Interdepartmental relationship of housekeeping


interdepartmental relationship of housekeeping

Rooms are of chief concern to the front office and housekeeping departments. It is important for the departments to continuously exchange. There are so many security hazards on the floor that this liaison is particularly important and housekeeper cooperates by endeavoring to see. The housekeeping department, is just one of the department in a hotel Amongst all co-ordination relationships in hotels, the most important.

Wednesday, May 11, Housekeeping and Front Office Department No individual department in any hotel can work in isolation.

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A willingness to cooperate and coordinate with the assistance of efficient methods of communication is essential if the establishment is to run smoothly. Frictions between departments must be kept to a minimum and there should be close inter-departmental liaison. Coordination with Front Office Rooms are of chief concern to the front office and housekeeping departments. It is important for the departments to continuously exchange information on room status.

Hotel Housekeeping: Housekeeping and Other Departments

The front office must provide lists for expected arrivals and departures for the day in advance, and notify housekeeping of actual arrivals and departures as and when they occur. The front office is not allowed to assign guestrooms until the rooms have been cleaned, inspected and released by the housekeeping department.

The executive housekeeper procures and consults this list early in the morning and schedules the occupied room for cleaning. There must be a change of team work among all the employees to run the organization without any hazard.

Housekeeping Co-Ordination with Other Department

This is influence by the management policy and the behavior of the executive and supervisors towards the workers. Housekeeping co-ordination with front-office The co-operation between housekeeping and front office should be very intimate or close. Housekeeping prepares the room and front-office sales that room after preparing.

Until and unless a close relationship is not maintained it will be a quite tough for a front office to sell the room as it isthe housekeeping department which cleans and shape the room after the guest departs and the front office reports to the housekeeping department about the number of rooms vacated so that the housekeeping department can do the cleaning and hand over the rooms.

The staff who are also working in those outlets require clean uniform on daily basis. The former because they are in guest contact and the later to maintain the standard of hygiene.

interdepartmental relationship of housekeeping

Communication with stores is by way of a requisition form, which housekeeping sends to when it requires certain items. The requisition form is called as store requisition form. Housekeeping should convey their requirements to purchase by way of advance notice in the form of a purchase requisition.

interdepartmental relationship of housekeeping

The sales and marketing department informs housekeeping of the occupancy forecast for the entire year, which is broken up month wise. This enables housekeeping to budget for the necessary expenses An important contribution of the housekeeping staff to hotel sales is ensuring that repeat business is obtained by providing the level of cleanliness and service that meets or exceeds guest expectations.

interdepartmental relationship of housekeeping

The sales and marketing team also have to depend on housekeeping for their uniforms. Two things are certain in the hotel business: Vice versa, no matter how well- kept the rooms, if the sales staff does not bring potential guests to the hotel, occupancy falls. While carrying out their scheduled work, housekeeping employees may find some deficiencies in the hotel facilities, such as faulty electrical plugs, dripping faucets, leaking pipes or malfunctioning air-conditioning units etc.

A need for urgent repairs is reported to maintenance over telephone and these requests are usually taken into action immediately.

There are various heads under which maintenance work is done they are:

interdepartmental relationship of housekeeping