Rohan creating space in a relationship

rohan creating space in a relationship

The Light Box / Rohan Chavan, Courtesy of Rohan Chavan “In a warm climate like India people have a very different relationship to built form. We have created space for an ATM machine and are looking to collaborate. This relationship is going to unfold in its own time. Both Anju and Rohan through their "performative" act of marrying only when each of them is "the third space" of Trishanku, creating a new heaven between earth and heaven, symbolic of. And it could easily stop being, according to Rohan Gunatillake, who – as well as creating mindfulness apps like Buddhify – speaks and writes.

The topic of today is a bit of a stretch from this initial idea. There are countless times when I was asked a question that had the answer in designing an alliance, in both work and personal environments.

For instance, few years ago when attending a conference as HR for an internal consulting unit in one of the banks where I worked. Not only for effectiveness, but also because quite a few of them had chosen to join the organization as a transition step, bridging towards new positions with direct business responsibility. On one other occasion, a client came to coaching quite baffled about his conflict with a peer representing a different department in an important project for the organization — a person who had been, thus far, a reliable partner in many common endeavours.

Create a safe and honest space for the relationship Establish trust and Empower partners.

Designing the Alliance: the final frontier in communication

The alliance is continuous and ongoing. Hence, the alliance flows easily and the same is true for the relationship. Perhaps at times designing an alliance is not possible, for reasons that stretch from personal values to the organizational set-up; yet most of the times it is possible and certainly worth trying. A bit more about how to design an alliance.

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Start by stating the idea of an alliance and its purpose; Explain what you are prepared to offer; Be clear about what you would ideally expect from the relationship; Talk about the practicalities of your relationship, i. The following questions may help in creating an alliance: What are you looking for in this relationship? It is more organic in nature and we believe we are trying to solve a contemporary business problem. For instance, Influencer marketing is something that has come up in the last two years and so depending on that need we built the capability.

Our service portfolio will always keep evolving. How many accounts does your agency currently handle? Is it all cut-throat business or Kinnectors are cool relationship builders? Internally, we created a strong base in the first four to five years. The kind of business heads we have and their capabilities are such that individually they operate and manage their verticals quite well.

Since our base is really strong, scaling up became very easy.

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From a business growth standpoint, we create an excellent relationship with our clients. Most clients have given us 1 or 2 brands from within their groups and we have scaled it up to 7 or 8 or 10 brands. This part comes from a relationship point of view than a pure business development point of view.

rohan creating space in a relationship

Outside of that, we have a very strong business development team because our work does give us inbound leads but not necessarily the ones we want. The BD team has a very clear focus on targeting and sharp shooting the kind of clients we really want.

Did the horizontal growth in Delhi reflect any vertical lines in your books?

rohan creating space in a relationship

It worked out really well, as Delhi was eating up a lot of my time. We needed someone who is continuous for people, who could head and open up our name in the market. The business in Delhi has grown up quite significantly after Punkaj joined. We are now a team of 25 in Delhi. It has helped me a lot because a large part of our business is happening up here and the amount of time I can spend between both offices is limited.

Here in Mumbai, I was still acting business head for the media vertical all this while and that was the only vertical which did not have any business head of its own.

rohan creating space in a relationship

Last year was more about building financial practices so this time we are more focused on business development and scaling up our business. Is there any video content you created for your client which has gone very popular on Social Media? Only things that make us win is excellent knowledge about that domain depending on what kind of vertical we are going after and the amount of efforts we put into building up that pitch.

We think of ourselves as the agency which puts in maximum possible efforts in a pitch. We created a video piece for Tide which was released on Independence Day and has got a great response on Social Media. I am very proud of these 2 videos but there are tons and tons of other work we have done in between which are equally good.