Insecure relationship signs astrology

insecure relationship signs astrology

Our insecurities are what make us human. So if you have ever felt insecure and underconfident in your romantic relationships and have sabotaged . And while some zodiac signs might say that's a very materialistic way of. Read Relationship Insecurities from the story The Zodiac Signs by WolfSwag (Wolf Girl) with reads. virgo, gemini, leo. Aries: to feel not worthy of lo. How Jealous You Are In Relationships, Based On Your Zodiac Sign or envy, usually stemming from a place of insecurity or vulnerability. Taurus is the sister sign of Scorpio, and both signs have issues with “letting go.

insecure relationship signs astrology

There might be times when you demand freedom but only if you feel secure in the relationship. Most of the time, you crave admiration and can sometimes be a show-off. If you feel appreciated then you will treat your partner like royalty. Needs Some Assurance A Gemini woman has a duality about her that draws people in. On the one hand, you are totally independent and but on the other, you crave knowing that you are loved. Once you feel secure in a relationship, your inner-twin takes over and you long for a deeper connection.

Wants All The Attention Gemini men can flip-flop very easily. Life with you can be exciting yet somehow relaxed. You need a mate that can go with the flow, depending on which side of you surfaces that day.

You have a dynamic personality and can be a bit of a flirt so you need someone who is secure in themselves. Can Become Slightly Obsessed Scorpio women love fiercely and expect their partner to return their affections. If someone does you wrong, you hold a grudge. Girls like you are masters of the silent treatment. Yet, when you feel that a person is matching your affection, there is no one more loyal or loving as a Scorpio woman.

Your intensity can come across as needy but you refuse to be in a superficial relationship. Totally Intense Much like a Scorpio woman, the Scorpio man has a level of intensity that can be scary for some. Sometimes you can come across as possessive. You enter into the union with passion and feel like your significant other should prove their love for you often. Nothing annoys you more than an inauthentic person and you demand that your mate matches your level of intensity.

Feeling Fragile And Vulnerable They may not be super needy but the Virgo woman has been known to be a bit fragile. This can cause you to put your own desires aside to please your partner. Control can be an issue for you and your self-sacrificing nature can cause some serious anxiety. So, if your mate demands space, you back off.

Slightly Possessive At Times You work really hard to not seem needy. If you feel threatened in any way, you grab hold and refuse to let go. Because you are so loyal, your dedication to your partner can easily lead to jealousy.

A Taurus woman is faithful and will be totally loyal to their mate. Once you feel secure, you do a good job at keeping your neediness in check.

This makes you a great provider but underneath all that determination, insecurities can boil under the surface.

Material possessions are important to you and nothing can get in the way of you achieving your goals, even a relationship. Yet, once you find a partner, you are committed for life. Stability is your strong suit but it can come across as boring at times.

Success is important to you and once you meet someone special, you happily include them in your plans for the future. Your inane ability to keep your true feelings hidden can make you slightly needy.

Hates Being Alone You can't stand being alone. Plus, doesn't he know how difficult he can be when you are trying to shape up your relationship into a perfect one? Well, Virgo woman, to that we have just one thing to say: They are just critiques of something specific you do or say and not a criticism of who you are at your core.

insecure relationship signs astrology

On one hand, you want to immerse yourself in a relationship that consumes you completely and makes you feel like you are bonded at the soul level with your partner, and on the other hand, you also want the freedom to go off into your cave to reflect, introspect, and be alone. That's why your biggest insecurity in love is not having privacy, which is often the reason why you oscillate between being in an intense relationship and being single for extended periods of time after a breakup.

insecure relationship signs astrology

It's because you are ruled by Pluto, the planet of the underworld and power. And this Plutonian energy requires you to be in touch with your inner world so you can engage with that phoenix within you who is capable of surviving the worst in life and still emerge stronger.

Well, there's nothing wrong in wanting privacy. So if you are really insecure about losing it after getting together with the girl of your dreams, just let her know about this need for seclusion from time to time and make her understand that it doesn't mean you are pulling away from her and is just a way for you to recharge yourself so you can come back to her with more energy and passionate intensity.

It's that Plutonian nature of your sun sign that makes you hide all your secrets from the world even as you observe everything from the sidelines and gain power from that knowledge. No wonder you appear so alluring to people. They can sense that mystery in you, which awakens their desire to find out who you truly are on the inside.

And while you do love this attention because it makes you feel more powerfully feminine, this secretive nature of yours is also the reason behind your biggest insecurity in love — being vulnerable to your partner and sharing your secret desires with them. After all, you have never shared your secrets with anyone, and so don't know how they will be received. What if he cringes and backs off from you? What if he thinks your secrets are weird and uncool?

What if, what if Well, Scorpio woman, to that we have just one thing to say: If his response if bad, he probably isn't the right guy for you. But if his response is amazing, you will be pleasantly surprised by the way it strengthens your bond and brings the two of you closer. And isn't the latter what you really were looking for? You can't tolerate failure, least of all from yourself, which is why you often put work before play.

