over what time period will you spend this money? These percentages reflect expected spending for several years. A full accounting of dollars spent will be included in our annualwhich comes out every summer. How did you arrive at this breakdown?

ice bucket challenge going wrong relationship

These groups included our Board of Trustees and related committees, Board of Representatives, and 39 chapter executives from across the country. Input was also gathered from a panel of advisors made up of people living with ALS. Out of respect for their privacy, health and well-being, The Association has left the decision of sharing their participation on this panel with these individuals.

The ALS Association is committed to spending dollars wisely in order to achieve maximum impact for those living with the disease. We are good stewards of the donated dollar and are committed to transparency and accountability.

I selected the wrong gift amount. We can absolutely refund the difference in your intended gift amount.

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Once the refund is processed, you will receive a notice via email. The information we will need from the donor is their name, gift amount, gift date, original donation amount, and intended donation amount.

ice bucket challenge going wrong relationship

I wanted my gift to go to my walk team. Can you make that happen? The information we will need from the donor is their name, gift amount, gift date, donation amount, Walk name and name of participant to support. Can you tell me if the people I challenged gave a gift?

An additional complication is that we are one of many ALS organizations who will benefit from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, so any gift history we have is not comprehensive. This may be a great opportunity to ask people via social media platforms.

ice bucket challenge going wrong relationship

We have a check box on our online donation form where you can specifically check research. You may also include those instructions on your donation form if you mail a check. How will you use the gift? A gift to the ALS Association is used to support our research efforts, care to patients and families affected by ALS, and our advocacy efforts. Can I direct my donation to stay with my local chapter?

If you elect for the recipient to receive an eCard they will get an email immediately.