Will our relationship survive college

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will our relationship survive college

As college nears, it's time to start thinking about how your relationship will fare in the fall. Should you call it quits, go on a "break," or start. It is possible for relationships to last past high school, into college, and maybe even after You can follow the author, Aliee Chan, on Twitter. Some relationships can survive just about anything, including the end of my second year of college, I know just how challenging it can be.

Send Email Cancel Relationships are a blessing, but many times involve emotional ups and downs throughout the journey.

will our relationship survive college

The stereotypical high school romantic relationship is often mocked and ridiculed because of the lack of maturity level that is present in adolescence. But what exactly is the success rate of high school relationships?

Can Our Relationship Survive College? – Life Love and God

High school can be a challenging time for any teenager, filled with personal identity struggles, peer problems, and many other issues. So when a relationship is added to that mix, it might get a little complicated. As a guidance counselor, Dr.

Nicole Yetter witnesses teenage interactions and behavior on a daily basis, and has seen many different relationships form throughout the process.

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But there are many couples who do successfully maintain their relationship all throughout high school, which is an accomplishment in itself. The next step is a little tricky.

will our relationship survive college

What happens after high school? A completely different world is opened after graduation; the real one. Why do you have so little faith? What will we drink? What will we wear?

  • Can Our Relationship Survive College?

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

will our relationship survive college

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.

will our relationship survive college

Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me-everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you. Only when we give it all to God—trusting Him completely—can we ever have a healthy relationship at all.

Whether He offers you back a deeper friendship with Him yes, please!

will our relationship survive college

Focus your eyes on doing well in school and growing in the Lord, and see where your relationship goes. You may find that, as you both rediscover who you are in light of your newfound freedom, your love will only grow stronger.

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