After all, you know you were born to accomplish great things in life, and you can't do that if you are distracted by fun but frivolous activities when you can utilize that time to advance your career and goals. This, coupled with your intense aversion to emotional displays because emotions disrupt perfectly good workflowsis the main reason why your biggest insecurity in love is your lack of experience. You really are at a loss for words when you finally find yourself falling for a woman who would be the perfect other-half of the powerful relationship you have always wanted.

Plus, there's that thing with sharing of vulnerabilities that relationships require from both partners if you want to forge a strong bond, which really puts you in a big fix. No wonder you tend to fall back upon your workaholic ways even after getting a girlfriend. It's a safe environment for you compared to the relationship, which has landmines of conflict and emotions scattered through it! Well, we have just one advice for you to help you overcome this insecurity: You will get better once you open yourself to learning the processes.

That's why you are always so somber when you interact with new people. After all, they haven't proven their worth to you yet or earned your respect by showing you their efficient ways and ability to get the job done perfectly. That's why your biggest insecurity in love is being saddled with a good-for-nothing man who keeps embarrassing you with his public failures. In fact, you can still be insecure about this even after carefully screening the people you date as suitable companions on your journey up the ladder of success.

It's because you have seen a lot of callous and inconsistent people in life who give up midway when the going gets too tough.

And that, frankly, is unacceptable to you because you never quit when the setbacks are too big. You just slow down and find a different route to the top or chip away at the obstacle until it has been demolished completely. And this insecurity isn't restricted to just other people's failures. You are also insecure about being the cause of a failed relationship because when you do give your heart to someone, you fully intend to form a family with them eventually.

insecure relationship signs astrology

But to understand that we need to spell out your three biggest personality traits — your love for knowledge, your intense need for freedom, and your incredible sense of integrity. That's why you are so afraid of being in a committed relationship.

It brings out your insecurity of unintentionally holding back your partner and leading them on to nowhere. After all, you are a freedom-loving, highly independent individual, and so do not believe in restricting yourself to just one person at all times. You know that will prevent you and your partner from learning from all the other people out there in the world. Besides, you believe in enriching your relationship by sharing knowledge with your girl and learning from her life experiences.

And this is not possible if the two of you are together all the time! Plus, you don't believe in leading someone on if you realize the two of you are not compatible with each other. And everyone is not cool with blunt honesty and parting ways amicably, which also adds on to your fear of commitment.

These are critical for sustaining your soul's need for expanding your mind and horizon by learning from a wide range of cultures and people from all walks of life. That's why you are perfectly okay with adopting the mannerisms and language of the people you engage with.

It's a way for you to truly immerse yourself in an experience and learn the most from it. Unfortunately, everyone does not share your enthusiastic broad-minded approach to life.

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And when these rigid, change-averse individuals see you frolicking from one social circle to the next, they often call you a fake busybody who wants to be in all the cliques in this world. That's why your biggest insecurity in love is being considered ingenuine by people and your partner. It's born from the fact that most people do not evolve, learn, and change as quickly as you do, and so can't fathom why your mannerisms and conversation style change so drastically every six months.

Thankfully, you are a very logical woman and so don't let these insecurities keep you down for long, which is something the other zodiac signs should learn from you. You Are Insecure About Your Ideas Pinterest Well, Aquarius man, you are an air sign through and through, so is it really that difficult to fathom why you are insecure about your ideas?

They are your biggest strength, after all. Plus, you are ruled by the genius planet, Uranus, which is known for bestowing its natives with an eccentric demeanor, the ability to see the possibilities of the future based on current scientific realities, and the gift of absorbing knowledge from all quarters and then putting them together in innovative ways. That's why you usually turn out to be the black sheep of your family and friends circle because most people don't have the mental faculties to understand what you are rambling on about.

Unfortunately, this black sheep status conditions you to think that everyone on this planet is to dumb to understand you. And so you only engage in superficial friendships and usually hold yourself back from going all in with the girl you have a crush on. After all, there's a distinct possibility that she might turn out to be just like all the others when you share your radical ideas with her.

And you really hate it when people ridicule your thought patterns and call you a dreamer when your ideas are all based on real possibilities. You just love learning and discussing abstract concepts and thinking of changing the world one day with your unique ideas.

Unfortunately, this draws out a lot of bullies from the woodwork as any kid with a unique bend can attest and teaches you to keep your ideas close and guard yourself since a very young age. And this ultimately causes you to just make superficial friends wherever you go you are a social air sign, after all but prevents you from really opening up your heart and inviting people deeper into your circle unless they turn out to be outcasts like you too. That's why your biggest insecurity in love is your inability to be vulnerable with your partner and truly show him who you are.

You always fear that he will leave you for someone else once he realizes how far off against the grain you really are or will force you to choose him over your ideas and goals in life.

insecure relationship signs astrology

Both of which are unacceptable to you. Well, we just have one advice for you to help you overcome this insecurity — develop confidence in your ideas and yourself.

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