Putting more effort into a relationship

putting more effort into a relationship

Not all relationships are worth saving, so take a step back and reevaluate where you expend your energy. It's just like paying your bills, and it. How To Let Him Know He Needs To Put More Effort Into Our Relationship Without Sounding. “Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as. Putting in more effort than the other person is a common problem in If someone isn't putting effort into a relationship, they may not care about.

This is even more paramount when it comes to relationships; especially with your significant other. Being clear on who you are makes it easier to express yourself to your partner.

Showing effort in a relationship: 10 things you and your significant other should do

Otherwise, you will play lots of guessing games. Part of knowing and understanding yourself is being clear on your requirements, needs and wants. If this is not clear in your relationship, you are bound to run into misunderstandings and not getting your needs met. In fact, this is the reason why couples have so many different challenges in their relationship; because one or more needs are going unmet.

When this happens, it may seem to him like a bunch of whining is going on, when all you want is to be heard and understood. If you were not clear initially, now is the time for clarity. Upon your awareness of a need going unmet, make it known and have a discussion from there about it. We do teach people how to treat us. This makes you just as responsible as him. Habits are hard to break, because they fight to stay in our lives. So, stop the old habits and bring on new ones. This is honest, upfront communication.

How to make him put more effort into the relationship

Before you are all up in your emotions, be clear on this. If he genuinely cares, and you believe he does, something will change. If not, this should let you know who actually needs to make a change. Here are some tips for getting what you need: That way, when you speak with your partner, you can be specific and not vague or unclear.

The more specific examples you can come up with, the better the conversation will go.

putting more effort into a relationship

Ask at a time you know your partner has time to talk and notice the reaction you get. Is that good for you? People offer effort and show love, caring and commitment in different ways, so the more specific you can be, the more your partner will understand what you want.

Do you feel heard and understood? Are your desires being validated or ignored and devalued?

putting more effort into a relationship

In fact, forget feeling needy. Say what you want honestly and clearly. Practice in front of the mirror with the words you want to use. Watch your body language: Speaking it aloud will help you hear how your words and tone sound.

You also need to do some thinking about it. Did you get too angry and might there be leftover hurt feelings on either side? Give your partner a chance to air grievances if necessary. Sometimes the best talks are the ones about how you talk with each other. Ideally, your partner would have gotten the news that more effort is necessary to make the relationship work and will cheerfully go about making that happen. There will be times when one partner is putting in more energy.

However, in the end there has to be a balance that feels fair to both parties. In this dynamic, one person takes on more responsibility for the functional aspects emotional and physical of the relationship than the other.

38 Ways To Really Show Up In Your Relationship - mindbodygreen

This is almost always an unconscious process. Usually our position stems from our roles in our families of origin. If you were the responsible one in your family, you will be prone to repeat that role in your grown up relationships.

If you are used to managing, you need to find someone to manage. This explains why over and underfunctioners unconsciously tend to find each other. If your sense of self is based on care-taking, you need a partner who needs to be taken care of. If you define yourself as a person needing to be taken care of you have to find a caretaker.

While not necessarily comfortable, these roles are very familiar to you. Do not answer all his texts. He should find time to call you from time to time.

You should be cool and quiet, do not show too many emotions. You should demand the best things that he can give you, do not be satisfied with small things. If you need to show your disapproval, try to become more distant from him. Show him your great attitude when he does something you like. If he does something wrong, you do not need to explain him too much. Make him understand his fault.


Do not have power struggles with your man. You are a lady. Encourage him to help other people. In such a way he will try to help you more in the future. You need to be strong and to show what you like and what you do not like, what is good for you and what is not. Pixabay Unfortunately, there can be such situations when men do not understand that they need to put some effort and just take everything for granted.

  • How to make him put more effort into the relationship

In this case, you can give him an ultimatum. A really loving man will try his beat to be with a woman. Pixabay You should not sound too strict. Try a calm manner of speaking in a comfortable situation. For example, you can cook a delicious dinner or propose a dinner in a restaurant. He should understand that you are worrying about your common future. Pixabay If you see that he does not understand you and he is not ready to change something, this is a clear sign that you need another partner.

This will be better than wasting time with the wrong men. On the other hand, if you see that he agrees with you and he wants to be with you, he will change himself, you will see.

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